Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend Recap

Jerad has been working most weekends so we were really excited when we got to sneak off together last weekend. We drove up the coast to see the elephant seals:

The weather was beautiful!

After that we went out to dinner (a rare splurge for us), at a mexican place everyone keeps recommending "Taco Temple." We drove up and it looked ghett-o. Seriously. Jerad talked me into going in and the place was PACKED. We finally got a table, and a menu and everything was like $20. For Mexican food?!?!

We ordered the salmon salad and carnitas and ohmygod how have I missed out all these years? The portions were huge and the food was so good. So good. I can't even explain it. I don't have any pictures because we were so busy eating I couldn't take any. The carnitas were good, but the salmon salad was amazing. It had three huge salmon fillets, asparagus, mangos, rice, beans, mixed greens, I don't even remember what else. My mouth is watering just remembering it.

Point is, next time you are in Cayucos -- go there!

After dinner we went to Morro Bay to grab some Foster's Freeze ice cream cones, then headed back up to Paso to meet Taylor and Dom at Red Brick Pizza and watch the UFC fight. We stayed until almost 11:00 which made us feel very grown up since lately we've been crawling into bed around 9pm:)

Sunday morning we made a big breakfast then Steve came over for a bit. Most of the day was spent working on the nursery. Jerad got all of the lumber cut and routered and ready to put up, and the crib primed and half way painted. The dogs had a ton of fun running around and hanging out with us all day. That night we picked up the rest of the furniture that we needed, and the paint. Its all coming together! He is in the nursery painting right now actually. The color is DARK (its 2 shades darker than the one I picked). He keeps telling me it won't look as dark once there is white paneling on the wall.... I hope he's right. If not, he offered to repaint which is double-the-sweet because painting is his least favorite thing on this earth. Well, painting and mushrooms.

We finished off the weekend with a long bubble-snuggle bath and clean sheets. My favorite.

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