Monday, July 7, 2008

Ahhh, long weekends...

Have I mentioned that I heart long weekends? I actually had a 4 day weekend my friends... FOUR DAY WEEKEND!!!

Thursday I blissfully did nothing. No chores, nothing productive, nothing fun even. Ooh, I did sleep in really late and then go get my hair done. I was pretty exhausted from doing a ton of hand weeding on Wednesday. Ahh, my exciting life.

Friday was the 4th of July. Yeay Independence Day!!! We started the morning off with the good ole Templeton Parade. We brought Buddy which was kind of a trip because last year we brought him and Bailey and it was their first parade and they were still little pups. Not so much anymore!

Bailey doesn't really care for like the loud noises and all the excitement very much, so we left her home to keep Baby Belle company who was visiting for the weekend.

After the parade we went to Jerad's parent's where I just ate from about noon till we left at 5. OH MY GOSH. That was really good. Now I'm getting hungry again just remembering. Mmmm.

That evening we went to a bbq/party at one of my coworkers wineries and brought my sis and her hubby and my friend Tina. They shot rockets:
Had a band:

Yummy food, and LOTS of wine a beer and it was good.

My mom is friends with a few of my coworkers, so her and my youngest sister Addy showed up just in time for fireworks. Everyone walked/drove up to the top of the hill to see them. Addy and Jerad rode in the trunk:

Sillies. After the fireworks it was back down the hill for more drinking and glaring at Jerad for not dancing. That's okay, I consoled myself my eating a plate of browines. Hey, its a holiday, live a little right?

Saturday, the 5th, Jerad got up super early and spent hours and hours and hours working with the next door neighbor tearing down the huge fence that runs the length of our lot and rental lot and his lot. Then they had to take out all of the posts and concrete and they were in enough concrete to hide a dead body. And cut down 5 trees that were too close to the rental house that would be in the way of the new retaining wall, and set up stakes and lines so that the ditch and wall people know exactly what they want. Aye yai yai. I'll post those pics tonight. It was a LONG process and right now our yard looks like crap because instead of having an old fence, it just has huge holes. Classy.

They mapped out exactly what they want the new fence to look like, and where our mail boxes are going to move. Also, Jerad is going to spray the rental house now that the fence is down and he can get in there to paint. He has to go cap off and sweat a bunch of copper pipe or something over there too before they pour the retaining wall. I dunno. I tend to plug my ears and scream "la la la la." Oh yeah, and move a cast iron bathtub our renter has in her front yard... At least he doesn't mind doing it? Boy Scout badge for him. Now that the fence is down a bunch of things are easier to do. So he says. Like I said "la la la."

That night we went to a party at Beth's parent's house. Live music, beer and BBQ? Um, yeah!

No, Jerad is not asleep... just drunk (jk)
The food was sooo good. As was the beer. Er, 6 beers? Basically, I think this last weekend I gained back the 35 pounds I've lost. But it was soo worth it okay? Lay off.

Sunday our house and yards got some TLC. Jerad made so much process on the bathroom that he used all of the materials that have been laying around the house taking up space and I could actually clean! Also *knock on wood* I think we are past everything being covered in dust and maybe, just maybe I will be able to breath again.

Remember a month ago how things looked like this:

FINALLY, no more toilet in my living room!

And the hallway:

Now down to just a few trim pieces and a board to build the shelves above the toilet that should be put up within the next few nights:

Okay, this is the best part by far. Remember the horrid scary un-walk-through-able guest-room (by the way, it is a big step for me to be brave enough to admit this much less actually show you a picture that I let anything in my life get THIS messy):

That's right, some boxes of tile, shower liner, and a window screen. We could have company again and I wouldn't have to lie that we were out of town, terminally ill, or contracted leprosy or something. Because good-NESS every time that door was open my blood pressure would go through the roof.

The best part is, Jerad is the one who picked everything up! I just went behind and vacuumed and dusted and washed the floors. He also cleaned out the laundry room. He did throw alot of stuff in the shower in the new bathroom, but, I could care less. We aren't even using the bathroom yet.

Speaking of the bathroom:

We have a light which was stolen from above the kitchen sink. I was having the hardest time finding the right bathroom light and the one we had in the kitchen (put up by the previous owners) does not match the kitchen at all so I thought it would be way better to use that one which did work for the bathroom and find a new kitchen light that I liked instead.

We have a working toilet:

We have a working faucet (how cute is the faucet? totally goes with the country theme):The electrical throughout the bathroom is all hooked up.

View looking into the bathroom:
Neither one of us likes how you see all the pipes and valves behind the sink so he is going to make something with beadboard behind the pedestal.

A pic of the floor to give you an idea of the layout. The toilet is recessed into the wall 10". Above the toilet towards the top of the wall there will be shelves for towels.

The beadboard ceiling is up. The finishing work and corner pieces still need to be done, but you get the idea. See why I thought it should go this way? He had started it going the other way... because it would use less beadboard and the stuff is expensive. But, this way it all pines up which looks way better.
We didn't end up going with the square sink like I originally wanted too. For one thing they were all really big and its a small bathroom, also they were about $300 and this one was $79...
Also btw, it is the same sink that happens to be in our other bathroom. So, they match at least.

You can actually use the bathroom now, yeay!!! Over the next few days he is going to do all the trim, corner pieces, wood filler, caulking, sanding, and other finishing work then build the shelves and finish the drywall so we can paint. The plan is to do everything except the shower, then do that last. I guess the way you do the bottom of the shower is really complicated and he has never done it before. Well, there's a first time for everything right?

Anyways, that was our long weekend. Oh, and we had a "date night" last night that consisted of us snuggling on the couch watching Resident Evil: Apocalypse and eating soy ice cream. Which, was really weird because it was his idea and he hates scary movies and non dairy based ice creams (or frozen desserts or whatever they call them). It was fun except we got to bed waaaaay too late considering how early we have to get up now that we only have one bathroom to share in the morning. In retrospect, we should have done the second shower first, hmm...


Beth McDermott said...

1. That is the cutest picture of Buddy and Jerad EVER.
2. Oh, hello Beth's boobs! Nice to see you on the internet...
3. WOW! Your Bathroom looks amazing. Isnt it nice to be slightly less suicidal when you can organize the construction crap and see the project coming together... (I say that like I have experience, HA!)...

Steph said...

haha yeah, nice cleave. didn't notice that. um... want me to take that one down? your face is so lovely I'm sure no one else will notice the boobs:)

Beth McDermott said...

actually... my boobs look way better in that picture than they actually are in person, so i suppose it can stay. ;)

Steph said...

I thought so too, I blew it up and put it inside my medicine cabinet.