Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Come on CA, you're killing me...

What, did California not have enough laws already that they just HAD to do this cell phone thing to us too? Couldn't there have been a caveat that you could pass a proficiency exam to prove you can drive and talk at the same time? It is ridiculous that it is illegal to be on your cell phone while driving, yet texting while driving is not banned. Lame-o.

I hate talking on the phone. I am a texter. The only time I do talk on the phone, is when I am in my car. Ooooh I know. I have never run over any little old ladies, babies, or animals... well, at least not while on my phone. I just talk to kill the time, or tell Jerad I'm stopping at the store, on my way, whatev. If I'm not in the car, it means I have something better to be doing that gabbing on the phone.

I decided that this blue tooth thing was not so much for me. First of all, I'm cheap. If I'm spending $50, I want something cool, not an uncomfortable plastic thing in my ear. Secondly, I'm jumpy. I think that a bluetooth-thingamajig is MORE likely to cause me to have an accident than just talking on the phone... that being said, its only been one week and its driving me crazy not being able to make those 30 sec quick question/update calls I'm used to.

So, I decided to join the masses. On my lunch break I went to one of the cell stores to buy a headset. They are out. Then I went to Target. They only had 3 kinds and they were all in the $70 range. So I looked up my good friend Amazon and how the heck am I supposed to pick? Some of these things are weird!

Seriously right? Some look like torture devices. This one totally jumped out at me for obvious reasons:

But then I thought I shouldn't have pink EVERYTHING, so I was thinking this:

But some of the reviews weren't very good... I don't know what to do. I don't want to spend very much cause I will only be using it in the car... but I want it to work obviously... any recommendations? One of my coworkers just had bluetooth installed IN her car for $270 which seemed cool, but I don't think I'll have my car for too much longer and having everyone in the car be able to hear my conversations seems awkward.

In the meantime I'll just keep using my phone on speaker phone and hold it on one hand while steering with the other which is totally safer than how I talked before the new law. Grrr.


Beth McDermott said...

beth is to hate things in my ears as stephanie is to hate people touching feet. my ears are freakishly small inside... so when i look all 'cool' running with my ipod... oh, wait, look again... who is that DORK running with her cool pink ipod with the DINOSAUR headphones plastered to her head?
Yah. im thinking... cell phones were nice while they lasted. i just wont be talking while driving. im sooooo not wearing a headset.

AGSoccerMom said...

I also hate things in my ears. I will be using a tiny little corded ear cuff that came with an old phone. Havn't used it yet, as most car rides are 15 or less, much easier to just pull over or call when getting to where I am going.
One trend I won't be sharing.

Melinda Hart said...

I just bought a new phone recently so I bit the bullet and bought the blue tooth headset to go with it. It was like $49.99 online. Yeah, it kinda sucks because it's not the most comfortable thing in your ear, but it is really handy to have all of your hands. And you touch a little button on the side of your earpiece and say "Call Steph" and it automatically dials your number. I got it because a lot of time I have to run to the courthouse or clerk's office for my job but my boss calls me frequently so I still need to be able to talk and drive. Oh! And FYI...texting while driving is illegal. Just so you know.. confirmed by CHP officer on Cat-Country morning show like a week ago.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Well, if you read my post the other day about the Hands Free law, you know I wouldn't be ANY help with the advice. Luckily, my Sacramento car has that snazzy bluetooth thing so I don't have to use an ear piece. But in my L.A. car, I'm screwed and doomed and will probably not answer the dang phone if it rings.

By the way, thanks for adding me to your blog roll! You are so sweet! And I'm totally adding you to mine!