Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh yes, NY...

I briefly mentioned that I'm going to NY!!!!

My mom is taking me and my sister for a little 5 day pre Christmas girls trip.

Cause we're fancy lil travelers like that.

Last Friday they came over to discuss it and see if there was a way it would work with all of our schedules. My mom wanted to go Fri-Tuesday starting Dec. 12th. I told her I didn't know if that would work because that was when Jerad and I had plans for our anniversary. I said that to her just for the sake of saying it, there was no doubt in my mind that he would move our plans to accommodate a free cross country trip for me. In return I would make sure to bring him a bomb ass souvenir.

Everyone wins.

Jerad gets home from work and my mom asks him if he would mind moving our anniversary celebrations to the weekend before to accommodate our trip (that he is hearing about for the first time). Yes, yes he minds.


He doesn't know if he can. He'll have to check and get back to her by noon on Monday.

What the heck. Jerad is the kind of guy who could come home and I could tell him "surprise! decided that I'm going to go visit my guy friend "Bob" in Nevada for 2 weeks. You haven't met him, we used to work together. I'll need to take 2k out of our savings account, and you'll need to take care of everything around here while I'm gone."

And he would be like "Text me when you get there!"

The point is, he never says no. I "ask" him things just to be nice. If he ever does say no, it takes me about 5 minutes to convince him why "yes" is a better answer. So I couldn't believe that he just automatically vetoed my NY plans. Not even a "well, I made these plans, but I can try to change them and let you know..." He was just very... I dunno, rigid. Which cracked me up. And made me wonder what the heck he was planning, right?

It all ended up working out but I am soooo curious now. I hate surprises.... all weekend I was pestering him to tell me why he had to wait until MONDAY to tell us if he would be able to change the plans. He said because the place was closed on weekends. I said that didn't make any sense because we were supposedly going on the weekend.

I dunno.

Anyways, I am doing some weird anniversary top secret surprise the first weekend in December, then NY, NY the second weekend. My mom is obsessed with all things Christmas so the timing is perfect.

The only thing I am stressed about is the flight. I used to have a job where I had to travel a lot. I have done a LOT of flying. I have been to a LOT of airports. My mom stresses me the heck out. When Jerad and I went to Kauai with my parents and Addy last year.... yeash!!!

I think she has been on a few flights since then, plus without my dad maybe it will be better. Actually Jerad is pretty bad too. It was basically like taking a group of kids on a 8 hour flight. Corralling my parents and Addy... and then Jerad just wants to touch everything, look at everything... talk about the plane.

I just want wake up when its time to get off (thats what she said).

Anyways, yeay NY!!!!! Plus, Melinda's new boobs might get us free drinks:) Yeay boobies!


Beth McDermott said...

I dont know if im more jealous that

a. you have such a thoughtful boyfriend,

b. you have such a kick ass mom


c. you totally showed me up on my most recent 'thats what she said' in blog world.

hope you have a blast. bring me back a fake purse! ;)

.heidi.noelle. said...

How fun!!! :D

As for the Christmas music...yes well I usually try and wait until after Thanksgiving, but I thought I would usher it in with Thanksgiving :) I just couldn't wait...what can I say!