Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I had the weirdest/creepiest dream last night.

Jerad and I were visiting friends and I had already had the baby. Except he was TINY. Like, the size of a grapefruit. He looked fine, was just SUPER SMALL. I was afraid to hold him so Jerad carried him around everywhere and would get him in/out of the carseat. When he carried the baby he'd just cup it in his hand. So bizarre.

I think I had the dream because of a convo we were having right before we went to sleep last night. There is this concert we really really want to go to:

We LOVE Billy Currington, and have had a great time at every Phil Vassar Show we've been to. We were already planning on seeing Merle Haggard when he is at Chumash, and The Devil Makes Three is probably one of my favorite bands. If you stop by, chances are they are playing in the background.

The slight hangup is that the concert is exactly a week before I'm due. And in Pozo (about an hour away). Its an all day show. Jerad joked that maybe we'd have a c-section baby (born in section C at the show:). We decided to go ahead and get tickets, and if we can't go we can sell them or give them away. OR, maybe it will be so stimulating between the crazy drive and loud music that I'll go into labor shortly after wards.


Dixiechick said...

Hey, Steph...I have been out of the loop for awhile apparently...I have a lot of catching up to do, but I just wanted to say congrats on the bambino! Awesome!

jess said...

Hi, I too am expecting and I read some where, I don't remember exactly that when you are pregnant you shouldn't go to concerts because the sound waves can actually damage the babys hearing. It really stuck with me because there are so many things I didn't know about being pregnant. lol. I'm not in any way telling you that's an official rule but you just might want to check it out. Just a helpful thought.

Hammie Fam said...

we can pout together... i heard about this show and totally want to go too! the loud factor makes me nervous though =(

Steph said...

Oh, COME!!!! First of all, there really aren't any rules about concerts, just "try not to stand by the speakers." They did a study on women that were pregnant and worked full time in places that you had to wear ear protection for loud noise and SOME of their babies had hearing issues. One little outdoor show should be fiiiiiine. Its going to be amazing. Plus, you sit in a field on a lawn chair, its not an enclosed space. Which is good for when I have to give birth in the middle of it... people have more room to move out of the way :) hahah