Friday, February 26, 2010

Nursery Progress

Hey, guess what we've been up to? Finally working on the nursery!

In the beginning we debated making a nursery at all. We plan on cosleepinig, so a crib was kind of unnecessary. I can't imagine going into the back of the house every time a diaper needs to be changed, so we didn't really need a changing table... then we got realistic and remembered how I we love a chance to decorate so the plan was to create a nursery, just on a budget.

Jerad really wanted to build paneling, and picked the color. I love love love the paneling so far... but am not sold on the color. Its a small room, and a DARK color. Since the paneling will all be painted white it will look a little lighter, but I'm still more than doubtful. He promised he'd repaint if I don't like the color, but I agreed to wait until the room was finished to make a decision:)

He routered all the wood so the panel pieces could fit right in without having to be glued or nailed to the walls. Like the beadboard kits you buy. Such a handyman!

What do you think, too dark right?

On the top there will be a shelf rail thing too.

Its been hard with the rain. All our pets are couped up inside, and we have to do all the cutting IN THE HOUSE. So the living room looks like this:

Hopefully we can finish up this weekend. The goal is to have everything put together by the baby shower next weekend. I can't believe its baby shower time already:)


TheCowans said...

Its funny you mention the diaper thing, we have never changed him anywhere but on his changing table in the back of the house... his mom was surprised because "no one does that anymore" I don't know it any other way :)

Rachel said...

Yeah, we still use the changing table for Andy, we did with Julie until she was out of diapers. We are total changing table people. It is so much nicer than getting up and down off the floor.

Beth McDermott said...

You are right, it IS pretty dark... is the bead board going to be white? I bet that will make it look a lot lighter... and dark paint hides smudgy little finger prints... and other foreign substances... ;)