Sunday, July 13, 2008

What we've been up to...

Thursday Jerad and his brother Joey had their first softball game. It was against a team that won the championship not last year, but the two years before. Jerad's team (the Drillers) ended up winning 15-11 after going into 2 extra innings.


Buddy was very interested (AKA whined to go see Jerad the whole time):

I wore my pink converse to get in the baseball spirit:

We celebrated afterwards at Wienerschnitzel-Tasty Freeze:

Friday I worked a few hours at Beth's daycare. So basically I just had lots of this till I left:

Then when I got home, the pet equivalent of the same thing:

Now that it is so warm outside even Bailey has to enjoy the pool. We change the water every few days but they still manage to dirty it up. We throw balls in there and they could spend hours trying to find them. It amuses us at least.

Saturday Jerad got up super early because he helps cook for the months mens breakfast at church. After that he came back and helped the neighbor and two guys they hired start digging the ditch for the retaining wall. Then he took a break and took me patio furniture shopping, yeay!!!

Saturday night we had a much needed date night and went and saw Hell Boy II. I don't know when our date nights started being such un-romantic movies, but its all about time together right???

Actually Hell Boy ended up being a total love story, so it worked out for a date night after all. It was really nice holding hands and snuggling up in the theater together. We have been spending time together at lots of group functions, but none of our alone time lately has been remotely romantic. It has all been construction related, so some one on one scheduled lovey time was nice.

Also, super SUPER stoked about Batman on the 17th, eeeeeee!!!!! I loves me the Batman movies, comics, whatever. Soon soon!


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Weinerschnitzel rocks!!!
You guys look so cute together. :)

Beth McDermott said...

ooooo, 2 innings into overtime, i bet you could hardly stand the excitement! hahahahah
you look adorable and happy in your lovey pics. im really liking your new lighter hair look... and the flipped out thing.

Steph said...

haha I try, I really try! I get into this "sports mode" where I just zone out and have no clue what is going on. I can't help it. before I wrote the blog I had to ask if anything exciting happened that I should write about at the game... I dunno, me and spotrs just dont mesh. UNLESS its PBR. I loves me Bull Riding!!!

DIXIECHICK said... the picture of the two of you boys can't wait to see the new batman movie either....I want to see it because of Heath Ledger...I heard his performance was phenomenal....

Melinda Hart said...

So, I can't get over how you totally lied to Larry and I to get us to go to that softball game. You were like "Everyone drinks beer and cheers really loud so bring some beer and come hang out." Yeah, Larry and I brought beer and then I was too embarrassed to drink any and then the stands were so quiet you could hear the crickets. Next time I won't believe you...

We still had a good time and it was really fun to cheer for Jerad and Joey, probably especially more so because everyone just thought that we were being drunk and obnoxiousness..little did they know that was all natural obnoxiousness.

Steph said...

Okay, ask anyone in the world, mens softball is known for drunkedness! and the only reason no one was drinking is because no one was in the bleachers we were sitting in except us, jerad's fam, and cody who is like 13.

AND, we had the strict umpire who gave people outs for cussing?!? ya, not your typical game...

last week two of the players showed up drunk.... they made a special rule this year that beer wasn't allowed ON THE FIELD. that should tell you something.