Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Drama Drama

Jerad was SUPER nervous to turn in his resignation today. Like I said a few weeks ago, the point had finally come where he decided he needed to pursue other avenues. But he wanted to wait until all of his ducks were in a row and even though we knew he would have no problem finding jobs, we wanted to make sure he had something lined up before he turned in his notice. He wanted to be 100% sure. So we talked and prayed, and then weird things started to happen.

First Jerad's brother came over and was helping work on the house and started talking to him about his job and was telling him about all these opportunities where he works blah blah blah which wasn't that strange because he has done that a lot. But this time it really got Jerad thinking.

Then, my parents came over (which IS strange because they never do) and out of no where started talking to him about his job and what a shame he had the schedule he did because my dad had a few side jobs that would pay really well if he had the time. As in more than he makes in a week for working one day.

Then my grandma let us know that since Jerad has been doing so much work on the house, she would make our mortgage payment for us for two months and repay us for ALL of the appliance and material/construction costs to offset the time/labor he has put in.

Then our friend Taylor who we haven't seen for a few months randomly came by and we all went out to dinner. He also just brought up Jerad's job out of the blue and asked him what he was still doing there when he had so much more talent and could be doing something he loved and getting paid for it. Then he told him he should quit and come work with him. Jerad has worked with Taylor before and they work great together, he gets paid well, and they make bank doing side jobs together. Tay told him he could work full time with him till he was ready to move on to the Outage in January and longer if he wanted. In the meantime they could do side jobs and Jerad could take the last welding class he needs and then pick up welding jobs which are in high demand around here and pay big $$ and he LOVES.

Yesterday my sister called and said her boss would pay him $500 to move a small truck load of office furniture a few blocks down the street to their new office.

Then I took a day off of work and came back to find that while I was gone I got a bonus, raise, paid healthcare and they are matching out Health Savings Account contributions. Which in itself is amazing, but especially in an economy like this. If such a small company feels comfortable to take this on, we can be pretty certain my job is secure.

Before all of this happened Jerad was kind of uncertain of what he was supposed to do. Then all of this happened within seriously a week's time and it became very, very clear. There has never been a better time for him to move on. Changing jobs when its not a financial necessity is the best time. And now he can go back to school, weld, build houses again which he loves and is a great skill to develop, and not have to work 12 hour days and weekends. He can have a variety and challenge and we can have less stress and everyone will be happy. And for the next few months he gets paid to work with his best friend, and off at a decent hour. Ya, score.

Anyways, back to the "drama drama" title. He was scared to turn in his notice. He has never really quit ANY job except his first job working at Hewitts Hardware, and that was after working there 3 years to go work for my dad who was quadrupling his salary... and he freaked out about that too. Last night I helped him write his resignation letters and since he is bffs with his supervisor he thought as soon as he read it there would be an immediate conversation.

Well, its been two and a half hours and nothing... awkward much? Maybe they just won't say anything until his last day. In the last month or so he has talked to his supe. a few times about his salary and the possibility of a raise and told him that he can't stay if this is how it is going to be and they flat out told him there is nothing they can do till Feb. (coming from a company that makes 450 million a year) so they shouldn't be surprised I guess.

I'm dying to hear what happens... and I'm going to kill him if they make an offer and he accepts it. Because even if they offer more money it doesn't solve all the other problems. Ahhh, I want to know!

Edit: His supervisor did talk to him and they had a nice conversation and he said he could probably get him a $3-$4/hr raise (um, where was that offer a few weeks ago) but Jerad told him that he loved the company but was ready to go in a different direction and missed working for himself. Which his supe totally understood and told him how much they would miss him and they valued him and what an asset he had been yadda yadda... anyways, totally excited! My honey bunny is getting on with a career path that he is actually interested in. AND we just might be able to take a trip for my b-day this year, imagine that!!!


lucinda! said...

wow, talk about signs from god that you are supposed to move on!

Steph said...

ya RIGHT??? "please help me clearly see the path I'm supposed to take" um, here's 10 signs for ya!

I'm just glad he understood that they WERE signs haha instead of being like "well things are starting to go really well right now, there is no reason for me to leave!"