Monday, February 22, 2010


How am I sleeping lately? Well not so flippin great. It doesn't have to do with being 30+ weeks pregnant, or being pregnant at all really... its my husband you see.

Jerad talks in his sleep.

It used to be a really infrequent thing and was pretty funny. When I say "talk" I don't mean he mumbles. I mean he TALKS LOUDLY and says things that are real words, yet the way he puts them together makes no sense. Recently it went from being once every few months or so to two or three times a week. Sometimes I type what he says into my phone to tease him about in the morning. Here are a few things I have saved:

"Abuse the loose ends. You can say he eats now but he eats crayons."

That time the phone was on his side of the bed and I asked him to hand it to me and he just started patting my stomach looking for the phone. Wtf right?

Here's another:

"Some of the bane's are the baseball of all time."


Last night he sat up super fast and basically yelled "what's wrong?" I knew he was sleeping so I ignored him. Then he started shaking me and asked why I woke him up and if everything was okay. I told him that he was the one that woke me up and then he laughed like a sleeping maniac and conked back out.

Most of the time I'm amused but occasionally kind of freaked out. Like the one time I woke up to him leaning over me talking gibberish and keeping on holding my lips closed. I think the volume that he sleep talks makes it sketchier:)

Besides the talking, its the cuddling. We have always been cuddly sleepers. The the new and exciting stage of our relationship we'd fall asleep in each other's arms and stay that way all night. Then we got real and would go to sleep snuggling but after a bit both roll to our respective sides of the bed and toss and turn as needed. All of a sudden now he rolls over in his sleep and wants to cuddle with me. While snoring in my ear (another new development).

I think one of the issues is we seriously need a new mattress. We had a really nice mattress but moving 4 times and bouncing on the bed (and the time Jerad threw me on the bed when we were horsing around and the box springs broke.... embarrassing) have caused it to not be the comfy thing it once was. It slopes in towards the middle. Not fun.

We are both really sketched out by the crazy chemicals in mattresses. I don't need my mattress to be able to withstand a blow torch for gosh sakes! Besides not wanting to subject ourselves to mattress toxins... now we have a baby on the way to think about. We are planning on cosleeping and I really don't want to expose a little baby to that kind of stuff. What's the point of only using natural body care products, then breathing in formaldehyde all night right?

We were going to buy an organic mattress this year, but put the money we had set aside for that towards our home birth instead. Now I don't know what to do. I also don't know of any local stores that sell organic mattresses and driving up north/down south to try one out and cart it back is a pita. I can't imagine buying a mattress without laying on it first though.

I wish there was some sort of an option like the mattress wraps we bought for the crib and cradle! Then we could just buy a comfy old normal mattress, wrap it, put on an organic cotton blanket or mattress pad, and our organic sheets. And save like $2,000. So, if you know some secret, let me in on it soon!

In the meantime I'll be sleeping in a trough in the middle of the bed with my psycho talking husband. Help.

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