Monday, July 29, 2013

Waterslides and Midstate Fair

Our nanny, Jessy, is pretty awesome. She started watching Marshall 1 day a week when he was 4 months old, and over time ended up watching him all 4 days a week while I work, and the same for Miller when I returned from maternity leave at 3 months. So basically she's been watching them for as long as they can remember. They LOVE her, and she and her family are like a second family to them.

A few weeks before I went on maternity leave, Jessy, her mom, and sister took the boys to the waterslides. This was extra awesome because I was a million months pregnant and not feeling like going this year:) They had SO much fun and were talking about it for days!

They took them again the day I had Emery even though Jessy is "off" during my maternity leave. It worked out perfectly, I went into labor about 30 minutes after they left, the boys went to sleep an hour after they got home, and I gave birth about 2 hours after that!

They also took them to the fair, which again, I was sooo thankful for because we decided to forgo going this year. Since my maternity leave is only partially paid, and we're still catching up from unexpectedly paying a million dollars in taxes and having to buy a new car, we've been on a "budget summer." So even though I missed going to the fair for the first time ever in my 28 years, I'm glad the boys got to enjoy it:)

Even though Emery is only 2.5 weeks old and I still have a few months of leave, I'm already dreading going back to work. It sucks being away from the kids, even though it's only 4 days. However knowing that they'll be with a family who loves them so much that they want to spend time with them even when they don't have to makes me feel a lot better:)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Life with Emery; week 2

Day 8: We lounged in bed watching Dinosaur Train

Then I dressed Emery in one of my favorite outfits to date:)

And got the rest of the gang ready and headed to our weekly playgroup:

Day 9: After breakfast Jerad and I loaded up the kids and headed to Farmer's Market in Templeton for our weekly produce shopping.

Emery chilled in the sling while the boys all played on the playground.

After they were finished Jerad told them they could pick out one treat, thinking it would be berries or something like that. Marshall chose carrots and together they ate almost the whole bunch before we got home.

While the boys napped, Emery got her first bath. She was a big fan. She was wide awake when we started and quickly fell asleep. This is AWESOME news, because starting about this time she started spitting up a lot. Marshall never spit up... I don't even think I owned a burp cloth and never packed a spare change of clothes for him. Anyways, until he started crawling he rarely needed baths... but he loved them so if he was upset I just had to stick him in the shower with me or in the kitchen sink with some water. Miller spit up all the time so he would smell and need to be bathed almost nightly, but he HATED them and for the first 8 months or so would cry and scream for most of the time.

After naps the guys all worked in the backyard. We have a pool to set up but need to finish leveling the ground and getting all the rocks and sticks picked up first. Its a 22 ft pool so there's a lot of ground to get ready...

Jerad had to work a few hours that night so I put the kids to bed. Marshall was complaining that his room was too dark and scary, so I hunted down a glow stick in my "things to entertain the kids when all else fails box," cut it open, and plastered his room with "stars." He was in heaven.

Day 10:

Day 11: Marshall went back to preschool (he goes Mon and Wed and had been on vacation the previous week). Having just Miller and Emery was amazing! On the one hand, Marshall is easy because he can do a lot of things for himself, is old enough to be somewhat patient, listens, talks... but in a lot of other ways he;s the hardest because he's three and opinionated... and THREE. Since I wasn't so outnumbered I tried to get as many errands done as I could. We went to the bank, Post Office, Grocery Shopping, and I got the whole house cleaned.

This next picture is what Miller was doing while I was nursing Emery. Jumping from the coffee table to the couch beside us and back. 

When Marshall was an infant I'd get to read a book, watch a TV show, or just stare at him while he nursed. Long gone are those days:) Sorry third child.

This was also the first day Miller wanted to hold "da bay-bee Emma-wee."

Blurry picture of us grocery shopping:)

Day 12: We had Emery's newborn pictures taken. I can't wait to see them!

Day 13:

This is the day when Miller started really loving on Emery. I think he finally realized she was here to stay:)

Jerad's parents and brother and his wife stopped by the meet Emery for the first time this day. They were out of state on vacation when she was born so they hadn't seen her yet!

Jerad was going to be working out of town for the next few days, so I stocked up on necessities.

And yes I know beer isn't gluten free. Its my vice, what can I say. Anyways, Jerad worked all day, came home, packed a bag, and drove 4.5 hours up North arriving around 2am.

Day 14: After feeding the boys breakfast they were full of energy, and I was not so I quickly dug through the cupboards to find something to occupy them so that I could veg out on the couch, drink my coffee, and feed the baby.

I settled on baking soda and water

Then decided to add a little paint to spice it up. I gave them plastic forks (so that I didn't have to worry about our silverware disappearing outside) and told them to stir it all up.

While they worked on that I got some vinegar and little medicine cups for them to add it to their mixed concoctions.

That kept them busy for about 20 minutes. Once they got bored I got out some shaving cream and tractors. Boom, another 30 minutes!

Between diaper leaks (we've been using a lot of disposables), and spiting up, Emery goes through lots of laundry. Good thing I'm LOVING dressing her! Outfit #1:

Marshall and Miller made up some game called "volcano adventure" and occupied each other for about 45 minutes. This is the kind of thing that has made going from 2-3 seem easier than 1-2 was.

Outfit #2:

In the evening we went back outside and Miller made a few more concoctions and kept insisting that the dogs taste them. This is his "looking for a dog to torture" face.

Emery was super fussy and wouldn't let me put her down, so I threw her in the Baby K'Tan and was able to make a shepherds pie from scratch.

After a massive spit up incident, it was bath time. She definitely loves them:)

Outfit #3:

The night went really well. Emery woke up to eat every 2 hours, which is normal for a breastfeeding infant, and both boys slept through the night. They normally do, but in the past it seems like if they're going to have a bad night it'll be when I'm the only one home to deal with it. Instead I woke up feeling pretty well rested!

Day 15: Miller climbed on the table into the baby bouncer. He thinks he's hilarious.

I guess Emery didn't like this outfit. I have about 5 pictures of her making this same face, which she had never made before and I haven't seen since:

Everyone together!

What a cheeseball:

I get to do a lot of multitasking this time around:

Jerad got home right as the kids were going to bed, and even though things went fine (great even!) while he was gone, we were all ecstatic to have him home. And thanks to him being back and our amazing nanny and her family volunteering to take the boys to the fair this afternoon, I'm getting caught up on blogging! I just got the birth pictures back so I'm trying to finish that up soon while it's fresh in my mind.