Thursday, April 22, 2010

39 week Midwife Apt

(Mao sleeping on the couch as I write this)

First, I have to say that I've fallen in love with having this early morning time all to myself. It feels so good to get up at 5:15, feed my hubby and send him out the door with a lunch and snack made with love and then get to enjoy a few hours of silence. Apparently this early in the morning, the rest of our block is asleep, including the dogs. Its so relaxing to sit by the window and catch up on emails and blogs while everyone else slumbering.

Anywho, yesterday I had my 39 wk (well, 38.5 wk) midwife apt. Everything was good, baby's heartbeat 140, lots of movement, still posterior. She thinks he just has lots of room and will keep posterior until the end and then turn. Hopefully she's right and not just trying to make me feel better about crazy long back labor:) I have been doing my hands/knees pelvic tilts like crazy, spending time on hands/knees, and sitting on the yoga ball leaning forward whenever possible.

My blood pressure is still elevated for me (usually in the low 130's over high 70's or low 80's) but there was no proteins spilling into my urine so at this point I'm still just monitoring daily and we're not worrying about it. If it rises over 140/90 then its bed rest time but its looking like that won't happen.

We got to meet the girl who will be the midwife assistant for the birth. She is a local doula who wanted to get more homebirth experience. I know the assistant is more for the midwife than for me but its still exciting that we are going to be surrounded by so much support! Technically 2 doula's and a midwife. Plus Beth and Tina (who is also a nurse) and my mom. Awwwwe.

One other fun/interesting thing happened, I got asked to speak at SLO High to a class about what it's like being pregnant this Friday. Some kind of developmental class, I don't remember what its called. They had an OB come in and do a little talk and bring one of their patients, and then wanted to do a homebirth midwife and patient too. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it at first but Jerad really thought I should. I guess I think my pregnancy has been so uneventful that I'm not really the best person to be an example. Besides, aren't HS students supposed to be lectured about birth control and STD's, not be told "for me, no real first trimester symptoms (heck, we took a 2 week road trip during that time!) no morning sickness, no heartburn, I still sleep great at 39 weeks, walk all around town and basically it's been a breeze." Obviously I'm still working out what to say:) Actually I do have a few ideas and am starting to look forward to it.

PLUS the class isn't until 2pm and I have an 11AM chiropractor apt also in SLO so I get to kill a few hours shopping and who wouldn't like that?


Paige said...

One of my students is in that class- she is 14 and pregnant, you may have noticed her :)

Thinking of you on the home stretch- I know you have got to be going crazy!

Paige said...

Oh, ok... just read that a little more closely... I have a student in that class (child development), you WILL probably notice her- she is 14 and pregnant. My guess is that the teacher is slightly altering the curriculum this trimester to suit her impending need. I am really glad that the teacher is doing both! I feel like most people don't really even consider home birth as a viable option, so that is awesome.

liz oelker said...

you spoke at slo high? that's awesome! i miss my school :( glad you're doing well. read your recent blog with the baby flipping etc. so crazy it's so close. will be praying diligently for a safe arrival of baby Hutch.