Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weekend Recap

Well I've finally recovered enough from the weekend to write about it:)

Thursday I had a 1pm Midwife apt and Marshall had his 18 month Well Baby Visit right after so Jerad decided to take the day off of work and babysit, then pick me up and go with us to our appointments. Everything was normal with me, and Marshall is 24lbs and 31inches. I don't remember the percentiles but they were both between 10th and 25th. So he's smallish, but not freakishly small.

In the afternoon we played in the backyard:

Friday Jerad worked and I had a chiropractor appointment that I took Marshall with me to. He kept climbing up on the table to sit on my back and really wanted to "help" with the adjustments. All in all it wasn't the most relaxing/enjoyable appointment I've had, but he sure is funny. Also, my pelvis and tail bone are pretty messed up which explains a lot of the aches and pain I've been having.

That night we decided to rent a carpet cleaner and clean the downstairs carpets. I think carpet is just about the grossest thing in the world, and it had been awhile since the previous owners had cleaned theirs so its been on our to-do list for awhile.

We had been going back and forth about doing it ourselves, or hiring someone and decided it was just way more cost effective to do it ourselves. Jerad saw a Rug Dr. infomercial and got all inspired by how awesome they are so he volunteered. I'll take it!

I never feel like our house is that big until its time to clean the windows, or baseboards... or carpets. Man! We started around 8pm, I gave up around 10pm, and Jerad finished sometime around 1am. We pretreated every spot, completely moved all of the furniture, and went really slowly doing the heavy traffic areas twice. Considering the carpets are almost 10 years old they came out really well!

We got up at 6am Saturday morning to do the upstairs so that it'd be dry by naptime. It went much faster since there wasn't as much furniture to move and the carpet was in better shape. Marshall helped:


He was so focused. Hilarious.

My mom picked me up at 9am and we went out to breakfast, then picked up my sister Melinda and got manicures and pedicures. So pampered:) Also I now understand why most women regularly get them. Sign me up please.

Saturday evening Jerad's parents came over and we all made Christmas ornaments, had dinner, and watched a movie. Well.... they watched the movie and I fell asleep on the couch. Its going to be our new "tradition." These are the ones Jerad and I made:


I think we made about 8 all together. Adorable right? We're going to make some more and this is what we're giving as Christmas gifts this year to family (so act surprised if you read this) along with pictures of Marshall.

Sunday Jerad's family threw me a baby shower! Oh my gosh, everything was so cute and we got so many adorable things. I'll do a seperate post just about that.

Monday morning Jerad had to leave for a job in Pasedena. When we woke up at 5:30 I was soooo close to calling out to work, packing up the baby and going with him. He was planning on being back on Tuesday, so I would still have Wednesday at work to catch up before the holiday, we wouldn't have to pay the nanny for Tuesday, he wouldn't have to deal with renting a car (we're basically a one car family), he was the only one going so we'd have a hotel room all to ourselves, and he gets a per diem pay so our meals would all be "free." I had visions of me and Marshall spending the day by the hotel pool then us all going out to dinner at night. So, basically a little mini-vaycay. Jerad burst my bubble when he told me the hotel was pretty crappy and didn't have a pool... plus we'd have to get ready, and pack for me and Marshall in about 30 minutes for him to be able to make it to the Planning Department in time for his meeting. Rushing out the door, driving 5 hours then being cooped up in a hotel room with a toddler and no car didn't sound all that appealing to me so I sucked it up and went to work. Plus we'd have had to find someone to come take care of the dogs/cats and I didn't think anyone would appreciate  5:30am calls:)

Its Wednesday now and he still isn't back so I guess its good Marshall and I stayed home, we would definitely be going stir crazy being stuck in a hotel for so long and since my office is closed tomorrow and Friday I would have missed the whole week at work.

Yesterday I left in the middle of the day for a Chiro apt, plus I leave at 3 on Tuesdays now, then today they should be sending us home early, we're closed tomorrow, then always closed on Fridays so this has been a pretty cushy work week for me. I can't believe its already Thanksgiving tomorrow! This is the first year we aren't making at least 6 pies. I don't know what to do with myself.

Monday, November 21, 2011

35 Weeks

Oh dear. Seriously how can my body expand any more?

I honestly don't remember being this sore or achy with Marshall. I've started back up with prenatal yoga and regular chiropractor appointments so I'm hoping that helps! My Chiro. said that my pelvis and tail bone are a little rotated so once that gets straightened out I'm hoping to feel better and that the baby will just fly out of my well aligned body.

I can't believe that I'm almost full term. I'm cleared for a home birth in a little less than 2 weeks. Oh my! I'm not worried about the labor or delivery per se, I mean, I'm not super excited to be going through it soon, but certainly not dreading it at all. I guess I'm neutral. I know what to expect, know I'll get through it, and know its all worth it in the end! Even if its 100 times more painful than last time, I can do anything for 24-36 hours. I'll make it and in the end we'll have an adorable little bundle that will make me forget all the pain.

I finally made a list of the few supplies we need and will start picking those up.We have a list of "things to do before baby comes" but we are kind of ignoring it. Last time I felt this extreme need to have every little thing finished, and this time I'm like "eh, we're both going to be home, there will be time." So... we'll see how that goes.

Jerad's family threw me a baby shower (pics soon!) yesterday and I'm looking forward to washing and putting away all the little baby clothes and putting the few finishing touches on the nursery. I've been looking at pictures of Marshall when he was a newborn and re-reading those blogs. Oh man, I seriously can't wait to be doing this again so soon! It seems like every month since he was born he has gotten cuter and more fun, and I am LOVING the toddler stage... but there is just something so special and exciting about a newborn.

Feel free to remind me I said that when he's waking up to nurse every hour or two All Night Long, won't let me set him down, and I'm a postpartum emotional mess:)

Monday, November 14, 2011

34 Weeks

Whoops, I'm a little late on this one!

Taken last Thursday night as I was running out the door to Yoga.

I feel.... big. And sore. I honestly don't remember being this achey when I was pregnant with Marshall. With him I felt pretty good literally up until I went into labor and never really had serous thought about "how am I going to make it another X amt of weeks?"

I think its just a combo of close together pregnancies, and having a toddler to keep up with this time around. All in all I really can't complain, and I fully realize that dealing with hip and tail bone pain is still far easier than dealing with an actual infant who has NEEDS that I'll need to attend to. So I'll just continue to gestate and try to not complain. That said... 6-8 more weeks to go? Aye yai yai.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Finally Homeward Bound

Jerad is FINALLY coming home today. He wasn't able to get everyone a flight yesterday. Well he could have but it was $600 cheaper to come home today. They should have been pulling in the driveway right about now but they got delayed in Phoenix because the weather in San Fran was too rainy to land. Or something.

11 days. That's how long he's been gone. Sheesh! He's only ever been gone that long once before. I was king of dreading this trip, Marshall has been going through a huge "daddy phase," the daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter, it was supposed to rain, I'm huge and pregnant and TIRED...but actually overall it went really smoothly!

I'm not gonna lie, the first 3 days were haaaard. Marshall was teething (never fails that he'll start cutting 900 teeth as soon as Jerad leaves) and would wake up every night at about 2am crying and the only thing that would make him calm down was us sitting in the living room watching a movie. And it had to be the living room. Snuggled up in my bed with the lap top was a huge no-go. I think being downstairs with the bigger TV was just enough to distract him maybe? It was seriously the ONLY thing that would get him to calm down. We'd go back to bed about 3:30 then have to get up and get ready 2 hours later.

3 days of that is just enough time to loose your sanity and begin to question all of your parenting decisions. I was seriously second guessing our decision to never let Marshall "cry it out." Putting a pillow over my head and letting him scream in his room seemed a lot more appealing than having to get up and actually parent him. Maybe if I gave him a bottle of vodka before bed he'd just sleep through the pain (kidding)? Every time I complained to my coworkers about being exhausted they tell me I should stop letting him "manipulate" me into doing what he wanted to do and that I needed to "win these small battles."

In the middle of the night when I was beyond exhausted, and beyond sick of watching Blue's Clues, I'd look at the baby boy cuddled up next to me and remind myself that someday he won't be a baby anymore. And won't want to cuddle. And even if it seems like an eternity now, this whole thing was just a phase and I needed to enjoy it because SOMEDAY and somehow I would miss these nights.

Then magically on day 4 he must have started feeling better because he never woke up even once during the night after that. After that things were amazing. Marshall was EXTRA cute and funny and adorable all week. He started doing a ton of new things and saying a ton of new words. And was honestly just 100% a joy to be with. Like dumping his bowl out and putting it on his head and saying in a silly little voice "oh, hat!" He's just a  funny little guy. We played outside with the dogs every day and took a million little videos to send to Jerad so he still felt like a part of the fam. On the nights Jerad was back to his hotel in time we'd all video chat on the computer and Marshall would talk and talk and make animal noises. Or poke Jerad's mouth on the computer screen while Jerad pretended to bite his fingers.

When it was bed time I'd just say "let's go to bed" and he'd go get in his bed and not make a peep until morning. He slept in on the weekends, and took 2 great naps every day.

I went to bed between 8 and 9 every night so I even got a ton of extra sleep.

I made the effort to go to prenatal yoga last week and this week which really helps my mood. Getting out and doing something for myself once a week seriously just improves my outlook on the world. Today I went and had my hair done which is a HUGE extravagance for me. If I get it cut its usually at Supercuts (with a coupon), and if I get it colored I do it myself with a box color (that's on sale). Hair is just not something that I spend money on. Hence why I'm usually rocking a ponytail! Originally when I made the apt Jerad was going to be home to watch Marshall so when I found out he wouldn't be I *almost* canceled it just because paying a babysitter on top of knowing I'd be paying so much for the cut/color just seemed redic.

I'm super glad I went though, it was worth it.

Usually when Jerad is gone for more than 2 or 3 days I wind up feeling like I'm being stretched too thin and not able to give 100% to anything I'm doing. This time I feel like there was a great balance of Marshall getting enough attention and stimulating activities, the dogs getting enough exercise, the house staying clean, errands getting done, keeping on top of things at work, AND somehow getting "me time." All without sacrificing sleep. That said I'm super excited that Jerad will be home in (supposedly) an 2 hours and hopefully he won't have to be gone this long again! At least not until after Miller comes... I'm 34 weeks today so we're kind of entering the homestretch on this whole pregnancy business.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh Dear. Bad Wifey.

Last night I went to bed so excited for today. It was going to be wonderful! I went to bed before 9 so I knew I'd be well rested. Thursday is my "Friday" and I leave work between 2 and 3 so I have time to do something fun with Marshall. Thursday nights I'm taking a prenatal yoga class. Jerad called me and had me book his and the guy's return flights from Georgia! They've been gone 10 days and were finally finished and coming home! They were going to fly into LAX at 1:30ish so he'd be in time for me to get to see him, have dinner together, and watch Marshall while I went to yoga.Plus I found an awesome deal on airline tickets; only $168 ea. to fly from Atlanta to LAX!

Instead today has sucked. Ass. Majorly.

Jerad called me this morning right after I got to work to let me know that they were at the airport. And couldn't fly out because the tickets I bought were for November 24th. As in, 2 weeks from now.


And there is a $180/ticket change fee (as in more than the price of the original tickets). And all today's flights were at least $200 more expensive.

I feel like Such An Idiot! How freakin' hard is it to click on the right calendar day????

Luckily I'm not married to the kind of guy who will blame me (at least out loud). He was able to sweet talk the Orbitz guy into refunding the tickets so that's good at least. Right now they are all stranded in the Atlanta airport trying to figure out a way to get back home. Instead of it being $500ish for the three of them, its going to be over $1200. Apparently its really cheap to fly in Thanksgiving when I booked the tickets for, just so you know.

Hopefully he gets it worked out and they still manage to make it home tonight. Especially since they don't have a hotel room or rental car anymore.

Anyone need some help planning a trip, I'm apparently AWESOME at it. Just saying.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

Thursday after I got off work I decided to just stop whining and be proactive and sign up for prenatal yoga already. I called my littlest sister who offered to babysit on the condition that I bought pizza and breadsticks and just went for it.I picked up Marshall from the Nanny, then my sister from school and we went to the Children's Museum until they closed. When we got home she played with Marshall while I made his dinner and got ready for yoga. At the last minute I started second guessing myself and thinking that what I really wanted more than anything was some SLEEP so I should take advantage of having a babysitter and just get in a nap:) Somehow I drug myself to Yoga and it was soo worth it.

I need to make time to do stuff like this for myself.

I ended up signing up for 5 classes and will just work out the babysittage as needed. Since they break for Thanksgiving, 5 classes will take me right through 38 weeks.

Friday it was raining so we spent the morning shuffling the dogs inside and outside, and trying not to go too stir crazy. Once it cleared up I took Marshall to the park to get his crazies out and have lunch:

Friday night even though Jerad is out of town I decided I'd make us a respectable dinner.  Normally when Jerad is gone I tend to slack on dinners because it can be hard to cook when its just me and Marsh. Sometimes everything goes perfectly and he'll play quietly (or not so quietly) with pots and pans or even "help me." And sometimes he melts down and needs to be held RIGHT THIS SECOND and I'm trying to juggle him and whatever I'm trying to make and dinner ends up a flop and we're all overtired and ready for bed at the end.

So... usually I make him something easy and fast for dinner (baked chicken/fish, steamed veggies w/ coconut oil, yogurt with some berries on top), then I'll eat leaftovers or make a salad after he goes to sleep.

Anyways, I made brown rice pasta and pureed a bunch of vegetables (onions, carrots, bell peppers, zucchini) to mix into the homemade tomato sauce. I also marinated and grilled asparagus and yellow squash (this is one of Marshall's favorite meals).

Clouds parted, birds sang, and Marshall played with his trucks happily while I made dinner, coming into the kitchen only once to ask for some "wa-wa."

When dinner was ready I set the table for both of us (as opposed to eating on the living room floor like we usually do when its just the 2 of us)... and... he wanted nothing to do with it. At all. He ended up eating 3 raisins and half a banana and calling it a night.

Then I looked around the kitchen at all the dirty dishes and remembered why cooking for just me and a toddler is a waste of time.

Saturday I decided it was time for another haircut. Man his hair grows fast, we just had it cut 2 months ago!





after. so handsome!
I kind of am in love with the kids salon. He likes sitting in the car chair and doesn't mind having his hair cut, so I get to relax. Win-win. I bring a magazine and starbucks and tell the stylist to take her time:)

After the salon we went to the Children's Museum. We pretty much live there these days.

After his afternoon nap the sun was again peeking out so we ventured out to the sports fields near our house. There's a ton of space for Marshall to run and run and he loves it. I bring a blanket and a book and plop down in the middle of the fields and he just goes crazy running and rolling and being a boy.

Sunday we got to "sleep in" a little thanks to Daylight Savings Time. Way back on Thursday I'd started moving naps and bedtime back in 15 min increments so Marshall didn't even notice. Just seeing the clock say 7 when I knew it really felt like 8 was heavenly to me though.

Marshall watched TV (shame, I know) while I made scrambled eggs and cornmeal pancakes. I even ground the cornmeal myself thankyouverymuch! Or "thank you Vitamix" I should say. I topped them with blueberries and honey for me, and blueberries and coconut oil for him.

After breakfast I let Marshall play in the shower in our bathroom while I folded laundry on the floor. Have I mentioned how amazing it is having a large bathroom? He played in the water for about 30 minutes, singing, talking, rolling round shampoo bottles, then he discovered that he could blow raspberries on the doors. Hilarious.

That afternoon we went to my sister and her hubby's house (Auntie M/Uncle Lars) for lunch and then they watched Marshall for an hour or so which enabled me to run a bunch of errands and not have to load/unload baby at each stop.

After Marshall went to sleep I finished watching season 5 of Army Wives. Jerad is gone until Thursdayish so I really need another show suggestion! My sister is trying to get me to watch American Horror Stories but I don't know if I'm brave enough to watch it all on my own... so maybe something a little more "chick-flicky?"

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Lazy Day would be lovely

I think my cat Tobee has the right idea today. It seriously feels like a wear pj's, stay in bed and do nothing sort of day. Unfortunately, even if I could magically talk Marshall into that plan (har har), it means we'd have an up all night sort of night so... I'm finishing getting ready and packing our bags for an afternoon at the Children's Museum, park, and maybe even a hair cut for him.

He slept for 12 hours straight through the night (please Lord let this be the new habit for awhile!), and we had a semi lazy morning so I guess I owe him some fun this afternoon right? Jerad should be back by next weekend, and besides having our family photos done we have minimal plans so I'm planning on catching up on rest and sleep. Just 7 days to count down!

Until then I'll just envy the cat.

Friday, November 4, 2011

18 months

Well Marshall just turned 18 months old. Just seeing that typed out is weird. I mean, what happened to my little bay-beeee? At this rate he'll be driving soon.

I'm loving the toddler stage so far. Its so nice that he's able to communicate with us! He'll hold our hands and lead us over to things he wants us to see or do (adorable). Every day he's saying new words, I can't even keep track. Sometimes he'll be saying something over and over for a few days and all of a sudden he'll use it in context and we'll be like "oh, that's what he was saying!"

A few days ago he knocked off a pair of earings I had on the table and said "uh-oh, ear-igg." Yesterday he was reading a book and pointed at and said "tuttle" (turtle) and "snay" (snake) which I had no idea he knew. This morning when I was getting him dressed he gave me a hug and started kind of swaying me back and forth saying "snuggles. awe, snuggles." He also held up a book and said just as clear as can be "read a book?"

I think he's up to about 50-60 words now but I've kind of lost track.

When I ask him things like if he's ready for a bath, drink, to eat, to go outside, snuggles etc. he shakes his head "no" if he's not. Sometimes he'll shake his head "yes" but usually he'll just start walking in the right direction.

If we're home and he wants a drink he'll go open the dishwasher, climb onto the door, grab a glass from the top rack, and hold it up saying "wawa?"

His new favorite game to play with me is holding my hand, walking me to the living room, then saying "fass! fass! fass!" (meaning fast! fast! fast!) while we run back and forth. I've been trying to talk him into letting me sit down and watch him run by himself but so far he's not going for it.

He can take off his shoes, socks, and (most) pants by himself as well as his shirt once we help him get his arms out. He can hold and drink out of a regular glass without spilling, but once he's not thirsty anymore he likes to dump the water on the floor to play with so we still have to keep an eye on him. He's pretty good with a fork, but usually prefers to use his fingers.

Right now he is working on 4 eye teeth (I think, it's hard to check) to go with the 4 molars that came in last month.

For the most part he is so calm and independent. He will sit for 20, 30, 40 minutes looking through books or playing with puzzles and blocks by himself. When its nap time and bedtime he'll easily go into his room, play for a few minutes, then lay down and go to bed without a fuss. However, sometimes he just wants to go! go! go! He is also fearless:


It's so fun seeing him grow, and learn, and his personality develop more and more. I can't wait to see what the next 18 months brings!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

33 Weeks

33 weeks. 33 weeks! As in I'll be "full term" in 4 short weeks. Oh dear. I know no matter what it will work out, but I am hoping this baby stays put until his due date of Dec 22nd. If its much earlier than that its going to seriously tweak our holiday plans... and Jerad could even miss the birth. Also I absolutely refuse to give birth on Christmas Eve or Day so I'll be holding him in until at least the 26th.

Did you hear that baby Miller? You may arrive between Dec 19th and the 23rd, or the 26th-31st. If you must you can come in January I suppose.

(Who want's to bet karma bites me in the ass later?)

For a comparison here I was at 33 weeks with Marshall:

Its hard to tell since the outfits and camera angles are so different, but it looks like I'm carrying lower and a little more forward?

This time last pregnancy I was STRESSING about my weight gain and body changes. I mentioned that I was already up 25 pounds... that was 25 heavily adjusted pounds. As in... I just couldn't face the real number. I had worked so hard to loose weight the few years previous to getting knocked up, and had kept it off, that once the scale started creeping it really hit me hard. I was very careful with what I was eating, still tracking calories, and exercising... yet the weight still crept up and up. Some of my friends that were pregnant at the same time would post blogs about the 4 donuts and quart of OJ they had for breakfast, constant fast food, midnight snacks and oh yeah, they were now up 15 pounds.

Wa wa waaaaaa.

This pregnancy I started off 15 pounds heavier and am up 30 (non adjusted:) pounds and don't really care. I've only weighed myself twice because I don't want to obsess about it, and am comfortable with the fact that I'm probably just one of those people who gain a lot during pregnancy.Then again, I'm sure it does help that I've gained so much less this time. I think its also different this pregnancy because I realize just how much bigger I am going to get in the next 7ish weeks so its pointless to stress about it now.

I feel like I'm much more sore and achy than I was at this point with Marshall. Then again last time by 33 weeks I was getting prenatal massages, going to the chiropractor, in a pre-natal yoga class, able to rest and take naps on my days off and not having to keep up with an active 18 month old toddler. All of which I'm sure helped. Maybe once Jerad gets back from Georgia I'll schedule a "me" day of pampering.

Overall I feel really good though and don't have any major complaints. This pregnancy has just flown by! I am excited because these last 2 months of being pregnant are going to be so fun filled.

Our calendar is packed packed packed but its all awesome stuff like a baby shower, parades, gingerbread house and ornament making, and lots and lots of holiday parties. Its our first year in the new house! Basically we have something amazing to look forward to every weekend in November and December and then get to welcome a new baby. Yes Please!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh The Difference a Year Makes!


Annnnd just as ambivalent about pumpkins this year as he was last year.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

On the Road Again

Random pic of Marshall pretending to be a big kid at a restaurant.  Also, didn't I just get his hair cut like 5 minutes ago? STOP GROWING!

Jerad left at 3:45am this morning to drive to LAX and fly to Georgia for a 1-2 week project. Yes, GEORGIA, that state way over on the opposite coast.

As much as I'm not looking forward to being a solo parent while pregnant and working full time, I am happy that this is finally happening. This job has been in the works for over a year now and keeps getting pushed back and back until it was looking like he might not be able to go... since I'll be having a baby in 7ish weeks and all. Supposedly he'll be gone for 1 or 2 weeks tops, then home for a week or 2, then go back for 1 or 2 weeks. Obviously he won't be traveling out of the state when it gets too close to my due date (maybe 37-38 weeks?) so this is cutting it really close.

The timing for this first part of the trip ended up working out perfectly. The next 2 weekends are literally the only that we have free from now until Christmas, so he's not missing anything. And making extra money right before Christmas and birthing another baby is always nice.

We'll see how this goes. For awhile Jerad was traveling so much that when he came home it felt like a wrench was being thrown into our well-oiled machine of a routine. For the last few weeks (months maybe?) he's been working almost exclusively local jobs or in the office and I've gotten spoiled. It feels like we have this whole juggling of working full time while parenting a toddler down to a science.

M-Wed the alarm goes off at 5:30am, Jerad lets out and feeds all the pets while I hop in the shower. When I get out of the shower I turn off Marshall's music and crack his door open so that he'll wake up gently instead of just going in and turning on the light. We both get ready for the day then one of us makes Marshall's morning green smoothie, breakfast for us, and packs lunches while the other one makes the bed and gets Marshall changed and ready. We load up, drop Marshall off at 6:45 at my mom's house, I get dropped off at work right before 7 (we're pretty much a one car family), and he goes to the office or jobsite right after 7. Since his office is one mile from our house, sometimes he'll go home on his lunch break and throw dinner in the crock pot or do some dinner prep depending on what we're having. He gets off at 5, picks Marshall up at 5:15, then me at 5:30. When we get home at 5:45ish one of us goes and feeds the dogs and cats who act like they havent been fed in years while the other one unloads the baby and car.

If Marshall is content to play alone or in the kitchen then he does that while we make dinner together, otherwise one of us will occupy him while the other cooks. After dinner we take Marsh and the dogs on a walk, then one of us does bath time while the other starts a load of laundry or diapers, repacks the diaper bag for the next day, and picks up toys and books. After Marshall goes to sleep we finally sit down and watch a show or work on any projects we have. If Jerad has more work to do he'll go back to the office after Marshall is asleep for a few hours. Before bed the kitchen gets cleaned, lunches are made for the next day, and the laundry/diapers are put in the dryer.

Thursdays we have a Nanny that comes to our house so we get to sleep in slightly later (15 minutes makes a BIG difference at 5:30 am!) I get off at 2:30 or 3 and take Marshall to the Children's Museum, a friend's house, or park until Jerad gets off at 5.

Then Friday-Sunday we are both off (although Jerad usually ends up working from home for a few hours on Friday morning) and work around the house, get groceries, and try to do at least one fun family thing a day like the beach, park, Avila Valley Barn, playdate, Children's Museum, or picnic.

So, clearly taking Jerad out of the equation makes things a little trickier for me... Especially on days when I work and we can't really deviate from the "routine." Not to mention he has pretty much taken over all night time parenting. Hmm. It'll work out, it always does. However this is the first time we'll be in completely different time zones.  Marshall has also been going through a HUGE 'Daddy Phase' so I'm hoping that doesn't work against me. I'm off in 15 minutes so I guess we'll see :)