Wednesday, November 26, 2008

For Melinda:

This is for Moe, who has made no secrets of the fact that she is mildly repulsed less than thrilled with my daily flip flop foot wearing.

Ooh look at me, I'm a big girl today wearing heels and everything!

Also, diiiiiidn't really think it through since its raining and slippery. Nice.


Blithe Revival said...

It's nice to find my way back to your blog. Bliss in Bloom is over now, but I do have another blog. You're welcome there anytime :)

Cute shoes!

The Bitchy Wife said...

Ooohhh, they are so cute!!! I am so proud of you. Admit it, you kinda love them, don't you?

Steph said...

I've actually worn cute shoes every day since! Weird huh?