Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh Dear

This is Bailey
Bailey is a bad dog
Yesterday, I got a call at work... from one of my neighbors, Carla... I didn't even know she knew where I worked... she said that our dog (ahem, Jerad's dog) had gotten out of the yard. Except, she didn't know it was our dog at the time. She saw her sniffing around the block (we live on a very slow street) and when she went outside Bailey ran up to her tail wagging. She doesn't wear a collar because Buddy just chews them off of her, and after going through 7, some even with metal studs, I've just given up.

So, she enlisted the help of another neighbor, Kevin, up the street to take her to a nearby vet to be scanned for a microchip. Bailey of course did what you hope you dog has enough sense not to do, and happily jumped in the car with total strangers and let them take her away. When the vet discovered she didn't have a microchip Carla told her that she was sure the dog belonged to someone on our block and she would just bring her home with her. Once she got home a few neighbors came outside because they thought she had gotten a new dog and wanted to see it. The neighbor directly next door to us, Sheri, saw her and went outside to ask what they were doing with our dog and laughed when she heard the whole thing.

They played with Bailey for awhile then when Carla found out it was our dog she called me at work because she apparently knew where I worked, which is odd since its such a small obscure company...

When we got home, Bailey was tied in our front yard with a rope staked down by our bird feeder under a tree with a bowl of water just chillin in the shade. Silly dog. You might think all the neighbors would be upset at all the trouble they went through but oh no, it was like an adventure. We are quite the community. Carla works at one of the wineries I go wine tasting at on a regular basis, Kevin works at the same company Jerad just resigned from, and Sheri is the wife of the neighbor who Jerad is building the fence with. Small little world.

Sheri told me that Bailey ALSO got over the fence earlier in the day and was sniffing and wagging around her back yard for awhile and she just gave her a few treats, let her in her house for a bit, then stuck her back in our yard hoping she'd stay there... yeah, not so much. Right now the fence is mostly torn down and there is a corner that she can hop over. Although I don't know how such a little dog can hop over a 6 foot fence! Hopefully it will be finished soon so this wont happen anymore. You notice btw I never have to post any "bad dog" things about MY dog?

I guess I love her anyways.

Today she is spending the day inside with the cats.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Freaking adorable!

Beth McDermott said...

i missed your leggings blog somehow... but they are ADORABLE on you, i love this outfit!