Thursday, July 31, 2008

The one where I pretend to be a Fergie Fan

I'm the F to the E, R, G, the I, the E,
And can't no other lady put it down like me.

I'm Fergalicious...

Or at least I will be tonight!!!

A few weeks ago my cell phone rang at work and I saw it was Beth. I knew she knew I was working so I figured it must be important or at least interesting so I answered it. Personal calls are totally fine, but its a quiet office so people totally listen. The conversation went something like this (the bold is to denote screaming):

Me: Hey, what's up?

Beth: sorry, I know you're at work...

Me: Its fine, what's up?


Me: Um, what?

Beth:Are you sitting down? You should sit down. Or stand up. Maybe you should stand up.

Me: ...

Beth: Are you ready for the best news EVER??? Guess what?

Me: (thinking: well, she wouldn't be this stoked about being pregnant again...) Hmm... I dunno, just tell me!

Beth: ewrujhrewouwherjhbef!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Me: What did you say? (by this time everyone within earshot has stopped what they are doing and is staring at me as I bend lower over my desk trying to shield my phone incase the news is something I don't want everyone to hear... like some new "exciting" piercing or something...)


Me: (trying to recollect the few Fergie songs I have heard) Oh, thats really cool!!!


Me: :)

Beth: Can you scream with me? Ready?

Me: Er, Um, well... *whispers* eeeee!!!

I kind of forget the rest of the conversation... basically she was just REALLY excited... and I REALLY wanted to be, but I just wasn't a huge Fergie fan. I did like that My Humps song though! Which is Black Eyed Peas, not technically Fergie, but I digress...

Later that day my friend Tina got online who lives in San Fran and couldn't stop talking about Fergie either... then later my sister. Geeze, I'm just out of the loop. Beth asked me if I wanted to go, she said "If you aint got no money take yo broke ass home." Jk :) I thought it would be really fun!

So, Beth, Tina, Skylana, Melinda, Me and Tyson will all be there and being Glamorous. I voted that Tyson should either dress up as a pimp, or one of those mormons with all the wives. I hope Beth passed it on...

I did download the Fergie CD onto my itunes and am listening to it at work today and cramming like I have a midterm. I don't want to be the odd one out at the show tonight haha. I am hoping Skylana isn't a huge Fergie fanatic. She's my last hope.

Its okay though, what I don't know in lyrics I can def make up for in my mad mad dancing skills that are intensified with alcohol. Ladies, watch out!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Catching Up: Sunday, dinner w/ friends

Sunday we met Beth and Tyson, and their kiddos Annabelle and Dawson at the Sea Shanty to visit Chelsea who was in town for Jamie's wedding

All ready to go:

Since all the recent fair food has been so unhealthy, we all skipped dessert...

Oh, what I meant was, we worked off dinner on the playground afterwards!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Catching Up: Friday, new hair!

I was in desperate need of a haircut and wanted to go that final step to get back to my "natural" color.

So, back to the beauty school for some bleach. The girl I had fallen in love with had graduated so instead I got a girl who had been there for 4 months... 2 of which she had taken off for vacation. Eh, I'm trusting when it comes to my hair. Plus the girl right next to her was almost ready to graduate and helped out.

They started off thinking that some 40 proof bleach for 20 minutes would just whiten my hair. Sweet!

Well, after having the bleach on my hair for 40 minutes... TWICE, they decided to put on a toner for 10 to hopefully take out the orange. 20 minutes later then did it AGAIN for 20 minutes.

I have very stubborn hair. Anywho, it came out fine, its a "Barbie Blonde." and I love the cut she gave me. Ta da:

The bathroom lighting actually made it look yellower than it is. it is white with streaks of the color you see in the pic. Jerad likes it and it is def lighter than what I had before. Now I just need to work on my tan and I can look more like a "California girl."

Catching Up: Thursday, Toby Keith

Last Thursday Jerad took me to see my favorite country singer (since 1993 when I heard "Should've Been a Cowboy") Toby Keith!

The Outfit:

Opening Band, Trailer Choir:

Opening Band, Carter's Chord:

Soo Excited!!!
(We weren't the only ones):

And then... Toby Keith:

Willie was nice enough to show up on screen for Beer for My Horses:

Forgot to zoom out...

Second Thoughts

Hmmm, so now that I ordered the new medicine cabinet, I of course found another one that is cheaper and has matching furniture.

I LOVE distressed furniture! And I think it would break up all the white that's going to be in there... and one of these little cabinets could go in there too... which means more surface space to decorate... ahh what to do what to do?

Which do YOU like better? Two of those, or this one:
Keep in mind the bathroom will be looking sort of like this:
Except the wall with the sink does not have nearly that much room. The wall opposite Jerad built a 10'' alcove were the toilet goes and he is building 3 shelves into it up high for towels and such. The one cabinet would even fit over the toilet (it is 26" wide and the alcove is 36") and only stick out 2" past the wall.

The 1/2 wall of beadboard you see will be painted white, with the drywall above it green to match the opposite wall. The taller skinnier cabinet could fit between the door and toilet where the wall juts out, or on the wall down from the toilet and outside of the shower like I did in the other bathroom:

Either cabinet could fit there. Ahhh I don't know. I don't have to get a cabinet either(it would be more floor space if I didn't and less to dust cause Lord knows I will decorate the top of it)... I could just get the cheaper medicine cabinet. Or keep the one that is on order. Then again, storage space is always nice, and besides the few shelves Jerad is building there is none at all.

Feedback people!