Monday, February 18, 2008

The kind of compliment I can live without

Them: Hey, you've been looking alot more put together lately.

Me: Er, thanks?!?

Them: No, really. I like how you're been doing your makeup and hair. And thats a cute blouse.

Me: Thanks! I started using Sephora...

(as they cut me off)

Them: But you totally ruin it with the flip flops and long pants. Its been driving me crazy for weeks.

Me: Oh. Um, its really hard to find pants the right length, I'm really...

Them: You can buy sewing machines at Walmart for like $100. A monkey can hem pants.

Me: I don't really...

Them: I look at which ones they have right now and see if I can give you a good recommendation. If you sign up for the newsletter sometimes they have coupons. *walks away*

Me: WTF?????? *thinks to self*

Photo courtesy of: Hot Off The Sales Rack

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

that was pretty rude of her. im assuming its a her cause guys dont talk to girls like that unless they are gay. it sounds like somebody you work with. i guess we all cant be perfect like her :0P