Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sex in the City

The Friday after Sex in the City came out, my best friend Tina was in town from SF and we decided that we simply had to dress up and go see it together. My sister Melinda had already seen it the weekend before, but since her hubby was going to be at my house working with Jerad anyways she decided she'd be up for seeing it again too.

Before I start this little story, let me just say that if every day I posted "I didn't drink any wine/alcohol" it would be pretty weird... so, you just get to hear the fun stories instead.

Okay, we bought our tickets and decided to hop next door and have girly martini's before the show. To "get in the mood."

(*note to self: freaking stop taking pictures of yourself from this angle)

Well, I guess our bartender didn't get it, or was new, or I don't know what, but my sister is a lush and SHE could barely even handle our drinks. Tina got an appletini, I had a caramel appletini, and Melinda had a cosmo. We rearranged and gave Melinda the strongest drink, suffered through the rest, and tried to ignore the dirty old men asking us to go home with them... well, that is a slight exaggeration, they didn't ask us to go home with them they asked us to go somewhere that I forget now and kept touching my bare shoulders. Ewe. Okay, on to the movie.

I laughed, I cried, I was worried, and I still have a lot of mixed feelings about the Miranda-Steve and Carrie-Big plots. That is neither here nor there, all in all it was so exciting and nostalgic and man, did I want some new shoes.

After that we buzzed over to the Crooked kilt for another drink. Well, after about 5 vodka tonics (each) we were having one of those "deep" conversations about relationships. One where I am figuring out my future and they are giving me all this advise and we just keep downing the drinks and forgetting that we called Jerad to pick us up and he has been circling the block... for about 45 minutes. Er, thanks babe.

When we fall into get in the car and start to drive home someone mentions that they are hungry and all of a sudden we decide that we will just die without Jackintheboxrightthissecond. Which is unfortunate because I have to pee right this second. Melinda has a Jack in the Box taco OBSESSION and Tina and I love the curly fries.

So, Jerad being the good sport that he is drives the drunkies to Jack in the Box. We pull up to the drive through, and I ask if anyone thinks I could pee in the parking lot. As a kind of joke... The drive through voice says that they will be with us in just a minute and time ticks on... and on... and on.... and from the back seat I yell "for the love of god someone take our order" OBVIOUSLY not thinking that anyone besides the people in the car can hear me... and come on, I.need.to.pee.

Then a voice responds "chill out man, just shill out." And he takes the order. Well, Jerad was a bit mortified. And a bit more mortified when I made him roll down the window so I could explain the whole tipsy/needing to use the bathroom thing to the guy once we got up to the window. He was really nice and said "we'll get ya out of here!" Then sent us up to the front to wait... While we were in the front I noticed that the dining room (if you can call it that at a fast food place) was still open for another 45 minutes and got really excited. Oh no no, it was a lie. No bathroom for me, the doors were all locked. Maybe they saw me coming and did it on purpose, who knows.

Anyways, we had a great night and this is us trying to stand up and pretend to still be fancy:

Tina ended up spending the night and Jerad went to find her car which was a task because we didn't remember which street we parked on... just what car it was parked by or some other useful type of info like that.

To really get in the Sex in the City mood we should have worn birds or flower pots on our heads. Hmm, maybe if there is a sequel...


Melinda Hart said...

Ok, I totally had a FABULOUS time. However, I must say that I slightly resent the "lush" comment. We'll have to see just how many of my blogs mention drinking...

But anyways, the Jack-in-the-Box drive through was one of the most hilarious moments of my life. You were so drunk and trying to explain to the poor drive through guy that you weren't being rude, just drunk...I'm sure it went over well :)

I'm bummed that we're not going to all have fun at Fergie like you promised! What kind of sister are you?! :)

Steph said...

Okay, I MEANT that Tina and I both got the drinking phase out of our systems, and you currently have a higher tolerance than both of us... AND, if you compare our alcohol cabinets to yours... you look like a lush haha. I just have lots of wine and a partial bottle of Jack.

Then there's you...

Beth McDermott said...

Im kind of annoyed I wasnt there! Ok, now you can come read my SATC girls nite blog and be jealous you werent there... and we'll call it even.
PS- you can borrow any/all of my dresses if i can borrow yours... that one is hot! I like the green on tina too, but i dont think i could ever pull that off like she does...