Wednesday, November 26, 2008

For Melinda:

This is for Moe, who has made no secrets of the fact that she is mildly repulsed less than thrilled with my daily flip flop foot wearing.

Ooh look at me, I'm a big girl today wearing heels and everything!

Also, diiiiiidn't really think it through since its raining and slippery. Nice.

Photobucket Survey

Since this post brings more traffic than any other post to my page, I thought I should u pdate it since a bunch of the images had been deleted. Here we go!

Answer the questions below (to yourself, don't type them).
Take each answer and type it into Photobucket (
Take any picture from the FIRST PAGE of results and post. (click on the picture and copy the HTML code)
Don't explain, it's funnier that way!

1.) Age on your next birthday:
twenty five Pictures, Images and Photos

2.) Your Name:

3.)Name of your favorite place:

4.)Favorite Object:
env2 Pictures, Images and Photos

5.)Favorite Food:
Grilled Cheese Pictures, Images and Photos

6.)Favorite Animal:

7.)Favorite Color:

8.)Town You Were Born In:
San Luis Obispo

9.)Town You Live In Now:
paso robles street

10.)Name of Pet:

11.)Name of First TV Crush:
Johnathan Taylor Thomas

12.)Middle Name:

13.)Last Name:

14.)A Bad Habit You Have:
ocd Pictures, Images and Photos

15.)Your First Job:

16.)Your Current Job:
Hahaha Customer Service

17.)Favorite Drink:
Bud Light Lime Pictures, Images and Photos

18.)Favorite Movie:

19.)Favorite TV Show:

20.) Favorite Music:
country music Pictures, Images and Photos

21.) Favorite Thing To Do Online:
READ THE BLOGS! Pictures, Images and Photos

22.) Favorite Book:
edward cullen Pictures, Images and Photos

23.) Single or Taken:
in love Pictures, Images and Photos

24.) Favorite Smell:
lavender Pictures, Images and Photos

25.) Thinking about right now:
coffee Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, November 24, 2008


So, instead of spending the energy to describe my weekend, I thought I'd steal this from Sarah instead:)

What is your salad dressing of choice??
Basalmic vinegar and olive oil on salad. Ranch dressing on all non salad items.

What is your favorite sit-down restaurant?
Hmmm, Big Sky Cafe prolly. Actually anywhere that they will wash my dishes would be nice.

What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of?
Mexican food. I loves me some Mexican food!

What are your pizza toppings of choice?
Artichoke hearts, olives, mushrooms, garlic, thinly sliced tomatoes, feta, zuchinni.

What do you like to put on your toast?
Strawberry or pomegranate jam.


How many televisions are in your house?
Two, one in the living room, one in the guestroom. But we only ever use the one in the living room. Both of our laptops will stream online shows or play DVD's too...

What color cell phone do you have?
(Sarah you have an iPhone!?! jealous!) a maroon eNv2


Are you right-handed or left-handed?
It depends on what I'm doing. Right handed, but I play Guitar (er, rockband guitar) and golf left handed.

Have you ever had anything removed from your body?
That sounds gross. No, I don't think so. Hair? Like waxing?

What is the last heavy item you lifted?
All of the furniture in our living room so that we could put the Christmas tree in the middle of the front window. Hard work!

Have you ever been knocked unconscious?
Twice while horseback riding. Once I had no saddle or bridal and got close lined on a really low branch. The Second time my friend Shiloh and I were riding together and pretending to be chickens (I dunno who...) and started laughing so hard we couldn't hold on, and she fell on top of me and I also passed out. That time I snapped my arm in half. I've passed out several other times, but not from being "knocked"


If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die?
Absolutely! Then I could make sure I wouldn't have any regrets.

If you could change your name, what would you change it to
I wouldn't. I actually don't want to change my name EVER. I like Stephanie Renee Brown. Its me. When I had a different last name, it felt strange. Like I was pretending. ALL of my friends still called me "Stephanie Brown." So, now I'd kind of like to stay that way. We'll see. Besides, have YOU ever had to change the name on every one of your credit, bank, car, store, utilities. Pain. in. the. ass.

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000?
Uh, ya. I'd do it for like $50. I'm cheap like that. Plus I love hot things.


How many pairs of flip flops do you own?
Oh man. I am a flip flop girl. 10?

Last time you had a run-in with the cops?
September when I got pulled over for having an expired license, cracked windshield, talking on my cell phone... and something else. Not even a fix it ticket, yeay!!!

Last person you talked to?

Last person you hugged?


Summer and Winter


Day of the week?
Friday (Monday? wtf?)

August and December and February haha


Missing someone?
not really.

Stoked! Getting together for a girls night to go see Twilight!

What are you listening to?
Nothing actually... I should turn on my iTunes I guess....

The TV monitor. Cars drive by on the freeway outside... the clock tick by till 5:30...

Worrying about?
More like "pondering" when I'm going to have time to finish my Christmas decorations. We did the living room and tree last night, and still need to do the kitchen and bathroom. Plus try to paint the bathroom and our bedroom before Thanksgiving. Yeash!


First place you went this morning?
Work. Well, technically the shower. Then Jerad's work, THEN my work at 7.

What's the last movie you saw?
Oh Geeze. Jerad took me to see "Role Models" last night. Which is sooo not the kind of movie Ilike, but it was actually really funny and had a cute ending:)

Do you smile often?
Yup, I'm like a lil Crest commercial!

Sleeping Alone Tonight?
I hope not!

Do you always answer your phone?
"No way... I keep it on silent, and return calls usually. I don't prefer to be on a leash.
" haha I like that answer. Seriously though, I'm bad at the phone. text me alll day, but don't count on me returning your call.

Its four in the morning and you get a text message, who is it?
I have no idea! All of my friends are sleepy bears. Or, they would have the courtesy to cut off drunk texts by 2Am haha

If you could change your eye color what would it be?
More Green...

What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?
We don't have a Sonic... but I don't like anything at Sonic so, I'll go with water!

Do you own a digital camera?
Yeah 3 of them. Two Sony 8.1 mega pixel, and one Sony 5.5 that has fancy removable lenses.

Have you ever had a pet fish?
Yeah. I actually had a beta fish not that long ago that was about 5 years old.

Favorite Christmas song?
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

What's on your wish list for your birthday?
Alll the little "to do" projects around the house to be finished. A housekeeper for a day so I could leave and come back and everything would be beautiful.

Can you do push ups?
How many are we talkin here? I can do a few. Probably not more than 10.

Can you do a chin up?
Seriously doubtful. I have no arm strength.

Does the future make you more nervous or excited?
super excited!

Do you have any saved texts? Who are they from and what do they say?
Yes I have a few that I send from phone to phone. And yeah, not sharing:)

Ever been in a car wreck?
Nothing serious, little fender benders (when other ppl were driving). I've been in cars that were rear-ended 3 times too (again, when other ppl were driving). I'm usually speading so fast no one can hit me. JK... ish.

Do you have an accent?
I don't think so, but sometimes people ask me where I'm from. There are a few words I pronounce funny.

What is the last song to make you cry?
Something like "Allisa Lies" or "Skin" or one of those sappy country songs. Knock it off!

Plans tonight?
Yes!!!!! Get off work, run home, feed the dogs, meet Beth and Dom at the theater and watch Edward, er I mean Twilight for 2 hours. Ahhhhhhh!

Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?
Hasn't everyone? But ya. For awhile I didn't want to get out of bed, or eat, or do ANYTHING except cry "whoa is me, my life is over." I was having some baaaaad times. But I have great friends who smashed the fun back in my life and here I am now!

Name 3 things you bought yesterday
# new Christmas signs to go with our already extensive collection.

Have you ever been given roses?
Many many times.

Current worry?
Didn't it ask this already? Hmm, yeah I got nothin. This is a good month so far.

Current hate right now?
This is a pretty long list. And actually Thanksgiving is on it:)

Met someone who changed your life?
Yes. A few people actually. I have a great boy, and some pretty amazing friends.

How did you bring in the New Year?
Hmm, I don't remember. Was it last year we had the party at our house or the year before? I think the year before and Dom and I drank way too much champagne and ended up asleep together in my bed and got sad/PISSED when Taylor came in and moved her later. Last year I can't remember where we were. Someone remind me.

What song represents you?
"Fat Bottomed Girls Make the Rockin World Go Round" jk, but seriously. LOVE that song.

Name three people who might complete this?
I'd be surprised if I had 3 who would... whoever is bored enough? Melinda. Lucinda? Beth? post it in a comment?

Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?

Not sure. I'm stoked with how things are. There are times when I have gotten upset when clearly its not important and it would be nice to go erase those. Actually, my biggest regret in life is when I was making a lot of money, but didn't have a lot of bills, I was a silly teenager and SPENT it on myself and other people and if I would have SAVED it, I would have a pretty fat saving account now. So, there's that.

Have you ever dated someone longer than a year?
7 years and now three years on Dec 11th, woo hoo!

Do you have any tattoo/piercing?
My ears, my nose, and I ised to have my tongue pierced but it creeped Jerad out.

Will you be in a relationship 4 months from now?
It depends on how much I like my anniversary, Christmas, and Valentines presents. Jk, of course I will be...

Does anyone love you?
Just the smart ones.

Would you be a pirate?
Hmm, I would date a pirate.

What songs do you sing in the shower?
"Honkey Tonk Woman," "Tainted Love," a slew of other 80's songs and some country.

Ever had someone sing to you?
A few peeps.

When did you last cry?
Don't remember. Maybe last night when we decided not to finish the Christmas decorations since it was so late:)

Do you like to cuddle?
YES! I am a cuddle beast!

Have you held hands with anyone today?
Nope.... I got some morning snuggles and a goodbye hug and kisses though

Who was the last person you took a picture of?
Either Aiden at his b-day party at Noah and Lucinda's this last weekend, or me and Jerad.

What kind of music did you listen to in elementary school?
Country and "Wee Sing." Do you remember Wee Sing?

Do you believe in staying close with your ex's/prospects?
Nope. And exnay on the rospecstpay! Jerad could read this....

Are most of the friends in your life new or old?
Old. Tina and I have known eachother for 15 years, a few of my other friends its been 13, and then most everyone else and Jerad is since highschool so known eachother 11 years or something like that. My "new" friends are 3-4 years old. Thats how I roll.

Do you like pulpy orange juice?
I don't drink juice. But if I do, then I like it fresh squeezed and pulpy.

What is something your friends make fun of you for?
Being so OCD. Being Martha Stewart-y.

Have you ever ridden an elephant?
Yes, at a circus.

Do you like to play Scrabble?

What are you saving your money up for right now?
Just to have it saved. Technically for a wedding and we are hoping to buy another house while the market is low (suuuuure). Really just to be in the practice of saving so we have the money set aside for things we want/need later.

When is the last time you ate peanut butter and jelly?
oh geeze. 19 years? I am not a fan.

What song do you want played at your funeral?
Something FUN! Not something that makes everything get all weepy.

What were you doing at 12 AM last night?
Taylor and Dom had gone home not too long before and we were washing curtains and pillows and decorating the living room. I can't wait to post pics!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Guest posting...

Today I wrote a little Guest Post over at Wedded... But Who Said Blissfully?! Its all about fake boobs. Who doesn't want to read that?

To help the time fly...

cause its that kind of day...

If you could drink one kind of alcohol for the rest of your life what would it be?

-Wine or beer.... probably red wine.

If you had to choose one non alcoholic drink (besides water) what would it be?

-Hmmm. Tea. I drink a lot of green, raspberry leaf, and stinging nettle teas.

What is your favorite thing to watch on TV?

-The Office, Friends (I have every Season), CSI: Las Vegas, PBR...

What is your least favorite chore?

-Well, I actually like laundry, housework and organizing, so I'm going to have to say picking up dead birds. Not that that's a chore... because the opportunity doesn't present itself very frequently, but when I had birds and they died, and once when a bird flew into our window and died, I couldn't do it... so that would have to be my favorite chore.

What is you favorite thing to bake?

-I love to cook. Pretty much anything. We make pizza from scratch with homemade whole wheat dough. Homemade lasagna (including the noodles and sauce)... but my favorite thing is probably chocolate chip cookies. I make then with sucanat instead of brown sugar, turbinado instead of table sugar, organic vanilla (4 times the normal amount), whole wheat flour, dairy free "butter" made from canola oil and everyone who tries them LOVES them and would never guess they were healthy. The same goes with cakes and pies. I love making desserts that ppl love that aren't full of refined ingredients.

If you won the lottery how would you spend it?

-I would pay off my car, and put the rest in savings. Because I am super exciting like that. That's what keeps Jerad around, my riveting personality.

If you had to choose between TV and books which would it be?

-Hands down books! I could totally live without television, but I would die without reading... besides, the internet always has streaming right?

If you had to choose between having pets and kids which would it be?

-Oh that is NOT nice! Because I have 5 pets... but no kids. But Jerad and I are the kind of people that test out strollers and stuff like that on our days off... so obviously kids are in the picture. I say, eff you survey I want it all!!!

If your ex had the chance to take you back would he/she?

-Ha! Hahahahaha! That's cute. One is a total stalker, the other thinks I have a mental illness. I like to burn my bridges apparently. If me and Jerad don't work out, I'm becoming a lesbian. Its okay though, because I already have a lesbian waiting list!

Would you rather give or receive a gift?

-Duh, receive. Its all about me, bring on the presents!!! JK, I really really like giving people gifts. Alot. But, I also really do like getting them. The world is just a better place when the presents are flowing freely.

What do you like most about you job?

-The pay, the hours, the flexibility.

What do you like the least about your job?

-Starting so early.

What is your dream job?

-I actually tell people this all the time! Mattress tester! Like an 8 hour shift of sleeping on a mattress... then at the end I would fill out a report. Technically it would have to be a 10 hour shift because now that I'm used to the four 10 hour shifts and 3 day weekends I could never go back to 5 day work weeks. Seriously, getting paid to sleep. How do I get that job?????

Who are you most thankful for?

-Jerad. He is so sweet and good to me. He takes SUCH good care of me and never bats an eye when I ask for weird things like socks at 2 in the morning (in my sleep), or ranch dressing for my breakfast potatoes. Plus he likes to snuggle and do crafts with me but is manly enough to fix cars and build houses. I love that boy. Yeash, enough mush for today!

Who are you least thankful for?

-People that own showers, soap, and toothbrushes yet refuse to utilize them.

What are you most looking forward to about tomorrow?

-Its the last day of my workweek! And I am going to have a super bombass weekend!!!

I think I'm in Heaven...

A few weeks ago I disclosed my absolute obsession love of PBR. At the time my friend Becky commented that it would be nice to see Colby Yates play guitar and I mentioned that I would like to see Justin McBride who also plays guitar (stay with me, they are both bull riders).

It should come as no surprise to you that I read the PBR blog. So, picture me opening this post today:

Past PBR Champs Make Appearance at Paso Robles Film Festival!!

2005 & 2007 PBR World Champion Justin McBride and 1997 World Champ Michael Gaffney will be in attendance at the first annual Paso Robles Digital Film Festival. On Friday, November 21 at 5 p.m., the documentary, "This Is Not A Rodeo!" will screen at the Paso Robles Inn Ballroom. The film, produced by Joe Loverro and Erik McMichael, chronicles the story of the 20 bull riders who broke away from professional rodeo in 1992 to form the Professional Bull Riders. Loverro has produced the PBR on VERSUS and NBC for the past 5 years and has produced several other major sporting events like the Tour de France.
Also attending the screening will be PBR Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Randy Bernard and World Champion cowboy Larry Mahan. Tickets for the screening are $23 in advance and $30 at the door. The "Pioneer Troubadour Guitar Pull" will be held immediately following the screening at Martin & Weyrich Winery with a concert by Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Norm Stephens, and will feature a special guest appearance by McBride. Tickets for the concert are $45 in advance and $50 at the door. For more information on the screening and the concert, please visit .


Eff me! There were no words. Hyperventilation began. Then I realize "Oh crap oh crap oh crap!" November 21st Jerad got us a room at Sycamore Mineral Springs in Avilla (about 40 minutes from Paso) and made all sorts of romantic plans since my company was paying for us to stay the next night as part of our Christmas party. That way we could have a little mini vay-cay instead of just one night...

How could I do this? Well, its around our anniversary... I know he would be stoked too... especially about the concert. Lets make a quick recap:
Ramblin' Jack Elliott- Mentored by Woody Guthrie. Huge influence on Bob Dylan, featured in many of his songs.

Norm Stephens- Played guitar for Merle Haggard. Huge influence on country stars like Randy Travis and George Strait.

Justin McBride- Eye Candy. Jk. He's actually really good.

Also appearing:
Ronee Blakley, Louie Ortega, Larry Mahan, Gary Leffew, JACK TEMPCHIN & FRIENDS with Very Special Guest BURN DOWN THE BARN

You can google them all if you care to know more.

Jerad would be STOKED if I bought tickets to the film showing and then hoedown afterwards... But what if he already had plans for us? I went around and around. Beth and Jules made me feel really guilty... and by "really guilty" I mean for a second I paused... but HELLO, Justin just retired... its not like I am ever going to see him again!

So, I called Jerad and asked him if we had any specific plans for that night.

He said he wasn't sure yet.

I asked if it would be alright for me to surprise him with something for a few hours.

He sounded intrigued and said yes.

I asked if he was suuuuure I wouldn't be messing anything up...

He said "noandI'minameetingandactuallyneedtogo."

So, Score right? Right?

Then, after all of that I realized that I'm an idiot. The Paso Film Festival is in NOVEMBER. Our Anniversary and Christmas Party... yeah, DECEMBER.

The good news is that I'm def not messing with any prexisting plans now. And we won't be driving from Avilla to Paso back to Avilla and wasting precious hotel time... come on, there's hot tubs in all the rooms!

The bad news is... now I have $160 worth of tickets that it will be a pretty big stretch to count as an anniversary present now that we are celebrating the week after our anniversary instead of the week before. Then again, he can deal, its a pretty kick ass present. Maybe I'll do that and then something smaller later? Something bomb ass from NY? Since its right before Christmas I don't want to be crazy crazy.

Anyways, Phew, lucked out... and YES IM SO EXCITED AND ITS THIS FRIDAY!!!!!

Except as I typed that I remembered another problem... Jerad was maybe working in Bakersfield this weekend. Oops. It would be over $1000 so he can't skip it if it works out.

If that happens, who wants to go with me? I have two tickets now... Jerad will pay for us to have a good time. A PBR fan would be nice. Or Justin McBride fellow obsesser.

Tina: yes to what you are thinking right now, you should sooo drive down for this...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And... the reason I love the Holidays.

I finally got around to filling out my calendar for the next few months.

I only work 9 days in December. The rest are paid days off and just a couple of vacation days.

After noon on Dec 11th, I only work 1.5 days until January 6th when we get back from Arizona! Wow.

I remember a few years ago when I was a retail Manager. We couldn't ask for days off between Thanksgiving and New Year's. The store was so busy it sucked all the fun out of the season. Plus my husband at the time worked in a hospital pharmacy and had to work ON Thanksgiving and Christmas. Life was not a happy time.

Now, since neither Jerad or I work for retail based companies, we get a butt load of time off at this time of the year and can ask off as much as we want. We can go to Christmas Parties and look at Christmas lights... and actually decorate our house in true Martha Stewart fashion.

Life is good....

That being said, between working at Hallmark and Borders for a total of 6 years I do sometimes miss working retail for Christmas. Hearing all the Christmas music and seeing the stores decorated and people shopping helps it feel more like Christmas. Plus, its nice being able to do your Christmas shopping on your lunch break and get a discount...

Not that I would trade my million days off for that... I'm just sayin...

Also with the economy being how it is right now I am super glad I have the job I do instead of working retail. Yeash!


I went to Target last night to get some new Shampoo and Conditioner... I ran out a few days ago so I've been using Jerad's. He uses this because he likes the way it smells:

Yes, he's a fruit.

Anyways, it does smell nice, but for $1.49 a bottle, it doesn't quite nourish my chemically processed, heat ironed hair. It also managed to totally dry out my scalp in 3 days.

So, off to Target since they have a salon section now and I might as well just over pay for stuff there instead of try to make it to the weekend and go to an actual salon.

Much to my surprise, I found a treasure!

For $26.99 I got a Biosilk 3 pack of Therapy Shampoo (regularly $10.99), Hydrating Conditioner (regularly $10.99), and Therapy Drops (regularly $36.99).

Oh man... I was sooo excited! I majorly heart their Therapy drops. Its like gold in a bottle. A few years ago I think I asked Jerad to buy me a little 5 oz bottle for $20 for my birthday. I milked that thing for a year. And now I have a 12 oz. all to myself. Ahh, life is good. And my hair should stop crunching when I touch it which is also good...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Merry Christmas... from my utility companies apparently...

I just got this in my email...


Dear Valued Customer,

A new energy statement for your PG&E account is now available to view online. You can also pay your bill online, or print a copy of your statement.

PG&E energy statement (e-Bills) information

Amount Due:$0.14

The amount due includes your current charges as well as any past due balances. Please make arrangements to pay the amount due immediately. To view or pay this bill, login to My Account at:

You will need to enter your user name and password.

Click below to view the most recent bill inserts including any legal and mandated notices.


Then from the Gas Company:

Bill Date: 11/06/08
Total Current Gas Charges: $ 97.32CR


As in a $97 dollar credit. We've been trying to cut back on our electricity and gas bills... I guess we are doing better than we thought? WTF? I'm the one that pays the bills so I know I haven't been over paying...

Legal Again

Oh yes, I almost forgot, I'm a legal driver again!

My license expired on my birthday... August 30th... and every time I was going to renew it something came up so I have been unlicensed for almost 3 months now. Friday I finally took care of it.

The best part was (besides not having to wait in line by some miracle), I got to lower the weight that was listed on there, AND get a new snazzy picture. So, I guess it was worth not mailing in the renewal form months ago like I should have.

My new license won't be here in time for my NY trip, but I have a passport to check in with instead luckily.

I did get pulled over once while driving with my license expired (about a week after it expired) and managed not to get a ticket. I believe that was the 11th time I have been pulled over and still never a ticket. That particular time I was coming back from the gym (looking BAD), had a crack in my front windshield, talking on my cell phone (which is why I got pulled over), and had lumber in my car that was extending from the trunk to the dashboard... which is apparently a no-no.

I told the cop that I had mailed in my license renewal and hadn't gotten anything back yet, didn't know about the lumber thing, had just got the crack the day before and hadn't had a chance to fix it, and had forgot about the new cell phone law and just automatically answered it when it rang. So he tisked me a little and sent me on my way.

I'm beginning to think I'm immune to tickets.

Just like my car is immune to running out of gas. Seriously, the light will come on and I'll still drive to and from work for 3 days. Or to San Luis and back. Its a challenge now. I keep telling Jerad its a magic car, he's starting to believe me.

My weekend

This weekend was... interesting. AKA, could have been really fun if I hadn't messed it all up :)

Friday evening Jerad and I had a dinner making date in San Luis. But, we didn't have time to eat anything for dinner (this is important later). They served wine, had a massage therapist doing chair massages, and it was just a good time. Sarah and Sean also came but it was so busy we didn't really talk to them much:)

After that we headed over to Dom and Taylor's house and Jerad played pool with Taylor and Rodger and Dom and I caught up on our girl talk and had some more wine. We were planning on going to Noah's battle of the bands show back up in Atascadero and all of a sudden realized that we were really late, so rushed up there. Jon and Page, Beth and Tyson, Micah, and Melinda and Larry all met us. It was only 2 days after Melinda's boob job, so I still can't believe she made it! Luckily we got there before Noah's band started.

I ordered a beer and then did 2 shots with various friends at the bar, but still felt fine. But apparently not, because at some point I decided that beer was boring and what I needed was an Adios Mother Fu@ker and that is when the night started its sharp decline.... because after that came either 1 or two more. Also, at some point I ended up with a green drink that I think I might of stole from a girl named Chayna... if you are reading this, and i just took your drink away, I'm really sorry about that.

The show was fun, I met some new people, and hanging out with friends is always fun. Noah's band won again which was awesome... not that I really remember it. I am pretty sure that is THE drunkest I have ever been. Which is embarrassing when you are trying to talk to people that you don't really know and can barely even stand up.

The night ended with me throwing up. Multiple times. Niiiiiice.

If you have known me for a length of time, you will know that one of the things that I pride myself on is never ever throwing up in front of other people. EVER. Not since I was 5. I remember being 21, and plastered to the floor in my Templeton house because the room was spinning so fast thanks to Taylor and Danielle's Washington Apple shots, but every time I had to get sick I could still make it to the bathroom. UP THE STAIRS. I will make it to the bathroom no matter how drunk I am, or how far I have to stumble walk. That pretty much went out the window Friday night. I got sick in the gutter by the car, and then at home in front of Jerad. I told him that he took such good care of me that from now on all bets are off and I'm always throwing up in front of him... he said as long as its not ON him its fine.

Since I'm never.drinking.again I don't think I need to worry about it.

Taylor and Dom came home with us, at which point I insisted that Jerad vacuum the guest room before they could go to bed. I have NO idea why. But he was super sweet and did it.

The next morning, I was more hung over than I have ever been in my life, got sick some more, but managed to drag myself to breakfast so as not to be left out. Later we met my mom and sisters to see Quantum of Solace, and I spent the movie trying not to throw up.

All of the high speed action shots didn't help. Also can I just say, I love Daniel Craig, and I LOVE James Bond... but not so much this movie...

I was supposed to meet some friends who came down from Monterey and go wine tasting but obviously, that sounded appalling and I skipped. Sorry Christina and Chase.

Saturday night we went to a Marriage Seminar/Comedy thing at one of Jerad's friend's/coworker's/mancrush's church in Santa Maria. It was actually really fun. They had a catered dinner (that I managed to eat a little of), a band, a magic act, and a Church Lady skit. Then a video on strengthening your relationship.

Just as there was an end in sight and I could picture snuggling into bed... Josh (Jerad's friend... the same guy that split his head open) invited us back to his house to watch the UFC fight. Josh and Jerad have been trying to think of a way for me and Josh's wife to meet and become bff's so that they can hang out more. We all had a really great time, the guys played guitar and sang, and we sang and talked and never ended up watching the fight. We got home at about 1:30 in the morning.

Sunday Jerad had a solar install side job so he left me to sleep in. And I did. Until 2:30pm. Ya, you read that right. I don't know if aliens abducted me or what, I don't think I have slept that late since I was 13. I told you, worst hangover of my life. It lasted all weekend. The good news is, when I woke up I finally felt good. I spent the rest of the day cooking and cleaning and catching up on stuff that I would have done Saturday.

For dinner I made a pot roast, lemon and caper mashed potatoes, and corn bread (from scratch). So basically we had a big man-meal. Jerad was stoked! I was pretty hungry after being sick all weekend.

I need to remember that I a) usually only drink beer or wine, and b) don't have an alcohol tolerance.

and speaking of no alcohol tolerance, lemme share a few of the hillarious text messages I got that night (all from different ppl):


1) all your fault now i 8te a hoooole. hotdog with onion. shitba.llls

2) where are the resting placees of sleep wheen you need them? dis your car have a bed? i wanna beed. beer me a bed.

3) do you think any drinks after midnight count as drinks the next day or the same day or do you even understand?


I was too inebriated to send any. Also I left my cute brown jacket and a tank top that Beth made some girl give me that night at the bar. I should probably go get those...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Re: This gravy-train has sailed!

I'd just like to take a quick moment to say that Jerad made up for his foolishassness. Yesterday he got off early, brought home dinner (a rare treat) a was a general joy to be around.

This morning he took ME to work, as well as dropped Wyatt of at the vet to be neutered, all before 7:30. And he's meeting me for lunch. So, I guess he's off of my list. As long as he doesn't forget to a) show up for lunch, and b) pick me up tonight.

Thursday's are sketchy around here because we duck out early sometimes... so if he's late, I'm screwed. Speaking of being off of my "list," ever find you get confused about YOUR list? Who's on it, who's off it... what did they do, how long ago, how bad was it....well, have I got a product for you!

Order here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh yes, NY...

I briefly mentioned that I'm going to NY!!!!

My mom is taking me and my sister for a little 5 day pre Christmas girls trip.

Cause we're fancy lil travelers like that.

Last Friday they came over to discuss it and see if there was a way it would work with all of our schedules. My mom wanted to go Fri-Tuesday starting Dec. 12th. I told her I didn't know if that would work because that was when Jerad and I had plans for our anniversary. I said that to her just for the sake of saying it, there was no doubt in my mind that he would move our plans to accommodate a free cross country trip for me. In return I would make sure to bring him a bomb ass souvenir.

Everyone wins.

Jerad gets home from work and my mom asks him if he would mind moving our anniversary celebrations to the weekend before to accommodate our trip (that he is hearing about for the first time). Yes, yes he minds.


He doesn't know if he can. He'll have to check and get back to her by noon on Monday.

What the heck. Jerad is the kind of guy who could come home and I could tell him "surprise! decided that I'm going to go visit my guy friend "Bob" in Nevada for 2 weeks. You haven't met him, we used to work together. I'll need to take 2k out of our savings account, and you'll need to take care of everything around here while I'm gone."

And he would be like "Text me when you get there!"

The point is, he never says no. I "ask" him things just to be nice. If he ever does say no, it takes me about 5 minutes to convince him why "yes" is a better answer. So I couldn't believe that he just automatically vetoed my NY plans. Not even a "well, I made these plans, but I can try to change them and let you know..." He was just very... I dunno, rigid. Which cracked me up. And made me wonder what the heck he was planning, right?

It all ended up working out but I am soooo curious now. I hate surprises.... all weekend I was pestering him to tell me why he had to wait until MONDAY to tell us if he would be able to change the plans. He said because the place was closed on weekends. I said that didn't make any sense because we were supposedly going on the weekend.

I dunno.

Anyways, I am doing some weird anniversary top secret surprise the first weekend in December, then NY, NY the second weekend. My mom is obsessed with all things Christmas so the timing is perfect.

The only thing I am stressed about is the flight. I used to have a job where I had to travel a lot. I have done a LOT of flying. I have been to a LOT of airports. My mom stresses me the heck out. When Jerad and I went to Kauai with my parents and Addy last year.... yeash!!!

I think she has been on a few flights since then, plus without my dad maybe it will be better. Actually Jerad is pretty bad too. It was basically like taking a group of kids on a 8 hour flight. Corralling my parents and Addy... and then Jerad just wants to touch everything, look at everything... talk about the plane.

I just want wake up when its time to get off (thats what she said).

Anyways, yeay NY!!!!! Plus, Melinda's new boobs might get us free drinks:) Yeay boobies!

This gravy-train has sailed!

Or however the F that saying goes.

I've mentioned a few times that out of the goodness of my heart I've been driving Jerad to and from work as of late. My car gets better gas mileage, is more comfortable, we get to visit.... he is on time for a change. There are a million pros. For him.

For me, it means that I have to be awake even earlier, and am consistently 5 minutes late from work because instead of coming from the house to my job (3.3 miles), I go from home to his work (3.6 miles through weird roads) and then from there to my work (6.3 miles). Nothing crazy, just a little longer. The whole trip takes about 30 minutes. As opposed to the 5 I was used to. Again, not a big deal.... I used to commute over an hour. Barefoot. Up hill in the snow both ways...


Enter, yesterday.....


Jerad was running late again. I told him that if I was going to keep taking him to work then he needed to get up and start getting ready while I was in the shower because his lollygagging makes me late everyday and it was annoying. No one at my work cares. We don't even punch in and out. Heck, we don't even write what time we get in, just the number of hours we worked that day. My company is realllly lax. No one is on time. We start at 7, it's 8:50 right now, and people are still showing up.

The punctual people are the other two girls in my department so I hate hate hate being late. Once in awhile is fine. Since I started driving Jerad, its a consistent 5 minutes every day.

Anyways, that is how we start our day. He promises to try harder (he is chronically late EVERYWHERE). I drop him off around 6:50am, speed like a mofo and make great time to my job arriving only 2 minutes late.

Blah blah blah, boring boring boring, 5:30 rolls around. I had forgotten my cell phone, but he had never called me at work telling me he was getting off late, which is a common occurrence, so I headed on over. Usually he is waiting right outside.

Not this time. So I waited as all the cars cleared out of the parking lot (everyone is off by 5 there remember).... and waited.... and waited.... and I don't have my phone to call...

40 minutes I waited.

Finally I decide to drive home and get my phone and call him and see wtf is going on.

I pull into the driveway and he is home. "He got a ride." Isn't that nice? He decided to get a ride, texted me at 5:15, and when I didn't respond didn't think it was a good idea to call me at work too...

THEN let me sit at his work for FORTY FUCKING MINUTES instead of, you know, driving his ass out there and being like "surprise! come home!" Cause goodness forbid he inconvenience himself a little bit too.

Actually, he didn't even think of that. And I wasn't that mad. More annoyed. And he did feel really bad. He tried to call my cell phone a million times but it was inside the house. Locked inside the house. He didn't have his house key and had to break in... which was surprisingly easy. We finally start locking the house and apparently there is no point, so now we need to install a deadbolt on the one door that doesn't have one. Geeze.

Needles to say, I let him haul himself to work today and I think he was about 15 minutes late. Except his shift doesn't actually start until 8 so technically 45 min early, but pretty much 15 minutes late.

I think he'll remember to call next time.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And... then the year was over...

Hmmm, all of my gchat buddies have Veterans Day off. Lucky Duckies:) That's okay, I duked out early yesterday... It's quiet though. The phone hasn't been ringing. I think all of our reps and customers are also closed. Bummer, looks like its going to be a long day here.

I was looking at the calendar and ohmygosh, the year is almost over! And looking at our calendar, I am stresssssing.....

This Friday we have fancy pants date plans in SLO.

Saturday we are going to a Marriage seminar thing Santa Maria at one of Jerad's friend's churches... he heard about it and wanted to go, but since it was so far wasn't sure. Then he heard there was a catered dinner and live music. Its supposed to be a good time.

A week and a half after that its Thanksgiving which means I'll need to make about 15 pies. That weekend we'll do a bunch of Christmas shopping, and decorate our house and tree.

The next weekend Jerad has some fab. secret plan for our anniversary that we are celebrating a week early.

The next weekend I'm in New York (for 5 days of frolicking.... yessss).

The next weekend is my company Christmas party and Jerad and I are spending two nights at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort in Avilla.

Then its Christmas. Ho-lee Crap! 15 more pies. Tis the Season! I actually love making pies. I got down all of my pie pans this weekend in preparation. Its just a lot of time and energy. I like all of the "Martha Stewart" references it earns me though...

The next weekend Jerad and I will be in Arizona! Leaving Thursday night, returning Monday night.

And that's just the big stuff. Overextended much? I'm happy though. Christmas is my FAVORITE. Jerad too. So much so that last year we painted a wall in our living room just so it would better match our Christmas decor. Here are a few pics... cause who doesn't want to start looking at Christmas pics before Thanksgiving right?

I don't know what I am going to do with the tree now that we have all of the new furniture.

And we usually have some of the best lights on the block. This was a (really dark) pic from the first year that we moved it. Jerad has added since then, but you can get an idea:

You also can't tell from the pic, but the small tree in front of the kitchen window is decorated with ornaments and everything... He was going to do a bunch of new outdoor stuff this year, but looking at all the trips we are taking in the next 7 weeks I'm thinking maybe we should be conserving our money as much as possible. Yikes!

Hmmm, posting all of these Christmas pics is making me excited. Maybe that is one way for me to get over my hatred of fall. Just skip to winter:)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Kiddos

Oh look, the reasons I have to vacuum, wash the floor, and dust at least every other day :)

But I'll get over it.... they're so freakin cute!



Bailey: And Wyatt:
Shhhh, I think they like us too though...