Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hey guys, I'm still here!

Wow, over a month since I last posted. How out of character is that? I guess June was such a blur and I needed awhile to return to normal.

July has been a pretty crazy month too. We've been to the beach a few times, drive-in, waterslides, wine tasting, Avilla Barn, girls nights, boys nights, and taken up tennis and frisbee golf. It turns out I'm pretty bad at tennis, but I'll keep trying. Actually I'm pretty bad at Frisbee Golf too so good thing Jerad has a coworker to play with:) We also bought a new car and are leaving tomorrow for Arizona. Phew, I'm tired just from typing that! And that was just the last 2 weeks on top of both working 40 hours a week!

Sometimes I feel like all we do is "go go go" and I never have a minute to catch my breath. We are always doing something. So, for my birthday this year Jerad and I decided that we wanted to do something calmer, something just the two of us.

We have a tenative plan to take a road trip through Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada then home. I know "road trip" doesn't seem relaxing to most people, but to us it sounds like heaven. We'll do a lot of camping and visiting national parks on the way. It will be nice to set our own pace and itenerary and build some new fun memories together.
We're planning on spending the majority of our time in Colorado. It is such a beautiful place, and because (Beth and Tina stop reading) we've been talking about moving there. Nothing too serious, just if Jerad were to get a promotion he's hoping for at his job he has a choice of moving to a different office if we'd like and out of all the states that would be available, Colorado is the most appealing to both of us. Plus its only a 13 hour drive from here so not too far from our friends and fam. Before you start freaking out, there is like a 2% chance we would actually decide to move, BUT just in case we wanted to spend some time in the area.

Well, now that I broke my blogging silence, maybe I'll get with it and post some pics tonight before we leave for Arizona. Don't hold your breath though:)