Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yesterday I got home to find a collections notice in the mail from our former internet provider. "Pissed off" would be the under statement the year. We switched from them to another company for a few reasons, but one of them was that they kept on billing us for renting a cable modem when we owned our own. I'd call them, they'd credit us back the rental charge, then the next month they would charge us again. Finally enough was enough.

Guess what the account when into collections for? $23.17 for failure to return a rented piece of equipment. Ohhhh I was NOT HAPPY. That was the first notice we had about the whole thing. Nothing was ever said when we canceled, no letters were ever sent that they were going to send it to collection. Ugh. We have worked like crazy since January to pay off all of our debt. We finally have no more credit card debt (yeay!!!), and are well on the way to paying off Jerad's bike and my car. Then this little gem.

I called the cable company and after going from department to department, and person to person they are going to fix it and promised it would come off of our credit reports. Supposedly. I wrote down everyone's names and user numbers just so I have some sort of reference... still, crappy way to start the night.

Well, we managed to finally put away our laundry. Its so sad that somehow that became a blog-worthy event in our lives. We also went through and cleaned out our closets and dressers of all the clothes that didn't fit, we have hung onto but never wear, or we just wanted to donate. Now we actually have the room to put away everything which is nice.

We did sleep in the guest room again. We sort of had to because we are addicted to Here Comes the Newlyweds. Did you watch last season? Loooove it!!! They had a challenge this time where they had to run into this house and pick up as many bugs as they could, then run back outside and fill up a jar with them. Anyways, it didn't get over till 11, then we watched an X-Files rerun. Also about bugs. Needless to say we both had creepo insect dreams and tossed and turned all night.

Getting up at 5:45 was not my bff this morning.

On my lunch break I am running to SLO to the dealership where I bought my car to cancel my Gap Insurance and Extended Warranty... yes I am one of the people who actually bought those things... so that will take off more than $1,500 of my car loan and get me closer to being debt free. My car isn't even 3 years old and has 33k miles on it. I plan on getting a small SUV before I would ever need the extended warranty. I have it paid down enough that I don't need the Gap anymore so its def worth the hassle of canceling them.

I can't imagine how crazy it would be to *not* have a car payment.

PS: the most wonderful news evah, PBR is back at the fair this year. The Challenger Tour. I can die happy.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My 'get up and go....'

Got up and went.

I had a list of a million things that Needed To Get Done this weekend... ya, not so much.

Friday morning I met Beth in Atascadero at the gym for a Step class. I'm def going to have to go back a few times to get the hang of that one... or take some speed first to have the energy. After that we did a 30 minute "Core" class that is mostly ab exercises. As a reward we headed to Cafe Vio where Carly was working and had lunch and iced lattes. We talked and visited and it was a GREAT way to start the day.

When I got home I decided to fold the 4 loads of clean laundry that I had been putting off and putting off. I folded everything and left it on our bed so that we couldn't go to sleep without putting everything away. Since Friday I have washed 3 more loads of laundry, and they have also been folded and added to our bed. Instead of putting the laundry away, we just started sleeping in the guestroom instead. Ya. That was basically the tone of the weekend. We might never end up putting said laundry away either because we are getting quite comfy in the other room!

Neither one of us are pro TV in the bedroom. But we have one in our guestroom. And a DVD player. And Satellite. Its been niiiiice. Also the bed is right against a window so if you open it you can feel the breeze. Its been a nice little vacation, except every morning when I go back in our room to get ready I see the HUGE pile of laundry taunting me. Its so not me.

We worked in the garden and finished transplanting everything where we wanted it to go. Jerad rigged up a sweet contraption complete with a pulley to raise and lower our upside down tomato plants. I planted lettuce and broccoli seeds and some more radishes and green onions. Jerad put up trellises for our squash plants. Since we don't have lots of room for them to grow all over the ground, we're making them grow vertically instead. We made tuna for lunch on Sunday and got super excited because we were able to use a radish and green onions from the garden. For dinner we made pizza and went outside to pick some fresh cilantro to put on top. All our hard work is starting to pay off! I can't wait until the tomatoes, onions, tomatillos, and peppers are ready and I can make salsa!

Saturday we went to Maddie and Abby's first birthday party. I can't believe they are a year old already, crazy. After that we got a bunch of stuff done for Tina's wedding which is now only 5 days away. I still have a few more centerpieces to make and then print out programs/ photo scavenger hunt cards and make them purdy. I also need to get my dress hemmed. I think I'm going to have Jerad do it... hopefully it comes out okay because it was a $300 dress. Tina is letting the bridesmaids wear whatever they want (thank you!). Before I bought a dress to wear for the ceremony I decided to look through my old dresses and see if I had anything that would work. I found a red dress (which is one of her wedding colors) that I wore for my ex and my 3 year anniversary. As in, almost exactly 7 years ago. I didn't think it would fit but it is such a beautiful dress and I had only worn it once so it would be nice to save some $$ and wear it again. It fit. With room to spare. I was sooo ecstatic. I remember trying it on a few years ago and not being remotely close to having it zip up. It is really long though, I hope its not a hard material to sew? I don't want to be out dress shopping the day before the wedding, but I also don't have time to have it professionally done. We'll see!

After almost a year of on again off again work, our back bathroom shower is a little closer to completion. Jerad and his brother Joey put up all the rest of the Hardiebacker except for the curb, and the two pieces where the shower heads will go. Tonight he's going to bring home a hole saw from work and get those done. Then it will finally be ready for tile!!!

Our next big project is finishing landscaping the front yard. Last year we overhauled the front yard, built a window box, and built a new fence. Now its time for a planter along the fence. We have talked about a lot of different options, and finally decided on gravity blocks sort of like this:

It will match our neighbor's yards the best and we won't have to worry about staining it or nicking it with the weed eater like we would have to with wood. The issue is those stupid little blocks are expensive! At least we only have to do it once right?

Tonight I'm Spinning after work again then lifting weights. And even if we decide to sleep in the guestroom again, I will NOT go to bed tonight until the laundry is put away... its getting embarrassing.