Thursday, April 29, 2010

39.5 Weeks

(39 weeks)

Entering the home stretch!

Last weekend we finished literally everything on our list. I finished painting the dresser I've been working on, paid all of the bills for next month, washed all the curtains/shower curtains/couch blankets, finally got a dining room table, and dusted all the blinds. Jerad re painted the laundry room and back bathroom, fixed the rest of our slow flowing drains. Then on Saturday him and Tyson put all of our satellite/tv cables into the walls and did a bunch of other awesome stuff like made it so we have satellite in our bedroom and our computer router could go in the living room. The big thing is that there are NO WIRES ON THE FLOOR anymore, woo hoo!!!

The next morning I woke up and the baby had dropped.

I know that doesn't really mean anything, most first babies drop around 37 weeks. Jerad and I just thought it was hilarious that he waited until we had finished our to-do's :)

Sunday we went to that all day outdoor music fest that we had been wanting to see. It was soooo fun. I also got a killer sunburn so now I have fabulous tan lines. Niiiice.

Tuesday Jerad had another dentist apt for a filling and they did it so fast I didn't believe him that he really went. From the time he walked out the door until he walked back in was 28 minutes. Keep in mind the office is about 2 blocks from our house, but still, under 30 minutes!

Yesterday Jerad had a chiro apt and finally got a good report, everything has loosened and straightened out. After that we headed over to the midwife's office. Everything was great, and the baby had flipped anterior. All the hands and knees time paid off! She could tell the baby was much lower and engaged. All good news. She sent us home with the birth tub so we're just all ready to go now. I still feel comfortable and don't feel in a rush to get things going. I know this is the last time for a loooong time that I'll be able to just be alone and relax so I'm trying to soak it up. I want the baby to grow nice and big and healthy, but the window for a homebirth is only up to 42 weeks. If he's not here by 41.5 then I'll probably start getting impatient. At that point there are some homeopathic things we can try to get things moving.

In the mean time we're just taking things day by day. Jerad started feeling sick and really congested last night and was snoring so bad that he ended up sleeping in the guest room. Well, I kind of kicked him out because neither one of us was getting any sleep. This morning he called out sick to work and I tried to cancel his dentist apt but they wouldn't let me without charging us since it wasn't "24 hrs notice." I was pretty pissed actually. I understand that they need advance notice and its not fair to the hygienist who had planned on having work for those 2 hours... but also he's been there 5 times in the last 3 weeks, is always on time, and we always pay right away. He's a good customer... cut him some slack already! He loaded up on collidial silver and goldenseal and echinecha and slept for a few hours then headed to the dentist, I'm still waiting for him to get home. Hopefully its nice and painless. Now he just has to have his permanent crown put on when it comes in and he's done with the dentist for another 6 months until it's cleaning time.

The plan for this weekend is to rent an electric boat in Morro Bay and have a picnic on the water. Its nice now that the baby has dropped, I feel the kicks down around my belly button instead of all up under my ribs, much more comfortable!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Other Stuff

(AKA the stuff only our families care about)

Lately we've been running around to lots of appointments. I mentioned before that I finally got Jerad to go to the dentist for a cleaning and checkup and we found out that he was going to need 5 more appointments to take care of everything? Well, he's had three already. The first was a periodontal scaling and root planing on one side of his mouth. Everyone kept telling him horror stories about it and he was NOT looking forward to it at all. Plus it was supposedly going to take 2 hours and the only time it could happen was during the middle of his work day so that made it even worse.

Luckily, it was not at all as bad as he was thinking and he only had minor soreness. Plus it only took 1 hour! This week on Monday he went in for a crown. On the same side as the scaling. I guess when you get a crown, it starts off temporary and takes a few weeks for them to make the permanent one which means that he'll need yet ANOTHER appointment. When we got home I could tell it was really hurting him and suggested he lay down. He passed out for almost 2 hours and only got up because our doula was coming over. He ended up taking about 4 Tylenol between that evening/night which is super rare around our house. The next morning he still was sore so I was like "no shit Sherlock, you have sick time... USE IT." We slept in and then got all sorts of stuff done around the house. Later that day (Tuesday) he had another apt... this time for a filling, on the same side. It wasn't too bad but whatever is in the shots they used for the crown/filling wear off for him really quickly compared to whatever they use for the scaling so he gets sore pretty fast.

Next week is one more filling and scaling. Luckily those are on the other side so he can get a little break in there. Its kind of fun because now that I'm not working, I can go to the appointments with him. Well, technically I walk him there (the office is close to our house), and then walk home, do a few things, then walk back to pick him up. Luckily the weather has been super nice during all of his visits.

He's also been going to the chiropractor weekly and getting all aligned and whatnot. Its nice that there is someone else to tell him "hey, your posture sucks. Take care of that before it screws up your neck/back anymore." Those might not have been his chiro's exact words, but still... some reinforcement was nice. He has all sorts of little exercises he's doing and they seem to be helping.

I've been going to the chiro weekly as well. Its become something that I really look forward to. I love all the soft tissue work and almost fell asleep at my last appointment! She said that my pelvis and tailbone felt a lot looser last apt which means the end is getting near. Did I mention that she will come out to the birth to do an adjustment if things are slowing down, and will do the newborn adjustment at our house? Love it.

Besides that we've just been finishing up things around the house. Projects that have been put off for years (I can't believe we've been in this house for almost 4 years now!), last minute birth prep, little things like organize the junk drawer. This last weekend our shower head broke in the hall bath, the sink started draining suuuuuuper slow, AND the tub faucet started dripping. Annoying. Luckily I am married to world's handiest man and that's all fixed now. He also finished up the ceiling in the remodeled bathroom, and has helped me with every other project without complaining. Including moving out our washer and dryer and vacuuming/mopping under them. We found about 5 different dog toys. I'm good about cleaning under the beds and couch, but apparently not so much with the washer and dryer. Ewe.

Our birth supplies and birth kit have been packed, unpacked and reorganized and repacked multiple times now. We've made up all the beds with clean sheets, then covered in plastic, then put another set of sheets on top of that so I'm safe to have my water break or push out a baby on any bed in the house. Maxi pads have been soaked in witch hazel and frozen for the postpartum period.

Besides having my daily routine of picking up the house, vacuuming and mopping, dusting, keeping up on the laundry and re-cleaning the bathrooms... I've also finished all those little things that never seem to get done. Like organizing the junk drawer, sorting out my craft stuff, going through and getting rid of worn out socks. All while somehow managing to take naps, exercise, read, work on my flower and vegetable gardens, and give the dogs and husband extra attention. I am SO GLAD that I listened to the midwife and Jerad and took these last few weeks off from work. Its amazing what having 11 extra hours in the day does for a person!

The downside is that as each day goes by, I feel better and better and more and more excited about what I'm getting done. I know that doesn't sound like a bad thing per se, but I think the norm is as a pregnancy winds down towards the end you should get more and more antsy for the baby to come and more uncomfortable in your heavily preggo body until you basically will yourself to go into labor. If I keep feeling like I do now, I might be pregnant for another few months.

I was 3 weeks late myself so I'm not counting on Baby Hutch making any kind of early arrival. Which is fine, I'm not anxious. He can bake as long as he needs to to come out nice and healthy. Or if he decides to come soon at least he will be born into an organized home that is more than ready for him!

39 week Midwife Apt

(Mao sleeping on the couch as I write this)

First, I have to say that I've fallen in love with having this early morning time all to myself. It feels so good to get up at 5:15, feed my hubby and send him out the door with a lunch and snack made with love and then get to enjoy a few hours of silence. Apparently this early in the morning, the rest of our block is asleep, including the dogs. Its so relaxing to sit by the window and catch up on emails and blogs while everyone else slumbering.

Anywho, yesterday I had my 39 wk (well, 38.5 wk) midwife apt. Everything was good, baby's heartbeat 140, lots of movement, still posterior. She thinks he just has lots of room and will keep posterior until the end and then turn. Hopefully she's right and not just trying to make me feel better about crazy long back labor:) I have been doing my hands/knees pelvic tilts like crazy, spending time on hands/knees, and sitting on the yoga ball leaning forward whenever possible.

My blood pressure is still elevated for me (usually in the low 130's over high 70's or low 80's) but there was no proteins spilling into my urine so at this point I'm still just monitoring daily and we're not worrying about it. If it rises over 140/90 then its bed rest time but its looking like that won't happen.

We got to meet the girl who will be the midwife assistant for the birth. She is a local doula who wanted to get more homebirth experience. I know the assistant is more for the midwife than for me but its still exciting that we are going to be surrounded by so much support! Technically 2 doula's and a midwife. Plus Beth and Tina (who is also a nurse) and my mom. Awwwwe.

One other fun/interesting thing happened, I got asked to speak at SLO High to a class about what it's like being pregnant this Friday. Some kind of developmental class, I don't remember what its called. They had an OB come in and do a little talk and bring one of their patients, and then wanted to do a homebirth midwife and patient too. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it at first but Jerad really thought I should. I guess I think my pregnancy has been so uneventful that I'm not really the best person to be an example. Besides, aren't HS students supposed to be lectured about birth control and STD's, not be told "for me, no real first trimester symptoms (heck, we took a 2 week road trip during that time!) no morning sickness, no heartburn, I still sleep great at 39 weeks, walk all around town and basically it's been a breeze." Obviously I'm still working out what to say:) Actually I do have a few ideas and am starting to look forward to it.

PLUS the class isn't until 2pm and I have an 11AM chiropractor apt also in SLO so I get to kill a few hours shopping and who wouldn't like that?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Le never ending list

Things to buy before baby boy H gets here:
(things in BOLD are finished)
  • Bassinet
  • Make bassinet bedding
  • Carseats
  • Crib bedding
  • Crib
  • Crib Mattress
  • Changing table
  • Changing pad and covers
  • Baby tub (we got the tummy tub)
  • Storage baskets for baby stuff
  • A few pkg Disposable diapers for at first
  • Diaper bag
  • Nursing bras/tanks
  • Nursing pillow and cover
  • Nipple cream, breast pads
  • Medela in Style breast pump
  • Bottles
  • Burp cloths, swaddlers, receiving blankets
  • Onesies and sleep suits in 0-3m, and 3-6m sizes
  • Babylegs!
  • Hats, socks, bibs
  • Rocker/glider
  • Moby wrap or sling for me
  • Ergo for Jerad (we got a Mei Tai to use at first and will get the Ergo in a few months)
  • Stroller
  • Play pen

Things to do before baby boy H gets here:
(things in BOLD are finished)

  • Rearrange bedroom to accommodate bassinet
  • Find pediatrician
  • Hire doula
  • Figure out what I am doing for maternity leave
  • Figure out how much time/when Jerad will take off
  • Notify both of our jobs
  • Nail down childcare situation
  • Complete Hypnobabies courses
  • Practice relaxation techniques
  • Prenatal Yoga classes
  • Order birth kit/supplies
  • Get some second hand towels/sheets for the birth
  • Figure out where to set up birth tub
  • Order birth tub
  • Choose baby name (we're like 95% on this one. And no, we're not sharing)
  • Stock freezer with meals (eh, we have a few things. I think we're just making the rule: "if you want to come see the baby... bring food." Jk. Sorta)
  • Wash baby clothes, diapers, linens
  • Make list of names/numbers of ppl to call/text after the baby is born
  • Build nursery paneling
  • Paint nursery furniture
  • Put together nursery furniture
  • Eye exam (Jerad)
  • Dental exams/teeth cleanings
  • Chiropractor visits
  • Rearrange closet to fit baby's stuff
  • Make ipod labor/delivery playlist (any suggestions?)
  • Make lullaby playlist (any suggestions?)
  • Maternity photoshoot
  • Rearrange new living room furniture
  • Paint living room
  • Buy new wall hangings
  • Repaint kitchen
  • Buy bigger kitchen table (we currently have a 2 person bistro table. I feel like a "family" needs seating for at least 4:)
  • Repaint hallway
  • Touch up paint in master bedroom, guest room, hall bath, back bath, mud room, laundry room (I think the rest of this is happening today or tomorrow!)
  • Paint nursery
  • Redecorate hall bath, buy new toilet seat, and remove shower doors
  • Clean back yard and plant garden
  • Fix trim board between laundry room and our bedroom floor
  • Add trim around new hot water heater handles
  • Get new mattress/box spring
  • Clean out shed
  • Organize basement and have a yard sale
  • Stain back deck
  • Write thank-you's
  • Plan weekend romantic getaway for one last hurrah before baby comes:)
Newly added:
  • organize closets (entryway, hall, linen, bathroom cupboard, our room, guest room, babyroom)
  • call Insurance company and change my last name
  • bathe all three dogs
  • start baby scrapbook
  • clean up back yard
So, we are getting there! The weekend "getaway" hasn't happened, but we had an awesome weekend together this last weekend. Saturday we slept in, got some projects done, drove to the lavendar farm, had frozen yogurt, and cooked a delish dinner. Sunday we went out for a fancy pants brunch, and later to the beach. Even if we don't make it away somewhere together, we're trying to do lots of little one on one things in the meantime.

Other than that, everything for the baby is washed, organized, and put away. All the major things on our to-do list are done and the rest is just icing on the cake. Well, I suppose we really should choose a baby name. And make a labor playlist BEFORE I'm in labor:)

38 Weeks

38 weeks

Well the 38 week mark has come and gone. Now is that weird limbo time where he could come ANY DAY, or more likely, stay in there for another month. That's the hard part for me. I'm not in a mad rush to get him out, and the last few days I've actually felt pretty good so he can keep baking for as long as he needs... with in reason:)

My blood pressure has hovered around "high-ish but not high enough for bedrest." It just has to stay under 140/90. I've been getting a lot of readings in the 130's over low 80's. My midwife told me to take a 2 hour rest in the middle of the day, take a few walks a day, keep going to the chiropractor, take and record my pressure daily, and to take extra magnesium. She said to take 500mg of the magnesium and after we hung up I confirmed that I was already taking 500mg in my prenatals and called back to ask if she meant 500mg total, or an additional 500mg. Later I realized that that was literally the ONLY question I had called any doctor/midwife/doula about during my entire pregnancy. Not bad for a first time mom huh? Incidentally, she said to try an extra 250mg if you cared.

The first few days of not going to work were pretty boring, I'm not gonna lie. Last week Jerad was working crazy hours trying to finish up a solar side project so I seriously was alone alllll day. He'd work his normal 6-2:30 shift, then go work 3-9pm or so on solar. Basically we saw each other for an hour or so at night which is a big change for us. We always eat dinner together and go to sleep together so that was hard too since 9 is so late for dinner (we are religious 6pm diners), and when he got home I was still wiiiiiiide awake because I'd been resting on and off through the day, and he was exhausted from doing 14 hours of physical labor. Then I got sick and had to cancel going to girls night with Beth, Bethany, Elissa, and Kari.... which had been my one ray of hope for the week. The good news is, that solar job is finished and I fell into a routine which makes me feel like I have a little purpose and I'm not going as stir crazy.

Now I get up when Jerad does, a little after 5am, make him breakfast and coffee, and pack him a lunch and snacks while he's getting ready. We eat breakfast together which is nice because I get to see him for a few minutes in the morning. After he leaves, I wash the breakfast dishes and any cups left over from the night before (srsly, with the amount of water cups we make you'd think we were a family of 6). Then I'll put the clothes in the dryer if we washed laundry the night before, and make a cup of red raspberry leaf tea to drink as I catch up on my emails and blogs in my reader.

About 7am I go back to bed for a 2 hour nap. This is my favorite because I have the whole bed to myself AND I feel like the day has already started out productive so I deserve it.

I wake up for the second time around 9am and fold the laundry. Then I take a shower, fix my hair and put on a little bit of makeup and clean the sink, toilet, and mirror. Nothing fancy, just some vinegar and a quick wipe/swish. By then its 9:45 and time for a little snacky snack. I'll fix something small (maybe some yogurt and granola, or 1/2 a bagel and peanut butter) and watch a TV show. I vacuum and if I'm feeling super adventurous, mop the whole house. After that I try to do some project on my mental to-do list. Like organize something (I think I've run out of things to organize), write thank you cards, sort through old magazines, dust the blinds in a few rooms, prune my flowers and let the dogs run around, or clean an area of the basement.

By then its noon and time for a walk. I walk downtown and window shop, or to the library, and to any errands I can like the banks, Post Office or DMV. Then its lunch time and time for my midwife mandated 2 hour "rest." I usually lay on the couch and put something on TV that I don't care if I fall asleep during. After that I will come up with some sort of dinner plan and go to the store if I need to. By the time I get back its about 4pm and time to sit outside and play with the dogs, get a little sun, and read. Then its one more walk, usually up and down Vine Street and surrounding streets for maybe 15-20 blocks total, then a little snack to hold me over until dinner. Something like cottage cheese and chips and salsa, or some beans and rice, or a smoothie.

Throughout the day I sit on my birth ball as I can, do pelvic tilts, spend time on hands and knees, and anything else I can to discourage a posterior baby! Oh, and drink about ten 16 ounce glasses of water.

Then I just kind of veg out until Jerad gets home and try not to pounce on him as soon as he walks in the door. We'll have dinner (thank GOD it wont be so late this week!), chat awhile, wash the dinner dishes, then maybe take a bath and read a little before bed. Its not very comfortable/relaxing for us to both be in the tub at the same time anymore. Our bathtub is deeper than normal, but also shorter and I'm bigger and less flexible than I used to be, which is a bummer because long baths together were a favorite past time. Usually I'll get in first and stretch out or flip onto my hands and knees letting my belly hang under the water while Jerad puts the dogs to bed, makes me a cup of rrl tea, and throws his clothes and anything else that needs to be washed into the washer. Then he'll get in with me and we pretend to be comfy for 10 minutes or so before I get out so he can soak and finish up. While he does that I'll start making his lunch for the next day so there isn't as much to do in the morning, or read.

So, things have been better since I developed my little "routine." I'm resting a lot, getting a lot done, and getting some exercise. This week should be a lot better because Jerad probably is just coming home after his normal job and gets off at 2:30 now so there will be plenty of time for us to spend together, and finish up the few last things we wanted to get done before baby Hutch makes his appearance. Also, we have a butt load of appointments to keep us busy this week. Today Jerad has a dentist apt for a filling, then we meet with the doula tonight for a birth rehearsal. Tomorrow he has an apt for a crown. Wednesday I have a midwife apt and he has a chiro. Friday I have a chiro. If there is no baby by Saturday and the weather is nice, we're renting a boat in Morro Bay and having a picnic on the water.

Uh-oh, 6:59... time to wrap this up and get started on my morning nap :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

37.5 weeks and Change of Plans

Guess who's on maternity leave now?

Oh yeah, that'd be me.

Yesterday was our 37.5 week midwife apt. We spent the beginning talking about newborn procedures, what we wanted to decline, how and when the midwife did the newborn exam, all that kind of stuff. She asked me if I'd had any swelling, changes, BH contrax, if my urine dip had showed any proteins or sugars.

Everything was the same as normal. The baby's heartbeat was 140, he was active but posterior as per usual, blah blah.

Then she took my blood pressure. It was high-ish 152/86. I ALWAYS am like 120/70. So, she waited a second and took it on my other arm. 154/94 (or something like that).Obviously not good and high for me.

She had me lay on my left side for 10 minutes and then tried again. 128/66. A good sign that laying down can lower it... but also not good that it was high in the first place.

She was really calm and told us there was nothing to worry about at this point, but to be safe she wanted to take blood and have it run that night. The worry is pre-eclampsia. Its a good sign that no proteins are spilling into my urine, and I haven't had any crazy swelling or other signs. At 5:30 PM she did a blood draw to check for liver enzymes and had the lab pick it up, promising to call us as soon as she got the results.

After that we went to the chiropractor, then Costco, then out to dinner at the Guest House. She called back while we were at dinner, nothing abnormal BUT, just to be super safe she wanted me to go ahead and start my maternity leave now, take a 2-3 hour rest/nap laying down in the middle of the day, and monitor my blood pressure. I have to take a reading twice daily and report in then we'll go from there.

At 10am it was 129/81 and at 4pm it was 131/87. Hmmm. We'll see what tomorrow brings I suppose.

I'm not really worried, more like annoyed. I'm used to being that girl who just sails through pregnancy and who's doctor is never concerned. Oi. If I end up having to go on bedrest, I might kill myself.

I had planned on working up until I went into labor. I had the mantra "I'm not sick, I'm pregnant." Besides, I have an easy job and I'd just be bored at home. Right? Then I started getting more uncomfortable. Sitting at my desk for 10 hours makes my feet swell up. The only exercise I get during the day is walking to the bathroom (every 45-60 minutes). Taking some time off started sounding better. Jerad wanted me to leave right at 36 weeks. I've paid into State Disability Insurance since I was 16, so they'll pay for me to take off starting 4 weeks before I'm due.

But I still worried about being bored at home. And leaving my coworkers hanging after they've been so accommodating. Then the midwife made the choice for me. Shew said it'd be better for me to be home, I could take walks during the day, nap if I needed too, have some time to mentally prepare. So here I am.

Today was hugely boring. Plus my blood pressure didn't go down like I was expecting it to.

I love reading, cleaning, being outside.... but for maybe a week. I'm so pregnant now there isn't a whole lot I can do. If this drags on I'm going to go insane.

One positive thing is I am having lots and lots of BH contrax. Like, every time I do anything basically. Sometimes they are even every 5 minutes. This week Jerad is working out at a house where there is no cell phone reception. He's kind of freaked out that I'm going to need to get a hold of him and not be able to. I'm not worried about it. I guess I'm still not mentally prepared that literally any day we could be having a baby. Plus I keep reminding him that even if I went into labor while he was at work, chances are I'll be in labor for a long time so its not like he's going to miss anything.

Since I'll have so much free time maybe I can use some of it to try to turn this posterior baby boy of ours. Cross your fingers for low blood pressure readings for me tomorrow!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kind of my favorites

This picture pretty much sums up a normal outing for us. Jerad just said something super inappropriate that he's laughing at and I'm trying not to die while simultaneously boring a hole through his head with my eyes.

Look, here it it again:

Maternity Pics Take 2

After taking pictures a few places around town, we changed outfits and headed to the Mission.

Pretty soon we'll have birth photos. So strange.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Maternity Pics Take 1

We had so much fun taking these! Our Doula is also a photographer. Besides doing our maternity pics, she'll do birth photos, and then newborn pics a week or two after the birth.

We took these in Santa Margarita around various old buildings, and the old Purina Factory. The weather was beautiful! I am so glad we decided to have these done.