Thursday, April 29, 2010

39.5 Weeks

(39 weeks)

Entering the home stretch!

Last weekend we finished literally everything on our list. I finished painting the dresser I've been working on, paid all of the bills for next month, washed all the curtains/shower curtains/couch blankets, finally got a dining room table, and dusted all the blinds. Jerad re painted the laundry room and back bathroom, fixed the rest of our slow flowing drains. Then on Saturday him and Tyson put all of our satellite/tv cables into the walls and did a bunch of other awesome stuff like made it so we have satellite in our bedroom and our computer router could go in the living room. The big thing is that there are NO WIRES ON THE FLOOR anymore, woo hoo!!!

The next morning I woke up and the baby had dropped.

I know that doesn't really mean anything, most first babies drop around 37 weeks. Jerad and I just thought it was hilarious that he waited until we had finished our to-do's :)

Sunday we went to that all day outdoor music fest that we had been wanting to see. It was soooo fun. I also got a killer sunburn so now I have fabulous tan lines. Niiiice.

Tuesday Jerad had another dentist apt for a filling and they did it so fast I didn't believe him that he really went. From the time he walked out the door until he walked back in was 28 minutes. Keep in mind the office is about 2 blocks from our house, but still, under 30 minutes!

Yesterday Jerad had a chiro apt and finally got a good report, everything has loosened and straightened out. After that we headed over to the midwife's office. Everything was great, and the baby had flipped anterior. All the hands and knees time paid off! She could tell the baby was much lower and engaged. All good news. She sent us home with the birth tub so we're just all ready to go now. I still feel comfortable and don't feel in a rush to get things going. I know this is the last time for a loooong time that I'll be able to just be alone and relax so I'm trying to soak it up. I want the baby to grow nice and big and healthy, but the window for a homebirth is only up to 42 weeks. If he's not here by 41.5 then I'll probably start getting impatient. At that point there are some homeopathic things we can try to get things moving.

In the mean time we're just taking things day by day. Jerad started feeling sick and really congested last night and was snoring so bad that he ended up sleeping in the guest room. Well, I kind of kicked him out because neither one of us was getting any sleep. This morning he called out sick to work and I tried to cancel his dentist apt but they wouldn't let me without charging us since it wasn't "24 hrs notice." I was pretty pissed actually. I understand that they need advance notice and its not fair to the hygienist who had planned on having work for those 2 hours... but also he's been there 5 times in the last 3 weeks, is always on time, and we always pay right away. He's a good customer... cut him some slack already! He loaded up on collidial silver and goldenseal and echinecha and slept for a few hours then headed to the dentist, I'm still waiting for him to get home. Hopefully its nice and painless. Now he just has to have his permanent crown put on when it comes in and he's done with the dentist for another 6 months until it's cleaning time.

The plan for this weekend is to rent an electric boat in Morro Bay and have a picnic on the water. Its nice now that the baby has dropped, I feel the kicks down around my belly button instead of all up under my ribs, much more comfortable!

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