Thursday, November 6, 2008


And as promised, here are a few Halloween pics:

Halloween night costume for handing out candy to to kids:
And the par-tay the next night:

Cowboy Jerad:

Dorothy (couldn't find a brown wig):

Didn't Jerad do a good job making my shoes?

Nurse Melinda and Prisoner Larry:
Obama-Zombie Jeff (he's super conservative... I thought it was pretty creative)

And a couple of randoms:

I don't know why I didn't take more pics... there was a band, caterer, bartender, and some GREAT costumes.... I think I was too busy getting my Irish Coffee on:)

Happy Halloween everyone!

Round 4 of the PBR World Finals is on tonight, 9pm EST. Join the fun!

1 comment:

AGSoccerMom said...

Looked like alot of fun...we didn't do they adult party thing this year. Too many kid things going on gosh darnit.