Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good News/bad news

Good news:
  • No more toilet in my living room. Yeay! Also, we now have a bathroom sink, faucet, light and finished tile. Lookin good my friends, lookin good.

Bad News:

  • I don't like the direction that Jerad decided to put up the beadboard on the bathroom ceiling so he is going to take it down and re-do it tonight. And before you start saying I'm a control freak (TOM) you will see that I'm right when I post the pictures tonight. The good news is he decided to pick up his compressor that he had loaned to a friend and brad-gun he had loaned to a coworker and do it that way instead of with a hammer like he had been. So... it will go a million times faster now.
  • Starting tonight or tomorrow Jerad and our neighbor rip our 450,000,000 feet of fencing. And load and haul it away. Then build a new, hard to build, fancy one.

Pictures to follow.


Beth McDermott said...

you are SUCH a glutton for punishment. sheesh. you make us look laaaaazzyyy! ;)

Steph said...

yeah right, im out getting my hair and nails done while he does this. jk:)