Thursday, February 25, 2010

My hubby is kiiiiinda awesome

So, remember how I was whining about wanting a new mattress, not being down with the chemicals in mattresses, but not wanting to pony up the $$ for an organic one? Well, Jerad found this snippet in an article:


As an alternative, parents can make mattress wraps using specified polythene (same as polyethylene) sheeting.

If this option is selected, the following instructions apply:

1.Use thick, clear (not coloured) polythene sheeting. The thickness of the polythene must be at least 125 microns and colorless. Do not use PVC (polyvinyl chloride) for mattress-wrapping.

2. Place the polythene over the top of the mattress and down the ends and sides, and secure it firmly on the underside of the mattress with strong adhesive tape.

3. The polythene on the underside of the mattress should not be airtight. It must be airtight on the top and sides of the mattress.

It is imperative to use the correct bedding on top of a BabeSafe or polyethylene covers. Use a fleecy pure cotton underblanket and tuck this in securely. Then make the bed using sheets and pure woolen or pure cotton overblanket/s.

Do not use any type of moisture-resistant mattress protector, sheepskin, sheepfleece underlay, acrylic blanket, sleeping bag or duvet. BabeSafe or polyethylene cover, BabeSafe or polyethylene covers should be cleaned by wiping with pure soap and water. Do not use chemical bleaches or sterilants.


It can totally be applied to adult mattresses which is great! Not only can we spare ourselves from breathing in so many toxins, but when the baby is in our bed, he'll be safe too. Polythene is strictly specified in terms of chemical formulation and physical specifications, and prevents any gases generated in a mattress from reaching the people sleeping on it. Also, the cover is itself incapable of any toxic gas generation. Plus its cheap and easy to do and will make our bed baby pee (and other fluids) proof.

Then as if that wasn't wonderful enough, the same day I posted the blog about needing another mattress, Jerad got offered 2 more side jobs which will more than cover a new mattress and box springs. Clearly God just wanted us to sleep better right? THEN, Sears extended the crazy mattress sale they are having right now.

I always have buyer's remorse about big purchases (hence why it took me like 5 years to finally buy a Kitchenaid stand mixer), but my hubby pointed out that since we spend about a 1/3 of our lives in bed, it ought to be a good bed. It wasn't really a hard sell, I just needed a little encouraging. So we spent hours reading reviews and perusing mattresses and then ordered a set last night... and got more than 67% off!!! Yeah baby!

We decided to go for another queen since a king would be so cramped in our little room. The next house is totally going to be an organic king sized tho. That I can streeeeetch out on. That is always our favorite thing about hotels, the big beds:)

Anyways, I'm pretty excited. I literally dreamed about mattresses last night. The first thing Jerad said when he woke up was "how many days until the new mattress gets here?" We're pretty one track minded I suppose...


Hammie Fam said...

This site talks about a study that was done that detected a likely cause of sids. You can wrap the mattress in a similar wrap that you are talking about to eliminat the poisonous gas.

I didn't have time to google the sites I had looked at, but they are out there. I would get the same cover for your crib mattress....

オテモヤン said...


Steph said...

thanks Kari! Yeh, we bought the BabySafe covers for the crib and bassinet mattresses but couldn't find anything for adult mattresses. You'd think the same company would make them? Anyways, all our mattresses are covered now. Well... except the guest room. They can fend for themselves:)