Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jerad and I are celebrating pretty low key this year... and by "low key" I mean I haven't seen him since about 6am on Friday and am hoping that he gets home before 11 tonight:(

This is the first Valentine's Day we've spent apart in 4 years. He is working on a solar side-job in Bakersfield. It started off only going to take Friday, and things have just gone downhill from there. I know he's not stoked with the way things are going and I feel sorry for him. Instead of a day trip up to the Bay Area and fancy dinner... he gets to work in BAKERSFIELD.

Hopefully he gets wrapped up at a decent time tonight (I still haven't heard from him today except an early am V-Day text) and we can still have dinner. If not it's no big deal. I do kind of miss that boy though, we don't spend very many nights apart. Even when he "moved out" for 9 months so we could both have some independence and experience "living alone" before we got married, I think there was actually only 10 nights we didn't spend together. We're kind of snugglers, it was too hard to give it up:)

I thought I was going to have issues sleeping alone like I normally do when one of us is out of town, but (shhh) it's kind of been heaven. I can stretch out and take up the whole bed or prop as many pillows around me as I want without pushing Jerad against the wall. Even though I've been sleeping soundly I can't wait for him to come home. The house is kind of lonely with just me and the pups.

I've had a pretty laid back weekend. I saw a few movies with my mom, went shopping for a few things, cleaned, took a few naps, and bought Jerad a V-day gift:

He's obsessed with Alton Brown so he'll be pretty excited.

My only plans for the rest of the day are to walk to the store and get some corn meal so I make cornbread muffins (his fav).

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