Thursday, July 31, 2008

The one where I pretend to be a Fergie Fan

I'm the F to the E, R, G, the I, the E,
And can't no other lady put it down like me.

I'm Fergalicious...

Or at least I will be tonight!!!

A few weeks ago my cell phone rang at work and I saw it was Beth. I knew she knew I was working so I figured it must be important or at least interesting so I answered it. Personal calls are totally fine, but its a quiet office so people totally listen. The conversation went something like this (the bold is to denote screaming):

Me: Hey, what's up?

Beth: sorry, I know you're at work...

Me: Its fine, what's up?


Me: Um, what?

Beth:Are you sitting down? You should sit down. Or stand up. Maybe you should stand up.

Me: ...

Beth: Are you ready for the best news EVER??? Guess what?

Me: (thinking: well, she wouldn't be this stoked about being pregnant again...) Hmm... I dunno, just tell me!

Beth: ewrujhrewouwherjhbef!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Me: What did you say? (by this time everyone within earshot has stopped what they are doing and is staring at me as I bend lower over my desk trying to shield my phone incase the news is something I don't want everyone to hear... like some new "exciting" piercing or something...)


Me: (trying to recollect the few Fergie songs I have heard) Oh, thats really cool!!!


Me: :)

Beth: Can you scream with me? Ready?

Me: Er, Um, well... *whispers* eeeee!!!

I kind of forget the rest of the conversation... basically she was just REALLY excited... and I REALLY wanted to be, but I just wasn't a huge Fergie fan. I did like that My Humps song though! Which is Black Eyed Peas, not technically Fergie, but I digress...

Later that day my friend Tina got online who lives in San Fran and couldn't stop talking about Fergie either... then later my sister. Geeze, I'm just out of the loop. Beth asked me if I wanted to go, she said "If you aint got no money take yo broke ass home." Jk :) I thought it would be really fun!

So, Beth, Tina, Skylana, Melinda, Me and Tyson will all be there and being Glamorous. I voted that Tyson should either dress up as a pimp, or one of those mormons with all the wives. I hope Beth passed it on...

I did download the Fergie CD onto my itunes and am listening to it at work today and cramming like I have a midterm. I don't want to be the odd one out at the show tonight haha. I am hoping Skylana isn't a huge Fergie fanatic. She's my last hope.

Its okay though, what I don't know in lyrics I can def make up for in my mad mad dancing skills that are intensified with alcohol. Ladies, watch out!


The Bitchy Wife said...

OMG I can't wait!! But, umm, I am starting to panic a little bit because I:

1). Don't know the lyrics to all (or even a lot) of the songs;

2). Can't sing worth a crap no matter what;

3). Dance even worse than I sing; and

4). All of the above is exacerbated by extreme alcohol consumption.


Beth McDermott said...

um... all of melinda's reason's for panic are spelling reasons why tonight is going to KICK ASS to me...

Steph said...

Yeah by "mad mad mad dancing skills" I meant that I have to drink to think I can dance. so simmer down. and I still crack up at your "bitchy wife" handle haha.

AGSoccerMom said...

Roflmao! You guys are funny. But, I am with ya, I don't know her songs either.

skylana said...

so freaking stupid that i wont b able to drink tonight! i'm so much more fun when i drink. i know im not supposed toy say that but... its me

Steph said...

haha I'm more fun too... or at least I think I am:)