Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A sad sad day in Stephy land.

Today, my heating pad died. Why is this a big deal, and what does a 23 (24 next month yeay!!!) year old need a heating pad for? I work in a office with women that are older than me, and that both live/lived in Cambria. A coastal town that is at least 40 degrees colder than Paso. They are ALWAYS hot.

So, they run the air. All day, every day. Its like an ice box in here. I survive by wearing a sweater to work and having a heating pad on my back or under my legs. At 2:43 this afternoon, it stopped heating. The remote still lights up, but no heat.

Can I get a moment of silence?

Oh wait, my teeth are chattering...

1 comment:

Beth McDermott said...

sorry, but no love from me.
im with the old ladys... better too cold than too hot.