Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Finishing Touches...

AKA I'm a Shopaholic nowadays.

New curtains ordered and shipped for the laundry room:

Medicine cabinet on order for the bathroom:

New file cabinet ordered and shipped for the office:

Slightly excited. The curtains will be perfect for the country theme. I got a white rolling shade to go on the window over the laundry room sink
and then the curtain will go over the shade. The picture cuts off the window, that is just the bottom half.
Then the second curtain (or balloon shade if you want to be technical) will go on the door:
So now I can run around in my underwear to my heart's content without giving all the neighbors a peep show.

The beadboard on the medicine cabinet will match perfectly with the bathroom as well. Which it should, it took me three hours to find the perfect medicine cabinet. Cause I'm weird like that. We sold our big (fake) cherry wood file cabinet in the garage sale and have been meaning to get a white one to match the computer desk I got a few months ago so in the meantime it has just been a huge mess in there. Having drawers and a place to put files will be a huge help.

And I love getting things in the mail.

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Beth McDermott said...

i LOOOOVE the blue and white with the yellow... good call. also... how much is that doggie in the window??...