Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I went to Target last night to get some new Shampoo and Conditioner... I ran out a few days ago so I've been using Jerad's. He uses this because he likes the way it smells:

Yes, he's a fruit.

Anyways, it does smell nice, but for $1.49 a bottle, it doesn't quite nourish my chemically processed, heat ironed hair. It also managed to totally dry out my scalp in 3 days.

So, off to Target since they have a salon section now and I might as well just over pay for stuff there instead of try to make it to the weekend and go to an actual salon.

Much to my surprise, I found a treasure!

For $26.99 I got a Biosilk 3 pack of Therapy Shampoo (regularly $10.99), Hydrating Conditioner (regularly $10.99), and Therapy Drops (regularly $36.99).

Oh man... I was sooo excited! I majorly heart their Therapy drops. Its like gold in a bottle. A few years ago I think I asked Jerad to buy me a little 5 oz bottle for $20 for my birthday. I milked that thing for a year. And now I have a 12 oz. all to myself. Ahh, life is good. And my hair should stop crunching when I touch it which is also good...


Beth McDermott said...

have we talked about shampoo yet? ive been going thru shampoo HELL, and target and their high end nonsense has been a money sucking snair for me in my quest to find a budget friendly wonder elixer for MY chemically processed hair.
I bought some $7.99 brand-i-never-heard-of-but-liked-the-smell stuff, and it SCREWED me over. I have broken fragments of fluff all over my head now, I look like anabelle who is a baby chick trying to grow in her adult hair feathers. only insead of being cute, soft, and blonde, its brittle, coarse, and BLACK.I needed you, like, A MONTH ago. Where were ya, man?

ps- TYSON uses the SAME SHAMPOO. But the blue kind. But not for long, im going to sick my tea tree oil tangle juice on him and watch him suffer like i did soon. that will teach him to burn my bread.

Steph said...

usually I use Matrix Biolage.... it works wonderfully. That with the Therapy drops. Ive never used this Shampoo and Conditioner before, but so far I like it. I can tell a huge dif in one day.

Cristina Mathers said...

oh i love that stuff too! and purology shampoo and minty conditioner is the best. too bad it's like 25.00 a bottle! for only 8 oz. it's still great.