Monday, November 21, 2011

35 Weeks

Oh dear. Seriously how can my body expand any more?

I honestly don't remember being this sore or achy with Marshall. I've started back up with prenatal yoga and regular chiropractor appointments so I'm hoping that helps! My Chiro. said that my pelvis and tail bone are a little rotated so once that gets straightened out I'm hoping to feel better and that the baby will just fly out of my well aligned body.

I can't believe that I'm almost full term. I'm cleared for a home birth in a little less than 2 weeks. Oh my! I'm not worried about the labor or delivery per se, I mean, I'm not super excited to be going through it soon, but certainly not dreading it at all. I guess I'm neutral. I know what to expect, know I'll get through it, and know its all worth it in the end! Even if its 100 times more painful than last time, I can do anything for 24-36 hours. I'll make it and in the end we'll have an adorable little bundle that will make me forget all the pain.

I finally made a list of the few supplies we need and will start picking those up.We have a list of "things to do before baby comes" but we are kind of ignoring it. Last time I felt this extreme need to have every little thing finished, and this time I'm like "eh, we're both going to be home, there will be time." So... we'll see how that goes.

Jerad's family threw me a baby shower (pics soon!) yesterday and I'm looking forward to washing and putting away all the little baby clothes and putting the few finishing touches on the nursery. I've been looking at pictures of Marshall when he was a newborn and re-reading those blogs. Oh man, I seriously can't wait to be doing this again so soon! It seems like every month since he was born he has gotten cuter and more fun, and I am LOVING the toddler stage... but there is just something so special and exciting about a newborn.

Feel free to remind me I said that when he's waking up to nurse every hour or two All Night Long, won't let me set him down, and I'm a postpartum emotional mess:)

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