Wednesday, April 7, 2010

blah blah blah

Yeah. That about sums it up.

We've been going to lots of Dr's apts lately. We started at a chiropractor practice that we both fell in love with. Jerad sees the husband and I see the wife, and later the baby will see the wife too. Both of their children were home births, and they are super supportive. Molly will also come out to our house after the birth to do a newborn adjustment so we can rest awhile without having to pack up the baby and trek to SLO. There are many reasons that newborn babies benefit from immediate chiropractic care and we want to start off on the right foot.

It turns out when you're pregnant you get a lot more soft tissue work done, so with each adjustment I've basically gotten a massage. Its been really relaxing. Besides just general alignment stuff, she has been working on opening up my rib cage (yeay for being able to breathe!), and making sure my pelvis is all ready for the birth.

Jerad was a little hesitant at first (read: scared shitless). However he felt so much better after his first adjustment and was eager to go back. Plus his chiro also had an old Ford truck so I think they bonded over that. They do a test to see the range of motion for your hamstrings, and Jerad had literally the tightest hamstrings his chiropractor had ever seen. Probably why he can barely touch his knees? It will lead to major back problems later. Between being in a motorcycle crash, and doing so much physical labor its good that there wasn't more wrong with him! He tends to favor the left side of his body so they've been working on straightening him out there too. My poor broken husband.

We went last Friday, then yesterday, then I go back Friday and we both go next week. After our apt yesterday we had dinner at the Pita Pit then drove to Morro Bay and got ice cream and watched the ocean by Morro Rock, it was a fun dr. apt turned date night.

Monday was the day I forced Jerad to go to the dentist. He has major dental anxiety. As in he seriously starts shaking when he gets in the office. Since we've been dating he has only gone in once, and I had to make him then too. He had tooth pain so bad that he couldn't open his mouth... and wanted to wait it out. Um no. He ended up having to get 2 teeth pulled.

Anyways, fast forward to Monday. He had an apt for a checkup, x-rays, and cleaning. He ended up loving the dental hygienist and there wasn't as much wrong as he thought there would be. However, "wasn't as much wrong" turned out to be that he needs 2 fillings, a crown to go over a previous filling that now has decay around it, his top and bottom teeth on both sides scaled. Yeah. AFTER dental insurance kicks in its still going to be over a thousand dollars. And did I mention if we want insurance to pay anything that everything needs to be finished by May 1st when we are switching plans? oi. Otherwise its more than double the cost. So hopefully he can get most of it taken care of in the next few weeks before Baby Hutch makes his debut. Also they gave him a referral to an oral surgeon to discuss getting implants in the two spaces where he had teeth pulled. Because the rest wasn't enough.

On the one hand I'm pissed because, hello, take care of your teeth and get a cleaning more than every 15 years and maybe there wouldn't be as many problems! Plus obviously it'd be nice to use that money for something else. But on the other hand, I'm glad that he's getting it taken care of and seems all for being dentally responsible now. Its hard not to feel sorry for him... just the scaling alone has to be split into 2 appts because they numb you and it can take up to 3 hrs each time. Whatever, we put money into a Health Savings Account for stuff like this so it will be fine. Dave Ramsey would be proud, we haven't pulled out a credit card once in 2010!

As a side note, I thought Jerad was joking about not having a cleaning for 15 years, but after his visit was over he was all bummed out that he only got a toothbrush and floss... no sucker or sticker. I'm thinking maybe he was serious? So gross.

My dental apt is Friday, right before my chiro apt. I am one of the weirdos that enjoys the dentist. The smell of the office, having my teeth cleaned, the toothbrush at the end. I've never had any teeth pulled (except wisdom teeth) and only have one little filling. Lets hope nothing changes :)

Remember how after my last midwife apt I was all happy because the baby was finally anterior? He's been head down but posterior at every check since 29 weeks. Well, Monday night I woke up to the weirdest twisting/stretching sensation in my uterus followed by the baby getting hiccups. I could feel them up in my ribs instead of down in my pelvis. Great, he decides to turn breech after 36 weeks? Not nice. The next morning I did some exercises from and made sure to sit super upright and lean forward all day at work. In the afternoon I felt him flip back to where he should be. Phew!

I mentioned it to the chiropractor and that's one of the reasons she wants to see me again this week, keep getting in the adjustments while there is room for the baby to move. I wanted to wait to come back in until Jerad's apt next Monday because I already had a Friday dental apt and didn't want to drive to SLO. But my sassy husband insisted.

I'm starting to think he isn't going to be a sweet, calming presence in labor. More like a tough-love type, which honestly is probably what I need. As he's learned more and more about labor and birth, he's gotten bossier and more assertive. It'd be funny.... if it was someone else's husband:)

A month or so ago I remember asking if we could go to bed and watch a movie. His response was "as soon as you finish your prenatal exercises."

Drill master right? Then last night:

Me: Ugh, I swear the baby is turning breech again!
Him: Better get on the floor and do your pelvic tilts.
Me: That does not sound like a comfortable idea right now.
Him: More uncomfortable than a c-section? Get to work.

Touché hubby, touché....

He's been so excited and supportive and doing so much extra to help I guess he's allowed to boss me around a bit. I think this whole experience has really made us appreciate each other more.

The big project we're working on this week is gathering the rest of the stuff for our yard sale on Saturday. I've been organizing all the closets, and we're trying to tackle the basement. I just want everything that we don't need to keep GONE. Our block is doing a yard sale together, so its perfect timing for a good purge. Plus it will be one more thing crossed off of "the list" :)

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Paige said...

I have seen Molly, and I have heard nothing but good things about her. So glad you are seeing her! (Her husband on the other hand, doesn't have such a good rep... Have you seen his reviews on google? If I was Jared, I would see the wife!)