Monday, February 4, 2008

Valentine's Day

Jerad is notorious for waiting until the last possible second to shop for presents. I believe last Christmas he bought my presents on CHRISTMAS EVE. I am one of those people who is all about "its the thought that counts." So, holding out as long as possible then grabbing the first things that catch your eye is not THOUGHTFUL to me. I am also HUGE on cards. I like cards at least on major occasions that have lots of heartfelt sentiments in them.

I always tell Jerad that my dream gift would be to wake up to a homemade breakfast in bed with a little flower and a sweet card then take a drive to the coast and walk and talk and end with a picnic lunch or dinner. Sounds great right? And its cheap and easy to do, yet requires thought and planning.

Well, for our 2 year anniversary (and Christmas for that matter) he waited till the last minute and also forgot the card. So, Valentine's Day has been looming as the "day of redemption." Currently all of our friends are getting engaged so its been really hard. We talk about getting married ALL THE TIME. We have stuff planned out, have checked into pricing for the different things/places that we want and even made a guest list. And when I saw "we" that is really what I mean, its not just me pushing for this. So, for awhile now I have been teasing him that he needs to get me an engagement ring for Valentine's, and if he doesn't, he better get me something so fabulous that I don't even care.

He asked me to print out pics of the kind of rings that I like so he is on the right track. I put together this list of TONS of rings from plain and simple, to huge and diamond clad. I told him that I don't care that much and would even love a ring with a light pink saphire for the center stone. These however, were my two fav rings:

Then yesterday he started talking alot about how we really need to get a laptop. Which is true. We only have only one computer and it is a big problem when we both have papers to write.... then he reminded me how Dell has PINK laptops. Yesterday he was on the computer for a long time researching them. He also was looking at the pink SONY and the apple ibook but we decided all I would really be using it for is my music and pictures then papers for school so I don't need anything very fancy.

So, even though there will be no "question popping," I might be getting this bad boy which would would be a pretty amazing gift!

I guess I should upgrade from the pair of v-day boxers I got him.... just kidding. I am actually stoked with his present. Kinda want it for myself and I know he is going to be really surprised and thrilled to death! Well, only ten days from today to find out...

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