Friday, February 29, 2008

And there was much rejoicing...

Do do do doooooo (that was a trumpet)....

In local news: I found my memory card adapter!!!! So, pics coming soon.

In bad news: I left my camera at Beth's house today... so not too soon.

In financial news: After having the same TV for 8 years, I am ready to upgrade. We are looking at 40 inch LCDs. Also, next week I am getting this new couch:
Why do you care? Let me tell you... now when you come over to watch the new TV, you will actually have a place to sit. Its all just a ploy for more friends hehe.

In other news: Jerad and I went to Walmart tonight to look at TV's and he decided he wanted to get some cereal. All the cereals he was picking out were preserved with BHT. I pointed out to him that we buy our dogs special freakin expensive dog food so that THEY didn't have to consume BHT. It has been shown to cause liver and kidney dysfunction and is banned in many European countries. He said that he wasn't a dog. I rolled my eyes and asked why he didn't just eat my Kashi. He said that it tasted like poop.

I thought about it and decided I might choose kidney dysfunction over eating poop too. In the end he went with Cheerios which didn't have BHT at least...

Ingredients: Soy grits, Kashi Seven Whole Grains and Sesame™ (hard red winter wheat, long grain brown rice, whole grain oats, barley, triticale, rye, buckwheat, sesame seeds), evaporated cane juice syrup, corn meal, corn flour, soy protein, wheat bran, oat fiber, corn bran, honey, evaporated cane juice, natural flavors, calcium carbonate, salt, annatto color.


Diabetic Exchange: 2 Carbohydrates & 1-1/2 Very Lean Proteins

Kosher Certification: OU

Calorie-Watchers Serving
Serving Size: 3/4 cup (39g/1.4oz)
Calories 110 Fat 1g
Fiber 8 Sugars 5g

Thursday, February 28, 2008


ohmygosh. Is anyone else watching lost? Are we going to find out why Kate has Aaron in the future and is calling him her son? Was it Claire in the casket?

DESMOND CANNOT DIE! ahhhhhhhhh I'm going freakin crazy.

This show should be illegal.

Hey Babe

You know how I'm usually so... cheap? Thats why its SO WEIRD that all these things just ended up in my ebay cart!


Reason #476 I love ebay: its Christmas comes to you through the mail!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Ahhhhh! I have TORN THE HOUSE APART looking for my stupid memory stick adapter. Its nowhere to be found!!!! Seriously, I moved furniture, checked all the printers, memory card holders.... every surface in the house NOTHING! Sony used to make memory sticks like this:

Now they are tiny little "pro duo's" that look like this:
And will only fit in the computer/laptop/printer with this adapter:
Which of course is nowhere to be found. I suppose my camera has some sort of USB thing that will take the pics off but I lost that immediately when I got the camera. I'm responsible like that.

You might not understand why its a big deal... but I take alot of pictures. A LOT. And I go into withdrawals without them... bleck.

While I was crawling around on my hands and knees trying to look under the furniture, the dogs thought it was a game and started doing it too. It was hilarious. I'd show you, but I cant, you know, UPLOAD ANY PICTURES.

Sew Fun!

So last night we finally got the sewing machine set up and made the first burp cloth! It came out so cute, I love the fabric I found:) I took pictures, but I can't find the cable for my camera of the memory stick adapter. Stupid Sony and their new mini-mem sticks. I think that cat ate the adapter that makes it fin into the memory slot. Anyways, I should have pics up soon.

I was thinking of starting a girls craft group at my casa on Friday nights or Saturday afternoons. People could come and finish projects they are working on, share ideas, or learn to knit, crochet, sew, scrapbook whatever. And just hang out and be girly with some yummy snacks. Bring your mom's, whatever. Anyways email or myspace me if you think you'd be interested!

I also just ordered this book which should be arriving soon

All the stuffed animals in are are made from, you guessed it: socks and gloves!

Seriously, how cute is that? I can't wait to make some pink elephants! If you are interested, you can go to the Martha Stewart Page to download a free template for these cute guys:
What a fun project to do with your kids! Or, with me!!! Come be crafty and play at my house:)

On a side note, I have been putting a lot of click-able links in my blogs lately but its hard to tell with the layout I have. So, if you want to try the bunny or dog, click on "Martha Stewart Page."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So I Chew Like a Horse?!?

Recently it has been brought to my attention that I chew very LOUDLY. I don't know if I always have, or if its a recent quirk. About a week ago Jerad and I were sitting at the table and he mentioned it. And just a few minuted ago I was eating an apple at my desk and TWO coworkers said something... and its not like our desks are even close together. Probably at least 15 ft each way. And they were both listening to music that I could apparently be heard OVER. It was a crunchy apple... but still.

Now I am getting really self conscience and weirded out. I don't know what to do. How do you chew quietly? I don't chew with my mouth open. I don't take big bites. I just bite down really hard I guess. This morning I have been practicing and the only thing that helps is to chew s-u-p-e-r slow. So it took me like 30 minutes to eat a quarter of an apple.

Any advise?

Domestic Me

Sorry its been awhile since I've posted... I have had a serious case of writers block. Well, thats not completely true, its more like I have just been feeling very lazy lately. Also I keep forgetting to upload the new pics I have and everyone knows blogs are soo much better with pictures:)

Everyone at work always teases me about being a "Domestic Goddess." Mostly because I am the one who will stay up all night making Olive Penguins for appetizers when other people bring Albertson's cookies to the potluck.
Or I can't wait for my break so I can try the latest Martha Stewart Crafts
Or that people can tell me any stain and I can tell them how to launder it. Seriously, try me on this one!
Or that my dream date is re-doing the yard and redecorating the bedroom.

Anyways, the one thing I don't do is sew. For some reason I just don't. I cook, I bake, I absolutely love to clean, I knit, scrapbook, organize, decorate... but the extent of my sewing consists of replacing a button if it falls off. I just never got that into it. My mom taught me to sew when I was little but there was just never really a need for it... until now!

This year about 595 people I know are having babies. Jerad's sister is even having twins! So I have been googling all things baby. This inspired me to run out and buy a sewing machine. Here are some of my weekend projects:

Ahhhh I am so excited!!!! I went out and bought all sorts of adorable pink fabrics. The bib, and burpcloths, are both from the Homemade by Jill blog. The shoes are Stardust Shoes, and you can find the glove animals on Martha Stewart and the kitty on Wee Wonderfuls.

I know maybe this is a little ambitious but I am hoping to have all of this done over the weekend. After this the next few weekend are going to be so packed I wont have any time. Wish me luck and hopefully I'll have pictures by Sunday!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Everyone's a critic

Mao is by far the post opinionated of all the pets. By Far. He is also not a fan of bluegrass. At all. How do I know? I was clicking through myspace music pages and clicked on my friend Taylor's band Blackwater Union Mao automatically looked at me and hissed loudly.

I looked at him and told him to knock it off. Then he bit me. Hard. And ran away. Umm... okay.

I listen to them alot while I am cleaning (makes me go faster) and he hates the vacuum so maybe thats it. Do cats even think that way? Or it really is true that everyone's a critic.

No go checkout their page and at least listen to "Headin' Down" it is my fav.

I'm going to go clean up my bleeding hand now.

People will buy anything!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You know its a good day when...

... one of these is waiting in the mail for you:I'll confess, STAR is totally my guilty pleasure. I like the pictures and sadly, I love the celebrity trash talk and gossip. True there are starving children and our country is heading into a recession, but those are the last things I want to read about after a 10 hour work day. Give me my Britney gossip!

In other obsessions, instead of going out to lunch like we usually do on Wednesdays, Jerad and I met at home so we could watch LOST. Man oh man do I have questions!!!! I have been perusing a bunch of LOST blogs lately and its not helping to calm my curiosity. I am running on like 5 hours of sleep because we have been staying up till almost midnight watching the episodes on thank you lucky stars for online streaming!!!

I almost ALMOST wish they would just end the series so my mind could be put to rest. Remember the 4 toed foot statue? What the heck was up with that?

According to a few people in the Room 23 brainwashing video at 53 seconds, a picture of a statue appears but I can't see it. Is anyone else as obsessed as me?


Um, I don't really have any defense for the salad thing so I'll just let that one go. Unlike Jerad some people I know. What can I say, I'm running on not enough sleep thanks to LOST. That however is a blog in itself.

In other news, I feel a serious bad mood coming on. It's like getting sick, it starts in the back of my neck. By the end of the day, I'll have a full blown 'bite-me' attitude. Tylenol won't work, either. May the gods help whosoever shall cause my phone to ringeth on this day. It won't be courtesy of:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

burnning the buds

so its dinner time and steph and i are sitting at the table eating as you might have guessed. she is eating salad and i have salad and a hot bowl of soup. this bowl is so hot that i had to set the spoon on my plate to let it cool. anyway im blowing on it and still burning my mouth. steph starts telling me how lame i am that i cant see the steam rolling off the soup. moments later i catch her blowing on her salad to cool it off. you tell me who is lame. idk

And new bedroom too

While the boys were working in the yard on Sunday, I redecorated our bedroom. I found the cutest bed set at Target for 50% off, so it was only $49.98!

I also got these two cute signs (I am such a sucker for wall art) and I had these two frames in the basement.

I flipped the bed back to where we had it when we first moved in and changed the curtains.

I also found these pics from right before our house warming party before we had hung shelves and stained the dresser purple:

Somewhere in between those pics and the "before" pic everything was also hot pink. What can I say, I like redecorating:)

Oh, and this was how it looked when we first went to look at the house to buy. They were real minimalists for a couple with two kids.