Monday, February 18, 2008

My new yard

As I mentioned last week, I have been really looking forward to re-landscaping the front yard. It finally happened over the weekend!

Saturday the plan was to get up in time to be at Home Depot by 6AM when they get their sod delivery so we could get some before they sell out. Well, I woke up at 5:53 and I guess the alarm never went off. We quickly decided that Jerad would just go by himself. Of COURSE his truck wouldn't start. Great. So, there I am, out in the yard in my pj's in the 30 something degree weather at 6AM driving my car onto our lawn trying to get his truck jump started. No dice. Turns out he needs a new battery.

I had been looking forward to re vamping the yard soo much that I didn't care we didn't make any other Valentines plans and had turned down numerous invitations to do something FUN over the weekend. So, I had a little melt-down pity party and went back to bed. In the 5 minutes or so I sat in bed sniffling to myself that the ONE free weekend we had in the next few months that we could actually do it in was going to be wasted, Jerad had already called Home Depot, arranged for them to hold some sod, and rented a truck to pick it up. My hero.

While I took a shower, he picked up the 320 sq. ft of sod.

After unloading it, we went out to breakfast and I had world's best waffle.
Then we went to the nursery to pick up flowers. Apparently they have a lot of break-ins because... well, you can see for yourself:
The rest of the day we dug up the plants and got all the supplies that we would need for the following day.
The dogs were very interested on what was happening to "their" yard

Sunday morning I made a big breakfast and Joey came over to help out

They extended the lawn about 4 feet in the front and pushed it all the way up to the house and porch

you can also see where they added the pavers by the front steps co we could put some potted hedges in. As they grow we will trim them to that they are more like columns.

After the sod was all put in, Joey went home. They added a little over 300 sq. ft. to the yard. its hard to tell from the pics but it looks MUCH bigger now.

And I cleaned up as much dirt as I could while Jerad built the window box

It took AWHILE.
Monday after work I stained the window box and Jerad worked on finishing the sprinklers and patching some dog holes in the back yard with the sod scraps. He also added the left over sod under the tree that is in our driveway where he hung my hammock swing last summer.

We still have a little more work to do on the paver path, and there are some more sprinklers to install. Tonight I will try to varnish the window box then we can plant the tulips that I got in it and attach it to the house. I'll post pictures as soon as it is finished, but for now here it is before:

and here it is now:


Anonymous said...

looks great. your man is amazing. he can pretty much do anything can't he?


Steph said...

Pretty much:) Thats why I put up with all the dirty socks on the floor.