Monday, November 17, 2008

My weekend

This weekend was... interesting. AKA, could have been really fun if I hadn't messed it all up :)

Friday evening Jerad and I had a dinner making date in San Luis. But, we didn't have time to eat anything for dinner (this is important later). They served wine, had a massage therapist doing chair massages, and it was just a good time. Sarah and Sean also came but it was so busy we didn't really talk to them much:)

After that we headed over to Dom and Taylor's house and Jerad played pool with Taylor and Rodger and Dom and I caught up on our girl talk and had some more wine. We were planning on going to Noah's battle of the bands show back up in Atascadero and all of a sudden realized that we were really late, so rushed up there. Jon and Page, Beth and Tyson, Micah, and Melinda and Larry all met us. It was only 2 days after Melinda's boob job, so I still can't believe she made it! Luckily we got there before Noah's band started.

I ordered a beer and then did 2 shots with various friends at the bar, but still felt fine. But apparently not, because at some point I decided that beer was boring and what I needed was an Adios Mother Fu@ker and that is when the night started its sharp decline.... because after that came either 1 or two more. Also, at some point I ended up with a green drink that I think I might of stole from a girl named Chayna... if you are reading this, and i just took your drink away, I'm really sorry about that.

The show was fun, I met some new people, and hanging out with friends is always fun. Noah's band won again which was awesome... not that I really remember it. I am pretty sure that is THE drunkest I have ever been. Which is embarrassing when you are trying to talk to people that you don't really know and can barely even stand up.

The night ended with me throwing up. Multiple times. Niiiiiice.

If you have known me for a length of time, you will know that one of the things that I pride myself on is never ever throwing up in front of other people. EVER. Not since I was 5. I remember being 21, and plastered to the floor in my Templeton house because the room was spinning so fast thanks to Taylor and Danielle's Washington Apple shots, but every time I had to get sick I could still make it to the bathroom. UP THE STAIRS. I will make it to the bathroom no matter how drunk I am, or how far I have to stumble walk. That pretty much went out the window Friday night. I got sick in the gutter by the car, and then at home in front of Jerad. I told him that he took such good care of me that from now on all bets are off and I'm always throwing up in front of him... he said as long as its not ON him its fine.

Since I'm never.drinking.again I don't think I need to worry about it.

Taylor and Dom came home with us, at which point I insisted that Jerad vacuum the guest room before they could go to bed. I have NO idea why. But he was super sweet and did it.

The next morning, I was more hung over than I have ever been in my life, got sick some more, but managed to drag myself to breakfast so as not to be left out. Later we met my mom and sisters to see Quantum of Solace, and I spent the movie trying not to throw up.

All of the high speed action shots didn't help. Also can I just say, I love Daniel Craig, and I LOVE James Bond... but not so much this movie...

I was supposed to meet some friends who came down from Monterey and go wine tasting but obviously, that sounded appalling and I skipped. Sorry Christina and Chase.

Saturday night we went to a Marriage Seminar/Comedy thing at one of Jerad's friend's/coworker's/mancrush's church in Santa Maria. It was actually really fun. They had a catered dinner (that I managed to eat a little of), a band, a magic act, and a Church Lady skit. Then a video on strengthening your relationship.

Just as there was an end in sight and I could picture snuggling into bed... Josh (Jerad's friend... the same guy that split his head open) invited us back to his house to watch the UFC fight. Josh and Jerad have been trying to think of a way for me and Josh's wife to meet and become bff's so that they can hang out more. We all had a really great time, the guys played guitar and sang, and we sang and talked and never ended up watching the fight. We got home at about 1:30 in the morning.

Sunday Jerad had a solar install side job so he left me to sleep in. And I did. Until 2:30pm. Ya, you read that right. I don't know if aliens abducted me or what, I don't think I have slept that late since I was 13. I told you, worst hangover of my life. It lasted all weekend. The good news is, when I woke up I finally felt good. I spent the rest of the day cooking and cleaning and catching up on stuff that I would have done Saturday.

For dinner I made a pot roast, lemon and caper mashed potatoes, and corn bread (from scratch). So basically we had a big man-meal. Jerad was stoked! I was pretty hungry after being sick all weekend.

I need to remember that I a) usually only drink beer or wine, and b) don't have an alcohol tolerance.

and speaking of no alcohol tolerance, lemme share a few of the hillarious text messages I got that night (all from different ppl):


1) all your fault now i 8te a hoooole. hotdog with onion. shitba.llls

2) where are the resting placees of sleep wheen you need them? dis your car have a bed? i wanna beed. beer me a bed.

3) do you think any drinks after midnight count as drinks the next day or the same day or do you even understand?


I was too inebriated to send any. Also I left my cute brown jacket and a tank top that Beth made some girl give me that night at the bar. I should probably go get those...


Beth McDermott said...

im never drinking again either. it was a fun night tho. even if im never eating hotdogs ever ever ever again. when you said in your blog 'go back to the bar and get those' my mouth started to water a little bit. siiiick.

Steph said...

yeah, how many times have we said "never going to drink again?"

i really kind of mean it this time though. or at least never drinking THAT again. ewe.

i just keep trying to remember what I said and keep hoping I wasn't rude to anyone. yeash.

The Bitchy Wife said...

Oh man peoples...oh man. I think that Jerad and I were the only completely sober people that night. Let me just say that ya'll were pretty amusing.

The best was towards the end of the evening when you, Steph, were holding onto the patio railing with both hands but still like falling over and getting mad at me because I was trying to take that green drink away from you because I thought maybe you'd had enough to drink...

Steph was being super nice and lovely and friendly.

Beth was OBSESSED with a pair of jeans that I think she talked about for like an hour (it was really cute though).

Dom was also super cute and offering to buy Beth said pair of jeans.

All in all, you guys were some pretty cool drunks.

And lets face it, you are all probably back to drinking already, right?

Steph said...

No I have not drank anything but water and one glass of milk.

AND, Before that night I hadn't had any alcohol for about 2 weeks... I'm not a total lush. But when I drink, its usually "go big or go home." Actually, I think Dom just brings that out of e.... New Years 2 '07? Ugh....