Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Shower #3

I know, we are well beyond spoiled. Instead of spoiled, I like to think of it as "well loved."

Saturday Beth and Tina threw a joint shower for Kari and I.

It was a Ladies Garden Party theme. Amazing no? The weather was more than perfect. It was probably the most beautiful weekend we've had this year!

I didn't end up with very many pictures, but I stole a bunch from facebook so here we go!

Here are a few of us ladies in our hats:

Beth's sweet mom Christi was nice enough to have it at her beautiful house!

There was yummy food:

And baby bingo.

Apparently my family is some sort of closet baby bingo family because everyone won.

Kari and I both got amazing gifts. I let Addy take the pics, and unfortunately you can see up my skirt in most of them so friends... next tell tell me to close my legs (that's what she said):

Quick side note, Kari and I each have our own bench because they weren't sure if we'd both be able to fit on one. That still cracks me up:)

(baby Hutch's first pair of real Levi's)

(seriously. a-fricken-dorable)

(baby Hutch's first John Deere)

Thank you guys soooo much!

Also a big thanks to my bff Tina who drove all the way down from San Fran to help out. Somehow she eluded like every pic. Sneaky Sneaky.

Awe, Beth just sent me one so nevermind:

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liz oelker said...

oh they did such a great job!! so cute!! and who got you that rocking tractor (lol)? SO CUTE!!