Monday, November 14, 2011

34 Weeks

Whoops, I'm a little late on this one!

Taken last Thursday night as I was running out the door to Yoga.

I feel.... big. And sore. I honestly don't remember being this achey when I was pregnant with Marshall. With him I felt pretty good literally up until I went into labor and never really had serous thought about "how am I going to make it another X amt of weeks?"

I think its just a combo of close together pregnancies, and having a toddler to keep up with this time around. All in all I really can't complain, and I fully realize that dealing with hip and tail bone pain is still far easier than dealing with an actual infant who has NEEDS that I'll need to attend to. So I'll just continue to gestate and try to not complain. That said... 6-8 more weeks to go? Aye yai yai.

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