Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And... the reason I love the Holidays.

I finally got around to filling out my calendar for the next few months.

I only work 9 days in December. The rest are paid days off and just a couple of vacation days.

After noon on Dec 11th, I only work 1.5 days until January 6th when we get back from Arizona! Wow.

I remember a few years ago when I was a retail Manager. We couldn't ask for days off between Thanksgiving and New Year's. The store was so busy it sucked all the fun out of the season. Plus my husband at the time worked in a hospital pharmacy and had to work ON Thanksgiving and Christmas. Life was not a happy time.

Now, since neither Jerad or I work for retail based companies, we get a butt load of time off at this time of the year and can ask off as much as we want. We can go to Christmas Parties and look at Christmas lights... and actually decorate our house in true Martha Stewart fashion.

Life is good....

That being said, between working at Hallmark and Borders for a total of 6 years I do sometimes miss working retail for Christmas. Hearing all the Christmas music and seeing the stores decorated and people shopping helps it feel more like Christmas. Plus, its nice being able to do your Christmas shopping on your lunch break and get a discount...

Not that I would trade my million days off for that... I'm just sayin...

Also with the economy being how it is right now I am super glad I have the job I do instead of working retail. Yeash!

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