Monday, February 11, 2008

2 date nights in one week?

Yesterday was Sunday and Jerad had to work. Bummer. That is usually our ONE day together a week where we try to not do any chores, homework, or work. But, such is life. I'm still fighting off being sick so I slept in a little then since I had some energy, I went on one of those cleaning binges... you know, the ones where you move out the furniture and clean the base boards and scrub the air conditioner vents. That sort of thing.

Side tangent; why doesn't anyone ever drop by to visit when the house is clean and I am presentable? Nooo.... its only the days that I call in sick and lay on the couch and there are dishes everywhere. Plan better people.

Anyways, once the house was clean I had pretty much nothing to do all day so I played with the dogs and read some more of the book Beth let me borrow.
Man, I am LOVING this book, this is going to have to be a whole other post. Jerad got back around 7 and I hadn't really made any move towards making dinner so he whisked me away all the way to:

Anyone who has EVER eaten their gluttonous cheese cake knows exactly why it deserves a blog. Mmmmm.

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mommaduck4 said...

What a good kid!!!!