Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You know its a good day when...

... one of these is waiting in the mail for you:I'll confess, STAR is totally my guilty pleasure. I like the pictures and sadly, I love the celebrity trash talk and gossip. True there are starving children and our country is heading into a recession, but those are the last things I want to read about after a 10 hour work day. Give me my Britney gossip!

In other obsessions, instead of going out to lunch like we usually do on Wednesdays, Jerad and I met at home so we could watch LOST. Man oh man do I have questions!!!! I have been perusing a bunch of LOST blogs lately and its not helping to calm my curiosity. I am running on like 5 hours of sleep because we have been staying up till almost midnight watching the episodes on thank you lucky stars for online streaming!!!

I almost ALMOST wish they would just end the series so my mind could be put to rest. Remember the 4 toed foot statue? What the heck was up with that?

According to a few people in the Room 23 brainwashing video at 53 seconds, a picture of a statue appears but I can't see it. Is anyone else as obsessed as me?

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Anonymous said...

um, yah... I dont know how i feel bout lost anymore... i was really hanging on every episode the first couple seasons, but now i just feel like there are way too many questions to be answered and they keep creating new questions with too many loose ends. i hope it doesnt get all rushed and screwie at the end, like so many other series finales before (xfiles, alias, etc)