Monday, April 19, 2010

38 Weeks

38 weeks

Well the 38 week mark has come and gone. Now is that weird limbo time where he could come ANY DAY, or more likely, stay in there for another month. That's the hard part for me. I'm not in a mad rush to get him out, and the last few days I've actually felt pretty good so he can keep baking for as long as he needs... with in reason:)

My blood pressure has hovered around "high-ish but not high enough for bedrest." It just has to stay under 140/90. I've been getting a lot of readings in the 130's over low 80's. My midwife told me to take a 2 hour rest in the middle of the day, take a few walks a day, keep going to the chiropractor, take and record my pressure daily, and to take extra magnesium. She said to take 500mg of the magnesium and after we hung up I confirmed that I was already taking 500mg in my prenatals and called back to ask if she meant 500mg total, or an additional 500mg. Later I realized that that was literally the ONLY question I had called any doctor/midwife/doula about during my entire pregnancy. Not bad for a first time mom huh? Incidentally, she said to try an extra 250mg if you cared.

The first few days of not going to work were pretty boring, I'm not gonna lie. Last week Jerad was working crazy hours trying to finish up a solar side project so I seriously was alone alllll day. He'd work his normal 6-2:30 shift, then go work 3-9pm or so on solar. Basically we saw each other for an hour or so at night which is a big change for us. We always eat dinner together and go to sleep together so that was hard too since 9 is so late for dinner (we are religious 6pm diners), and when he got home I was still wiiiiiiide awake because I'd been resting on and off through the day, and he was exhausted from doing 14 hours of physical labor. Then I got sick and had to cancel going to girls night with Beth, Bethany, Elissa, and Kari.... which had been my one ray of hope for the week. The good news is, that solar job is finished and I fell into a routine which makes me feel like I have a little purpose and I'm not going as stir crazy.

Now I get up when Jerad does, a little after 5am, make him breakfast and coffee, and pack him a lunch and snacks while he's getting ready. We eat breakfast together which is nice because I get to see him for a few minutes in the morning. After he leaves, I wash the breakfast dishes and any cups left over from the night before (srsly, with the amount of water cups we make you'd think we were a family of 6). Then I'll put the clothes in the dryer if we washed laundry the night before, and make a cup of red raspberry leaf tea to drink as I catch up on my emails and blogs in my reader.

About 7am I go back to bed for a 2 hour nap. This is my favorite because I have the whole bed to myself AND I feel like the day has already started out productive so I deserve it.

I wake up for the second time around 9am and fold the laundry. Then I take a shower, fix my hair and put on a little bit of makeup and clean the sink, toilet, and mirror. Nothing fancy, just some vinegar and a quick wipe/swish. By then its 9:45 and time for a little snacky snack. I'll fix something small (maybe some yogurt and granola, or 1/2 a bagel and peanut butter) and watch a TV show. I vacuum and if I'm feeling super adventurous, mop the whole house. After that I try to do some project on my mental to-do list. Like organize something (I think I've run out of things to organize), write thank you cards, sort through old magazines, dust the blinds in a few rooms, prune my flowers and let the dogs run around, or clean an area of the basement.

By then its noon and time for a walk. I walk downtown and window shop, or to the library, and to any errands I can like the banks, Post Office or DMV. Then its lunch time and time for my midwife mandated 2 hour "rest." I usually lay on the couch and put something on TV that I don't care if I fall asleep during. After that I will come up with some sort of dinner plan and go to the store if I need to. By the time I get back its about 4pm and time to sit outside and play with the dogs, get a little sun, and read. Then its one more walk, usually up and down Vine Street and surrounding streets for maybe 15-20 blocks total, then a little snack to hold me over until dinner. Something like cottage cheese and chips and salsa, or some beans and rice, or a smoothie.

Throughout the day I sit on my birth ball as I can, do pelvic tilts, spend time on hands and knees, and anything else I can to discourage a posterior baby! Oh, and drink about ten 16 ounce glasses of water.

Then I just kind of veg out until Jerad gets home and try not to pounce on him as soon as he walks in the door. We'll have dinner (thank GOD it wont be so late this week!), chat awhile, wash the dinner dishes, then maybe take a bath and read a little before bed. Its not very comfortable/relaxing for us to both be in the tub at the same time anymore. Our bathtub is deeper than normal, but also shorter and I'm bigger and less flexible than I used to be, which is a bummer because long baths together were a favorite past time. Usually I'll get in first and stretch out or flip onto my hands and knees letting my belly hang under the water while Jerad puts the dogs to bed, makes me a cup of rrl tea, and throws his clothes and anything else that needs to be washed into the washer. Then he'll get in with me and we pretend to be comfy for 10 minutes or so before I get out so he can soak and finish up. While he does that I'll start making his lunch for the next day so there isn't as much to do in the morning, or read.

So, things have been better since I developed my little "routine." I'm resting a lot, getting a lot done, and getting some exercise. This week should be a lot better because Jerad probably is just coming home after his normal job and gets off at 2:30 now so there will be plenty of time for us to spend together, and finish up the few last things we wanted to get done before baby Hutch makes his appearance. Also, we have a butt load of appointments to keep us busy this week. Today Jerad has a dentist apt for a filling, then we meet with the doula tonight for a birth rehearsal. Tomorrow he has an apt for a crown. Wednesday I have a midwife apt and he has a chiro. Friday I have a chiro. If there is no baby by Saturday and the weather is nice, we're renting a boat in Morro Bay and having a picnic on the water.

Uh-oh, 6:59... time to wrap this up and get started on my morning nap :)

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