Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Catching Up: Friday, new hair!

I was in desperate need of a haircut and wanted to go that final step to get back to my "natural" color.

So, back to the beauty school for some bleach. The girl I had fallen in love with had graduated so instead I got a girl who had been there for 4 months... 2 of which she had taken off for vacation. Eh, I'm trusting when it comes to my hair. Plus the girl right next to her was almost ready to graduate and helped out.

They started off thinking that some 40 proof bleach for 20 minutes would just whiten my hair. Sweet!

Well, after having the bleach on my hair for 40 minutes... TWICE, they decided to put on a toner for 10 to hopefully take out the orange. 20 minutes later then did it AGAIN for 20 minutes.

I have very stubborn hair. Anywho, it came out fine, its a "Barbie Blonde." and I love the cut she gave me. Ta da:

The bathroom lighting actually made it look yellower than it is. it is white with streaks of the color you see in the pic. Jerad likes it and it is def lighter than what I had before. Now I just need to work on my tan and I can look more like a "California girl."

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Beth McDermott said...

hot lil blondie.
id hit it.
now you have to sign a pact right next to my signature on the line that says 'never again for black hair dye in a box from target no matter how on clearance it is...' ha