Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Yesterday Jerad had a side-job after work and wasn't going to be home for awhile. I decided to visit my parents since I'm pretty bad about doing that and we do live in the same town now. I figured I'd stay for an hour or two, then go home and make dinner and do some laundry.

Before I explain how awesome I am, let me mention that my car will not let you lock the doors if the keys are in the ignition. I decided to get around that by taking out the keys, throwing them in my purse, then locking the whole thing in the car. NICE. Luckily Jerad was almost finished up and came and rescued me. Plus since it was so late my mom gave us dinner which is always nice (veggie lasagna with eggplant and cottage cheese. le yum).

Before I left my mom asked me how I'd been sleeping. I went on and on about how "oh, I'm sooo lucky! I just fall right asleep and haven't been waking up to pee.... or if I do it's only once. I sleep so soundly and feel so rested when I wake up." Yeah, three guesses what happened last night right? Woke up 10 times. No joke. I could not stop rolling around. A few times I even woke up on my stomach which never happens anymore because sleeping on a basketball is not the most comfortable. Usually listening to my hypnobabies scripts knocks me out. I made a playlist with three of them on there so I should have had at least 2 hours of sound sleep. Nope, I'd wake up all angry and annoyed feeling, instead of her voice soothing me it would just piss me off.

Besides sleeping like crap, I accidentally turned off our alarm clock this morning so we were both scrambling to get out the door and be at work at 7. Its raining today so the dogs have to be left in and one of us will have to go home on our lunch break to let them out. There was no time for breakfast. Once I got in my car the gas light turned on, and when I got to work I was greeted with an overflowing desk.

Alrighty, I got all the complaining out of my system so now I can just have a good day. Plus, I have my prenatal yoga class tonight! I'm hoping it relaxes me so much that I sleep like a baby. I think I might just go treat myself to a subway breakfast english muffin now. mmmmmm.

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Beth McDermott said...

wait till you lock your baby in the car... it happens. ;)