Wednesday, February 6, 2008

America Update

Although I still maintain that I was not in the wrong this time I do still have these extreme feelings of guilt whenever we do fight, so I wanted to cover all bases.

My attempt at an apology:


Dear Jerad,
My sweet, caring, loving boyfriend. I love you. I'm sorry for all the time's I put "me first" instead of giving to you. I'm sorry for all the times you make me dinPublish Postner, or get me water, or run to the store for something that I've forgotten and I don't even think to thank you. You are so great, and I don't know how I ever did anything good enough to deserve you.

I'm sorry about our stupid America fight last night. Who the heck cares if its old or new? not me. I'm sorry that if our fight was about something besides America I was too dense to see it. I'm sorry if sometimes I seem opinionated and stubborn and too unapproachable for you to talk to me about any doubts you might be having.

I hope you understand how much i love you and all i want is for you to be happy. I hope you know you don't always have to be the rock in our relationship and its okay for you to be vulnerable too.

If you ever want to take my place of being the fragile one thats absolutely fine with me. You can lay on the couch and ooh and ahh over your headache and how you feel sick to your tummy. And I will make YOU soup and sourdough toast and offer to run to the store (in the rain, in my pj's) and get YOUR favorite brand of ginger ale and get YOU a cool wash cloth and slowly rub my hands in gentle circles on your back until everything feels better. Maybe instead of a bubble bath and cosmo magazine, it could be a bubble bath and your pilot magazines and garth brooks instead of counting crows.

I love our busy lives together. I love how even though our days are soo full we can still have the energy to lay in bed and talk about our days at night. I am so proud of you and everything you do to provide for us. Lets just make sure that even with all our busyness we take the time to talk about issues before they turn into fights about "America" because I am too tired at the end of the day to decode the deeper meaning in those kind of arguments.

love you baby,

My reward for such apology? When I overcooked the broccoli and squash into something that basically resembled mush and burned the bread he ate it ALL and pretended not to notice. After we got back from school he cleaned the whole kitchen and ran the dishwasher and took care of all the pets. Then it was snuggle time...

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