Wednesday, February 24, 2010

30 week Midwife Apt.

I guess I should write about my last apt since I'm already coming up on another one soon!

Last week I had my first "official" appointment with our new midwife. I went by myself since Jerad was working. We decided in the beginning that he really only needed to come if it was an "important" apt, or just wanted some time off because otherwise I am fine going by myself and he can save up his paid time off.

Anyways, I made the apt for a Thurs afternoon so that I could just have an extended weekend. I didn't realize at the time that Tiffany doesn't usually come in on Thursday's and was making a special trip just for me. oops:) She didn't seem to mind and she let me make the next apt at 5:30pm so neither Jerad or I would need to miss any work!

Everything was pretty standard, pee on a stick to check my proteins and sugars, then report to her if they were abnormal (they weren't as per usual). I only had to weigh myself if I wanted to which I didn't (I weigh myself every morning naked on the same scale which I feel is more accurate). She checked my blood pressure and it was great, then I sat on the couch and we talked for about an hour about all things labor and childbirth related. She was happy with my diet and exercise plan and the supplements I've been taking. She drew blood to have my hemoglobin, glucose, and iron levels checked. It was nice having her do it instead of having to traipse to the lab!

Towards the end I got on the table and we listened to the baby's heart (140bpm), measured my uterus (30cm, right on track), and she palpitated my stomach to check the baby's position. He was head down but at this point he is still flipping all around like a banshee so that didn't mean much:) I left with a list of "recommended reading" and went shopping. It was a fun day.

The next day I used my Valentine's gift from Jerad -- a prenatal massage. So amazing. I will be going back for sure!

Monday the midwife called with my blood results and everything looked peachy! My iron was good which is great because I tend to be slightly anemic when not pregnant, and hadn't been eating a ton of iron rich foods the few days prior to the blood draw. Glucose was 97 and up to 105 is normal for fasting except I had eaten right before which means that up to 140 is normal. So, I am definitely processing sugars fine and don't need to take a GTT test or anything like that.

Thats all thats new in this neck of the woods lately. I now have appointments every 2 weeks, and at 36 weeks (only 5 weeks from now!) will switch to once a week. I can't believe the end is getting so near :)

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