Thursday, February 7, 2008

How can a few little hairs hurt so much?

"Our therapists wax the delicate skin of the face with the utmost care. We offer tweezing and hot wax for more sensitive skins. Waxing is a highly personal treatment and your comfort and satisfaction are of the highest priority to us."

Why do I buy into this crap time and time again? Waxing HURTS. And you don't get used to it over time. One of my friends has her face, arms and legs waxed. My friend Dom even has the. inside. of. her. nose. waxed. I just walk into a salon and my skin starts turning red and burning and my eyes start watering. Then they take you into a little room that is supposed to be peaceful but really they are just trying to get you secluded enough the other customer's can't hear you cry. Waxing may be for some people, I'm going to boycott. This can be the new me:
Cousin It, from the Adams Family... get it?!? Okay, I'm a dork, pretend you didn't read it. And as much as it hurts and I whine (and turn red, and get puffy, and cry tears) I guess I will keep going back because I do love the results and there is no way I am patient enough to use tweezers. I'd rather just shave off my eyebrows and draw them on... you all know some classy person that does this. Okay, End rant, gotta stop writing so I can make it to my torture apt.


Anonymous said...

HAha, that was hilariously relatable.. I agree... the tranquility act is some sort of demented trick. I wish I could say I have more experience... but lets just say 2 bikini waxes and and eyebrow wax to boot... and as much as I want to gauge out the eyeballs and feed them like grapes to the inflicter of such torture, the end result is SO wondrous. Not to mention I finally broke down and did my eyebrows in September for the first time EVER... and its been SO EASY to maintain them on my own without a whole forest to sort thru... haha. Gross.
PS you will never look like cousin it.

Steph said...

A bikini wax? ooh, way to scary for me. Tina does the Brazilian ones. NO THANKS! my eyebrows and lip are enough to make me beg for vicodin. you are one brave cookie