Monday, July 8, 2013

What we've been up to

I'm sort of in a brain fog and feel like I haven't been doing much of anything lately, but according to my instagram feed I guess we have been getting out and about. Jerad has been working. A LOT. So it's been mostly me with the boys which is both super fun, and super exhausting. They're great kids... but full of energy. For about a week it was 108-113 degrees and all I wanted to do was lay under the AC vent but try to tell that to a 1.5 and 3 year old!

We go to the Children's Museum about once or twice a week. 

One of their new favorites is going on a "treasure hunt" in the walking trails in our neighborhood. Marshall caries a bucket, and Miller tries to save every rock and twig they pass.  Because they're looking for "treasures" its slow going which is perfect for me!

We had a huge yard sale. It wouldn't have ben possible without my sister's wonderful Mother In Law. She helped me organize and price EVERYTHING then the day of the sale showed up arpund 6am, helped Jerad set up, and sell everything. 

Before I give birth I always have a huge urge to purge and simplify. We had planned on having the sale weeks before so I'd been going through closets and the attic and collecting things, then it just didn't work out and we almost didn't do it because Jerad kept working weekends and it was too hard to get anything done with the boys. They just wanted to touch and play with and spread around everything:) Anyways our front room looked like this for a few weeks which was AWFUL.

I almost just donated everything so that we didn't have to deal with it... but then Denise swept in like an angel. We sold SO MUCH, and it felt really great to get rid of so much clutter. And get the house put back together! We made enough money to buy paint and curtains for the downstairs, stairway, and our bedroom/bathroom. It doesn't seem like a lot, but those rooms took 2 five gallon buckets of paint and two single gallons (we have leftovers), and to rent a dump trailer and get rid of a bunch of heavy concrete and other construction debris as well as rent a pressure washer and clean up the outside. So basically our house got an inside/outside face lift for "free."

Jerad and my father in law painted. I'll try to do a separate post on that with pictures from my real camera. I'm SO happy. We've lived in this house over two years and  things are finally coming together!

On one of the 105 plus degree days, I set up a kiddie pool in the front. The kids were stoked.

Then Jerad got home and, as usual, showed he's way more fun than me. He added a slide and water feature.


Over the next two days the dogs enjoyed it too:)

Marshall and I have been doing a lot of baking together.

Gluten Free muffins:

Paleo Banana Bread:

On the really hot days we luckily got pool invitations:) My mom's neighbor's house:

And one day when Jerad was working I brought the boys over to one of our friend's/neighbors who not only let us swim, they fed us dinner! I didn't get any pictures.

We've been doing lots of bathtub and shower crafts, because it keeps the boys contained, is inside so not too hot, I can sit down... and cleanup is a breeze. In addition the the shaving cream which I've already blogged about, we paint. We probably do one or the other every other day.

Here's painting:

They used brushes and cars to paint themselves, eachother, the walls and tub for about 30 minutes. Then they "cleaned up" for another 10.

Then it was time for a "mud bath." For some reason Marshall wanted to wear his clothes.

After the mud bath I rinse off everything, and they take a regular bubble bath. The whole ordeal takes about an hour to an hour and a half, they have SO MUCH FUN, and I mostly get to rest the whole time:)

Last Sunday Jerad had the day off so we packed up the kids and took them to Avila Valley Barn. They love feeding the animals.

After the Barn, we went to the beach.

We haven't finished our backyard project, and it loks like we won't any time soon, but the kids are still loving playing back there and do so for a few hours daily.

About once a week I try to take the kids to the zoo. We have a really tiny and not very impressive zoo.... but we have a family pass so it's free, and Marshall likes it. His favorites are the tortoises, emu, and pythons.

Last time we went they were having a car show at the park which is right next door. Marshall kept saying "this car/truck lives at the parade!"

That's all I have pictures of. Even though I seriously just want to lay around and do nothing, all of our lives are so much better when we get out and about and stay busy so I try to plan some outside activity or adventure and one inside craft project daily. That way they are happy to spend some time playing alone/together, and go to bed easier. All of which makes me a happier mama!  Besides all the above and just loving on the boys, I've been spending my maternity leave doing lots and LOTS of cleaning and organizing. But this is getting long so I'll try to do that in another post. I am never on the computer so blogging has taken a back seat. Hopefully after the baby comes I'll have a few days of down time in bed and can get all caught up.

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