Monday, July 28, 2008

We're calling it the "reverse diet"

I have been working VERY HARD these past 7 months to loose weight. Finally I am exercising regularly, eating smaller portions and healthy foods, and drinking almost exclusively water...

The last time I weighed myself was two weeks ago and I was 123 (I think I started at 155). I have been loosing about a pound a week, so... I was almost in the "teens!!!" Exciting right???

Hmm, then enter the fair... fair food... beer... funnel cake... beer... sugar... thanks fair. Its a good thing I saved my chubby clothes, there's still a week left and we are going at LEAST 4 more times.

Practice some self control you might say... yeah, not so much. 7 months of self control, 2 weeks of fair once a year, you do the math. Oh, I have been drinking light beer if that counts! And we do a lot of walking while we're there... I don't actually own a scale so maybe I'm still on track. Ha, fat chance.

Its okay though, I don't have a "goal weight" or even quite a "goal size." I have a "Goal Christmas gift" a size 4... so, four months to drop a size and do some serious toning up. Thank goodness there is only 6 short days of good ole Mid State Fair left. Then back to the grindstone.


Beth McDermott said...

preach it, sistah. i got up at 5 and ran this morning, but COULD NOT MAKE MYSELF get on the damn scale. i hate you, mid state fair. and your little funnel cakes too.

Steph said...

oh and have you TRIED the cinnamon rolls? oh lordy lordy. I ask for "less" icing like that somehow helps. psft. so much for "whole grains" and no "refined" sugars. hey, cinnamon is natural, right, RIGHT???