Monday, November 17, 2008

Legal Again

Oh yes, I almost forgot, I'm a legal driver again!

My license expired on my birthday... August 30th... and every time I was going to renew it something came up so I have been unlicensed for almost 3 months now. Friday I finally took care of it.

The best part was (besides not having to wait in line by some miracle), I got to lower the weight that was listed on there, AND get a new snazzy picture. So, I guess it was worth not mailing in the renewal form months ago like I should have.

My new license won't be here in time for my NY trip, but I have a passport to check in with instead luckily.

I did get pulled over once while driving with my license expired (about a week after it expired) and managed not to get a ticket. I believe that was the 11th time I have been pulled over and still never a ticket. That particular time I was coming back from the gym (looking BAD), had a crack in my front windshield, talking on my cell phone (which is why I got pulled over), and had lumber in my car that was extending from the trunk to the dashboard... which is apparently a no-no.

I told the cop that I had mailed in my license renewal and hadn't gotten anything back yet, didn't know about the lumber thing, had just got the crack the day before and hadn't had a chance to fix it, and had forgot about the new cell phone law and just automatically answered it when it rang. So he tisked me a little and sent me on my way.

I'm beginning to think I'm immune to tickets.

Just like my car is immune to running out of gas. Seriously, the light will come on and I'll still drive to and from work for 3 days. Or to San Luis and back. Its a challenge now. I keep telling Jerad its a magic car, he's starting to believe me.

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liz oelker said...

You are ridiculous :) You are one lucky duck. I would have gotten the ticket no questions asked. glad you finally got your licence renewed :)